Why does pregnancy make you dizzy?

I have a pregnancy question.
I’m 23 weeks along & just woke up very dizzy, nauseous & just threw up. Its been longer than a few minutes & I’m a little worried. Has this happened to anyone else?


You might be dehydrated or your sugar may be low. Try eating something, or drinking a glass of water and laying on your left side.

I had gestational diabetes and this happened when my sugar got to low

Get checked for gestational diabetes and high/low blood pressure. I would get seen asap

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You produce more hormones in the night and early morning hours. It could just be a serious hormonal shift.
But it also could be dehydration, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, or just simple inner ear problems (since our sinuses swell and drain more when preggo, it can effect the inner ear and cause all sorts of mayhem)
To be sure, call your OB and ask to make sure you dont need to come in asap.

Dehydration or low iron. Could be anything really tho. I would call and see what you ob wants you to do .

Check your blood pressure out. I had those symptoms and was high blood pressure.

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Sounds like high blood pressure.

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I has those symptoms with low blood pressure as well. Call your doc and get checked out.

Call your Dr. even after hours they should have an on call nurse. I felt like this through my pregnancies and I was borderline high blood pressure. It could turn into something worse so it’s always best to be seen right away. Better safe than sorry. I ended up with preeclampsia, just keep notes on if this persists with time/symptoms etc. Feel better! Get some rest mama :two_hearts:

Juice and crackers u should feel better call your doctor and theyll see whats up

Yes that happened a lot to me. When I was pregnant if I got up to fast ,didn’t drink at least 8 water bottles a day. Also eat I had to eat 6 small meals a day.

Sounds like dehydration. Drink lots of water

Sounds like pregnancy to me.

Yup it’s part of pregnancy

Call your dr drink water you may be dehydrated I was pretty dizzy n nauseated my whole pregnancy with my 3rd and 5th kid

Good grief!! Y’all are scaring this little Mama!!
And you shoud call your OB’s nurse, tell her all your signs&symptoms and then go from there😊
YOU’RE just pregnant

Sooner than you think you will have your precious baby.
Don’t let these people
scare you…
People who "Diagnose
Health issues on FACEBOOK can be dangerous…Ive been a Registered Nurse for 42 years and I know what I’m talking about.
Good luck to you and your new baby♡


Olives help with the nausea some chem in the food keeps it at a low