Will doctors do a blood gender test at 10-weeks?

I wanted to do the blood test to determine gender. I’m ten weeks pregnant. Does most Drs allow it? Is there a reason why they wouldn’t? I asked my midwife about it and waiting for a response. But I want to get opinions from others who have done it. Was it accurate? With my daughter, I waited until 19 weeks but would really like to do a blood test. Is it a common thing that Drs allow?

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It’s called a maternity 21. They check primarily for genetic abnormalities but also can pick up gender at I wanna say 12 weeks

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Mine did it at 11 weeks. Said that was the earliest i could do it for an accurate result and it was accurate. She said at 11 weeks it jumps to a 90-something percent rate of accuracy.

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I got mine done at 10 weeks, and bc it’s a blood test it’s pretty accurate yes- they’re looking for an x or Y chromosome- seldom is that wrong. A lot of Insurances don’t cover the test, maybe that’s why??

Its pretty accurate because it picks up the dna and it’s done with the genetic blood testing. Most insurance will not cover it and you have to pay out of pocket its runs around few hundred dollars.

Mine was done at 10.5 weeks. According to the ultrasound I had done at around 20 weeks the results were accurate!

What does it matter? As long as there healthy.

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I think its most accurate between 10-12weeks just ask

I did mine at 11 weeks and it was accurate! My doctor offered it around 10 but told me it’s most accurate around 12 weeks

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Doctor won’t deny it but insurance can if you’re only doing it for gender and not for the ACTUAL purpose of checking for genetic abnormalities. Yes theyre accurate because its a blood test done in a sterile clinic unlike the sneak peak at home test that can be off simply by having a male in the same room when getting the blood sample.


Never heard of it before but Does it matter what baby is xx

The test u are thinking of is the harmony test- which is primarily for chromosomal/genetic abnormalities and its done at around12 weeks. Its not done just for gender reasons, but for the abnormalities reasons.

Drs usually allow it but insurance paying for it is another story, I would check with insurance first

Its called NIPT, to find out gender usually done at 11 weeks

My doctor told me the sex of my babies at 13 weeks and 14 weeks. Not sure why you’d have to wait that long.

If you have Medicaid in the state of MS, they will only pay for a gender ultrasound at 18 weeks. I’d call your insurance and find out.

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I got mine done at 9 weeks… it was called MaterniT 21 test… did it at doctors office and MA covered it.

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The answer to your question is most likely no. The 10 week test is for genetics and used mostly when the dr feels there is an issue. Your post was upsetting to me. I had that test done at 10 weeks only to find out my son, wasn’t going to make it. So please, don’t use that test


I got mine done at 10 weeks but it was for medical reasons not gender. But shes a girl and it said girl. It was also right about the medical stuff, rh factor.

If you want to find out, look and see if you have any fun ultrasound 3D boutiques near you that offer Sneak Peek. I did mine at a 3D boutique near me and my blood was drawn by a certified phlebotomist. I got a girl result. I’m 34 weeks and after the many, many potty shots on the ultrasounds I have had… she is most definitely all girl! :joy:

They did on my daughter in law

I done one at 10 weeks and got the results a few days later and it was correct my doctor told me it was more accurate then the ultrasound

I dont see why they wouldn’t allow it. Its more along the lines of whether or not you’re insurance pays for it and if insurance doesn’t then if you can pay for it. And I heard its very accurate. Ive always waited for the anatomy scan for all 7 of my babies because even though one of the blood tests could tell me I was always told my insurance didn’t cover it, so I always waited the extra 2 months or so for the anatomy scan. Also, I’ve hear different knowing the gender by ultrasound as early as 14w and being accurate.

I got it done at 9 weeks, it was accurate!

My doctors recommended it. I had both my children after the age of 35 which is considered “advanced maternal age” and my husbands mother is adopted with no family history available. I am a carrier for Huntington’s disease So we had it for genetic reasons but they will tell you gender. It was accurate both times. They won’t do it until 12 weeks. I feel like if you have risk factors it gives you peace of mind that they are healthy or gives you time to prepare for whatever is coming your way.

Yes I had it done at 10 weeks, our insurance covered it 100 percent at the time. I was considered advanced maternal age so the doctors wanted me to have the test.

I was told you could have it done, BUT if you are not high risk/“advanced maternal age”/history of family genetic disorders, your insurance will not cover it just to find out the gender. My midwife said it was going to be about $1,500 so we decided to wait :relieved:

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You can privatly have this done

I got the sneek peek test done at 11 weeks. (Not through my dr.) It was accurate, and I got the results after 1 day

It was recommended due to my age for genetic purposes. Because they are
Looking at chromosomes, gender is included in it, but the purpose is to test for abnormalities. It’s optional and not covered by insurance, so be prepared to pay out of pocket. Many drs can get discounted rates for it, but still be prepared to pay on your end. The one we did was done at 10 weeks. They are highly accurate. It was for us.

You could pay for Sneak peak. It’s like 80 bucks. It works I got girl and it’s a girl. You prick your finger and bleed into a small tube send it back. Results in a few days.

If you decide to have the 10 week for gender it includes the genetic testing they won’t just do it for gender.

Yes if you need other genetic testing done

You can go to an outside testing place as early as 9 weeks. Places that do ultrasounds sometimes offer the test. Many doctors do not test until you are a little further along.

Yes. I found out at 10 weeks with one of my boys and around 12-13 weeks with my other boy. If they are having you do the blood test for genetics tell them you want to do the gender test to and they will give you a kit to take with you to go the blood draw to get the gender tested and it takes about a week to found out after the blood draw.

I they asked me both times when it came to doing the blood for genetics if I wanted the kit for the gender and I said yes. Don’t listen to anyone telling you no. It’s your body and your baby. You want it done voice it to your doctor honey they can’t tell you no to wanting a blood gender test. Especially when you are already getting blood drawn for other test.

They do a genetic test before the 13th week and it can typically tell the gender

Mine tested for gender at the same time as for genetic issues at ten weeks. Nothing wrong with finding out if you can if they’re willing to test for gender at the same time. Just ask your OB what their procedures are for it and do what you feel is best.

I had a blood test done. I dont remember how far along I was but I was still in the earlier stage of pregnancy. Mine was 100% accurate.

My doctor did the blood testing because I’m over 35 yrs old so I’m considered high risk. I was tested for around 130 genetic abnormalities and the bays sex. It was a simple blood draw and a week or so wait for the answers.
If ur not high risk I’m not sure if insurance covers it tho.

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My insurance covered it for me along with the genetic testing. SneakPeak I did with my second and it was accurate

The right doctor office will let you bcuz the sex of the child comes up in THE FIRST BLOODWORK done by your doctor. And it is 99.6% accurate. Mine was done at 7weeks! And they were right!

There are many different forms of genetic testing that offer early gender results also. It really depends on the test your office uses and how early they can detect. I am currently 23 weeks pregnant and work for an Ob/gyn office. The test we use can be done as early as 9 weeks so it really depends on the type of test they utilize. We opted not to do it because our child’s gender doesn’t matter, we did however find out at our 20 week ultrasound

I did at 10 weeks it also checks for problems with baby so if there’s a family history usually they will request one. My younger sister has turners and that was the reason for mine

My doctor’s offered it as optional at 12 weeks. I declined at the time because it was going to be out of pocket, but my doctor later encouraged me to get it because of something she saw on the 18 week scan.

Usually have to wait till 16 or so weeks

Yes harmony test can be done after 10 weeks and will get results within 7 days :slight_smile:

They offer it where I’m from. I found out the gender and also found out that if I have a boy my husband would need to get tested to see if he has a gene for cystic fibrosis. I have one gene of it so if my husband had the other our son would be high risk for cystic fibrosis! I love the 10wk genetic testing! Some people aren’t god of knowing that type of stuff but I am just so I know what I would possibly need to prepare for to make my child’s life easier in any way that I can rather than it be a huge surprise at birth and not be prepared at all

Mine just did it at the first blood test . I think was 10 weeks. Offered the gender results. Right all 3 times , 3 boys.

I don’t know why you wouldn’t just wait but you can do it through private companies if you google it. That early though it’s wrong a lot so if it’s wrong and gets your hopes up it’s a let down

It’s called the nipt. It also tests for genetic abnormalities in the baby dna. I had it at 11 weeks

I found out but had to be 10 weeks and 1 day at least. Im was on system medicaid and it was covered. Not all insurance will cover it bc i had private insurance with my first and they didn’t. I had to wait til almost 22 weeks bc she was stubborn

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I had the blood test. My youngest daughter had two soft markers for down syndrome so I wanted to make sure the new one was healthy. So I opted for the blood test. Showed the baby was healthy (no markers) and the baby was a boy.
100% correct.:slight_smile: have a happy almost 9 month old little boy. :slight_smile:

Some states are different Missouri you have to pay for it and I know texas automatically ask you if you want it done with your Medicaid

I’m 14 weeks.
I got my blood test done at 10 weeks.
Came up that were having a girl.
My insurance covered the cost.
But when I had my son 5 years ago that doctor told me I couldnt do it unless i played out of pocket for it.
But with this baby I am high risk because I’ve had preeclampsia with my first and a miscarriage at 8 weeks pregnant in 2018. And another miscarriage at 16 weeks last year

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Get it done when you get genetic testing done at 12 weeks

Just know that it is not always covered by your insurance, you may have to pay for the test and in that case you should call around to see who can give you the best price.

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I did blood test with my second at 10 weeks or so. Plus I was over 35 so I needed the test anyways. It checks for different stuff. Some insurances wouldn’t pay for it. My did because of my age.

I did sneak peek as well at 9 weeks and it was accurate as well. I’m 21 weeks now

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We had the option but it wasn’t just a gender test, it was a genetics test to find out if the baby or I had any genetic conditions or if I could pass on any genetic conditions. We did it and found out the gender.

I got a ultrasound privately at 12 weeks and I was told then what gender I was having
Not sure if they are in business currently cause of covid tho

I got mine at 11 weeks and found out a week later.

Depends on your doctor and what they recommend. If you’re 35 or older or have genetic abnormalities in either of your families, they’ll ask for it and it should be covered by most insurances. If you don’t qualify to need it then insurance probably won’t cover it and it’s a couple thousand dollar test. You can find out the gender at 18-19 weeks if you dont get it though. Not much longer.

Wait, Blood test? Why go through that? Em I missing something?
I was able to find out at 12 weeks.

I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant. They did chromosome testing around10 weeks for us and we found out the gender at that point.

I had it with my last two along with other tests. My dr has it done between 10-13 weeks. I was high risk and it was mainly for genetic testing but they asked if I’d want to know the gender. Uh yea!

The blood gender test is not just a gender test its genetic testing and if you want it dont you can ask.

I did the blood test but they told me because of my age I had to do those chromosomal tests and they can check the gender through that. It was pretty accurate. Ultrasound confirmed gender at 12 weeks.

They can, but it really depends on if your ins will cover it

Yes. But they won’t do it before 10 weeks. And its accurate. I had it with my last baby…boy…and my cousin had it with her pregnancy she is 18 weeks she had it at 10 weeks…boy…confirmed by ultrasound

My doctor did the blood test for me somewhere between 10-12 weeks. I think more doctors are moving towards the blood test for the gender. I’m not completely sure though.

You can pay out of pocket or in my case insurance paid for it due to a genetic condition I have. I believe over 30 sometimes qualifies also

My doctor told me that it’s usually done along with other genetic tests, due to a complication or high risk pregnancy. I asked if I could do it anyway, just to know the gender a little earlier, and was told it would not be covered by insurance, and usually runs around $4,000. I waited until my 20 week scan. Waiting 10 more weeks wasn’t worth $4,000, which I sure didn’t have anyway.


My doctors just did it without asking …until they were drawing blood I found out it was for the gender of my baby and other stuff regarding towards the baby at 9-10 weeks mine was accurate. Depends on doctors

I did mine at my very first appointment at 12 weeks. They called mine genetic testing but it was only a blood draw.
They basically took extra blood at my blood drawl and sent me a text with the cost and if it was too high they would just throw the blood out. Mine costed $312

10 weeks and pretty accurate as it’s a chromosome test! Mine said girl and I had a girl… all my friends have been accurate as well… it was about $150 out of pocket since the genetic testing wasn’t indicated as a need for my pregnancy

I think its 11 weeks by blood test. Maternity 21 is the test (spelled differently I believe)

I did with my oldest at 12 weeks, but with my second they no longer offered it. And that was just a 4 year span that changed in.

Insurance wouldnt pay for me and genetic testing isnt cheap. Just wait til you get the ultrasound. The look on my hubbys face when they said it was a girl was priceless! Would rather see it for myself than on a piece of paper, it was more…of a surprise kinda.

Dry the drano test if you really dont want to wait. You have to use the crystals and they are hard to find. It wont work with the liquid. I suggest using a glass container and having someone else actually perform the test because it smokes and you being pregnant shouldnt inhale that. Blue for a boy brown for a girl and its usually right!! My mom did it when she was pregnant with me, and many of her friends. I’ve also done it with my cousin and it was accurate!

Got mine at 10 or 11 weeks. It’s way more accurate than an ultrasound. I asked for it to be done and they did it.

Its called the nipt test and doctors will do it but it doesnt necessarily get covered by insurance. If you dont want to wait for your doctor just pay for sneak peek clinical. Not the sneak peek at home test. Sneak peek clinical you go to one of their offices and a doctor draws your blood, its the same test as the nipt test given at the doc office but only tells you the gender. You get results in 72 hrs for about 175 bucks. Only the clinical version has 0% chance at contamination! The at home test can be contaminated

I did the harmony genetic testing at 11 weeks due to my age. Test confirmed I was having a girl and that’s what I had. The test is not cheap.

I had mine done at 10 weeks with my genetic testing :slightly_smiling_face: it was my doctors suggestion & super accurate.

My Dr did the test that checks for any deformity or down syndrome, stuff like that. She didn’t tell me it gave sex of baby as well tho until I agreed to the test. She doesn’t want people to do the test just for the babies sex but I’m sure different Drs operate differently

You usually need a good reason for them to order it. Just talk to your doctor.

It’s like no one wants to be surprised anymore. I didn’t find out the gender of 1st, did for 2nd only cause Dad was serving overseas and wouldn’t be able to attend birth.

I did it at 10 weeks and the main reason to do it is for Down syndrome. Mine was completely accurate. And I am so glad I was able to do it

I think I was about 12/13 weeks when I did both of mine and it was perfectly right, I have a daughter and son

It’s very common. And 100% accurate because it’s a blood test.

Check out Sneak Peek online at did it at 9 weeks pregnant, accurate both times!

I had it done at 10.5 weeks. I was 35 and it was considered a geriatric pregnancy so it was approved for me.

Call it genetic testing and they usually do it.


10wks insurance covered it

They do it with the same they do the Down syndrome test. They only time they won’t do is if you insurance won’t pay for it.

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I did it at about 12 weeks, be warned though i had to pay 7k for the that test :woman_facepalming:

My daughter had her blood gender nipt test done at 10 weeks and it was accurate

They usually test between 12-14 weeks . I just had mine done and I’m 13 weeks.

My dr would do it. But it was out of pocket and over $400. We decided to wait lol

Yes my Dr did it with the genetic testing at 10 weeks

I was 12 weeks. It was through ultrasound.