Why is my two month old so restless?

My daughter is 2 months and 2 days old. We have finally got to the place where she will sleep on her own🙌🏼 big thanks to her weighted swaddle and George Strait😂 our only problem is that she just seems so restless. She squirms, groans, seems like she can’t get comfortable and all of that. But it’s like she stays asleep, she will cry for a few seconds then go quiet for a little bit then repeat the same cycle. I don’t get much sleep and I hate it for her that she doesn’t seem to get good rest. Any tips on how to help a restless baby?

*she did get off of steroid medicine this past Saturday and had her two month shots Monday but I believe she was stirring some beforehand.


My daughter was grunter till 3 months it was so obnoxious lol

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Try to do more tummy time & play time before bed. Always works with my son. The more tired they are, the better they sleep.

My baby sleeps in a moss bag! It’s kinda like the womb for babies keeps them warm n snuggle maybe start allowing her to sit in your lap and play with her talk to her, give her tummy time, swaddle her nice and tight, comfort her

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White noise machine? My son only sleeps to the rain sound.

She could be a little gassy, my son does that too. Make sure you burp after every feeding and if you don’t yet maybe a paci


It might be colics. My son was just like that. He was really fussy at night still, but the colic drops did help a lot

Not suprising. Newborns are super noisy because they are still figuring out how to breathe, hence why its recommended to sleep in the same room til 6 months old. Id skip the weighted blanket and just swaddle until rolling. They just left the noisy warm water bath of the womb.

I’m also thinking gas! Try a paci

Okay hear me out… I had our daughter this past March. She was born at home, via water birth via midwife. Until she was about a month she would not lay on her back. She got super squirmy and whiny almost seeming restless(my son wasn’t like that)- but she slept just fine on my chest. With the recommendation from our Midwife, I took her to the Chiropractor and got her adjusted. I know, it seems strange to adjust a newborn, but it’s not at all! Imagine being balled up for 9 months, slowly outgrowing your space and then coming threw the birth canal… you would want to be adjusted too. Anyways. Fast forward to the night she got adjusted. She slept in her bassinet, on her back, for 6 hours!!! And now she is 3 months old and sleeping all night long. ((She sleeps in a onesy and a fleece bag for warmth with a fan on))
Chiropractors adjust babies for multiple reasons! I would definitely suggest looking into getting your baby adjusted.

Once my daughter hit 1 1/2 months she had to sleep in just a diaper to be comfy lol

Unfortunately I cosleep with my babies oh well a mom needs rest

Try mylicon drops every night before bed. It relieves gas and helps relax them. My daughter is 7 months and still gets them every night.

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