Why is he chosing his niece over me?

My partner works on the road, we just had a baby 4 months ago… I haven’t left the house alone or with him for this entire time… He just met his young neice late 20s for the first time in January. But the past 4 weekends hes had free time, he’s spent it taking her out. Now he wants her to go to work with him. When I told him it made me uncomfortable, especially since Iii used to go to work with him, (before the baby)he just got upset and said I was crazy. So I told neice how it made me feel, she’s a really big sweetheart, and she said she understood. I was under the impression he’d already decided not to take her, but I mentioned how I told her and she understands and then he blew up on me again. Saying I’m a weirdo, crazy, nazi, trying to dictate his life… I’m very Christian based, and believe in forsaking all others for the sake of spouse and relationship… apparently we do not see eye to eye… but he shut me out of our bedroom when other kids are sick, baby is crying… and I don’t understand why I am made to be so crazy when he’s treating me so harshly! I broke the door by hurling my hip into it… I wasn’t being aggressive as that sounds… but… now he told me he’s gone forever. I do regret busting in the door. And not giving him space. But, I’m so upset. He was insisting we get out of the house before this event took place, the last time he attempted taking me out, he brought me back after I brought up how I didn’t appreciate him spending every weekend he’s home out at the bars with his neice… there’s more I’m leaving out, but… idk if I’m wrong?? … im not trying to hinder their relationship, in fact, I believe family is great, and id love to spend time together…all of us. but, I don’t want our relationship hindered either. They’ll be sharing hotel rooms and going out for dinners…probably more bars/casinos, fun time… he just brought his son, but that didn’t bother me so much… Id be totally ok if he brought another Christian man who needed extra income … I just don’t love the idea with him sharing a room, vehicle, and life with any other female who is not me… he thinks I’m selfish. … I think I’ve sacrificed much, being at home with children all day… never leaving… I think He’s being inconsiderate. But, I don’t dare try to make him see that. :roll_eyes: please help. I’ve prayed so much… and keep opening my Bible. I just want what is good, right, and fair… but, I really don’t know if he’s going to come back. I think he hates me. :pleading_face: