Why is my 8 month olds nose running all the time?

What could cause my eight-month-olds nose to run all the time? His doctor suggested saline, humidifier, and Zyrtec in case it was allergies, but it still has not stopped in months. Would the cause of this be? He constantly has a runny nose, and its always giving him a rash.

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Is he in daycare? Could just be kid germs.


Teething or Being under dressed maybe

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Since I had a boy, I have come to the conclusion that boys are just snotty nosed kids. Lol But in all seriousness, my baby boy has allergies. If your boy is light haired and eyed, that is very possible too. My boy’s nose runs ALWAYS whether it is from germs, teething or allergies. Nothing serious. To help with the rash (trust me I know my poor boy gets it around his nose too) Do saline a lot, nose sucker a lot and get tissues with lotion and try to dap instead of rubbing.

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We have air purifier and humidifier going . Especially at night time . Only time it’s worry some is if it causes sinus infections chest infections . And if it’s healthy mucus and not green and thick it is perfectly fine . But yes humidifier and air purifier . Only way to live lol

Sound like they’re teething.

The weather is changing. It might be allergies. My youngest has a constant runny nose when the weather changes.

Teething, allergies?

Lead paint on the walls will do that.

I know it’s taboo but we got an amber teething necklace and it cut that and the excessive drooling. As long as we replace it every 6 months or so because my kids never take them off, it works just fine

Teething… My youngest son is 9 months old now and when he starts teething and they start pushing through, his nose is like a faucet! Its awful… I just keep tissues on hand and wipe it as much as possible for him. It dries up a bit after the teeth are out.

Is your house old? Mold?

When you get it all dry use aquaphore on it they have a baby version too the thick ointment will protect your babies skin you just might need to keep reapplying a lot. I would get a hepa filtered air purifier and clean all the bedding with hypoallergenic detergent on super hot and concentrate on dusting. I get a constant nasal drip if the air in my house has a lot of dust and sometimes we’re just born extra sensitive. I hope that’s all it is and I hope you both get some releif and answers

Kid’s just developing immunities to all sorts of germs. All kids have snotty noses when they’re little. It seems like for years, but he should be done with it by kindergarten. Don’t drug them up or they won’t develop immunities. You can empty aged garlic and acidophilus capsules into milk or mix in food to strengthen the immune system.

Saw a tunic T-shirt that had a black line below the waist. It said: “Mommy shirt. Please wipe nose below the line.”

My mom used Vaseline around my nostrils as a kid with insane allergies. Still works.

I have the same issue with my 2 year old. Only thing that has helped is singlair. Turns out he has asthma.

Make sure it’s not spinal fluid.