Why has my cat started peeing on everything?

So we’ve had my cat for ten months now. Adopted her (8 years old) and another cat (2 years old) at the same time. Just recently, she started peeing on random things! On my son’s play couch yesterday and then just now on my shoes! The shoes were in the same room as the litter box… litterboxes were thoroughly cleaned yesterday and have all fresh litter in them. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Idk why she would start doing this.


She’s either being territorial, or more likely, she’s got health issues (urinary tract or kidney) and needs to be treated ASAP.

Probably does it because cats are nasty…


Make sure you are using certain scents to clean with. Citrus scents deter cats.

It could be that shes feeling insecure. Our cat did that for a little until she got spayed, and got her more stuff to call her own but shes an only cat.

Could be uti or something related

Definitely get her checked for a uti. That’s one of the leading causes for behavior like this and it’s the only way they know how to show something is wrong


Take her to vet but also my female cat started doing it when Male cats started hanging around outside and spraying. She was in heat and would pee close to the doors and in the basement near the windows till she escaped one day and got pregnant :unamused:

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Take her for a vet check up. Could be health related.

Have her check for diabetes. Our cat started doing the same thing out of the blue and he was diabetic and we had give him insulin twice a day.

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Uti or something changed and she doesn’t like it, did you change her food or litter get new furniture?

Are you pregnant? Happened to me when I got pregnant with my third kiddo

Time to go to the vet and test for UTI’s, uroliths, or cystitis!


Do not wash dirt tray too often, just remove soiled litter daily.

Take her to the vet to check for UTI or cystitis. If shes not desexed that may be why aswell.

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If you changed the litter or anything she may be rejecting it. I have a female cat that will refuse to use the litter box if I change litter.

Honestly it could be just because she’s old. We have a cat, 13ish years old and she will poop in her litter box and pee on the couch, she’s been to the vet and she’s perfectly healthy other than the normal old age things. My dog has started doing it too and he is about 8ish.

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How about getting pretty kitty cat litter it would be cheaper than vet visit. And supposed to tell you if infection

Cats are not social they are solitary animals it could be a territorial dispute. The alternative is it could have a urinary issue

Take her to the vet!

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Rule out health issues. Then spay/neuter

My cat did and he had a horrible UTI since better he has stopped.

If the cat is ok medically it could be stress. My cat started that after we had him for 5 yrs. we had a stray cat start hanging out outside. I bought and used Felaway spray and plugin diffuser. Worked like a charm. The pheromone calms down the cat and the behavior stops. I don’t even use the product anymore and he still doesn’t pee. He had been doing it for the better part of a year before I tried this product.

Take her to the vet. My older cat did this years ago & was in kidney failure.

Had this issue with our cats. UTI. Doc told us they associated going in the kitty litter with pain from reliveing themselves. But were still drawn to the area with the kitty litter from instinct. Peed on the carpet.

Check for a UTI but also make sure both cats arent using the same litter box . Sometimes cats get territorial ( especially in old age ) over the litter boxes etc and will pee other places if they feel like that space is invated.

Could be a male cat… my cousin and her family was told they adopted a female cat and she started having this same issue with hers turns out she was a he!

Cat probably has a Urinary tract infection. Get to vet for medication. This infection can lead to cat’s death. They become septic and die.

My daughter’s cat did this and she had a uti

Take cat to vet to get checked could be uti cancer or behavioral

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Maybe try changing litter ik with declawed cats they need softer litter because it hurts their paws might not be the problem but older cats sometimes have pains by hard litter

Most likely cause, Urinary Tract Infection, Diabetes, or crystals in the urine, take the cat to the vet.

Some female cats can spray like male cats marking their territory. I use to have a male cat and he would pee on everything as well. It’s good to get them fixed so they don’t get in the habit of spraying on random things

My male cat started doing this and he ended up having to go on a medicated urinary care food. After being on the meditated food for a week he stopped doing it.