Why have I not been proposed to yet?

Why hasn’t my bf of 4.5 years proposed yet? We’ve discussed it many times and he says he wants to, says he can’t see himself with anyone else. We have a baby together that’s 5 months old, and he’s told his own mother he wants to marry me, yet no proposal. I see my friends in shorter relationships that are already engaged or married and I just feel like I’m not doing something that I should be or there’s some secret to getting your bf to pop the question that I’m in the dark about.

At one point he had bought a ring that I saw, but he returned it to supposedly “get me a better one” because it was gold colored and everyone told him to get silver or white gold. I told him it was a beautiful ring. But then he started saying things like, “maybe we should focus on our health and the house repairs and our baby first” and he returned the ring. I told him I was disappointed because I thought he was going to ask me to marry him and I was excited, and now it feels like that’s never going to happen and I don’t understand. His response was he wants to get me a better ring not that he doesn’t want to get married. It’s been about 3 months since that’s happened and I feel like now we argue more about little stupid things and I can’t help feeling this sadness and disappointment - like I’m not good enough to be with him at that ‘level’ of marriage. I dont know what to think or do or how to bring it up anymore to him or maybe I should just let it go and try to not think about it?

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