Will doctors do ultrasounds if you ask them to?

We lost our youngest baby on May 12th, 2020. It’s been really rough. My husband brought up having one more baby. I just said when it is supposed to happen; it will. Well, on 24th, we found out we’re expecting our rainbow baby. I’m so terrified, scared, and worried. I want my Dr to be as concerned as I am bc our last two babies were born with the cord around their neck/ body. My son was just very lucky to survive where our daughter didn’t. All my pregnancy has been very healthy and strong. I’ve had five, including one we lost and this baby now. Will Dr’s do more ultrasounds if requested? … I have a place to go if the not only thing is they can’t medically say something is wrong, it isn’t a Dr or anything. Just place to get more pics or the stuff of the baby. Should I switch Dr’s if she can’t make my request? I just need little advice, please. Idk what to really do atm


They normally don’t but they probably will in your situation <3

You may be able to get ultrasounds, but probably not for more pictures. May just do a check on baby and report their findings to the doctor. Unless it’s medically needed I wouldn’t want to “expose” the baby unnecessarily.

It usually depends on insurance And the dr

Most do so many because it’s all your insurance will pay for you might need pay out pocket.


Most won’t but I would express your concerns and see what they say. Maybe it’s Possible if you paid for it.

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You will be classed as high risk so yes should have frequent scans but they won’t start till your 20+ weeks

He should be concerned. If not find a new dr. I got ultrasounds every week

If you have a history of a stillbirth do to cord issues then they absolutely should.


They normally wont do it unless they feel a reason for it. It’s also probably safer not to unless needed and insurance may not cover it again unless the doctor feels its needed.

I was classed at very high risk they had me see a specialist for ultrasounds every month. Starting in my 2nd

You should be under high risk. I suggest you find the Dr that is right for you. You deserve to have your wishes listened to and be as comfortable as possible during pregnancy and delivery. Be your child’s advocate and their voice. Make sure your concerns are respected and listened to and you have a Dr that will help you and your child. Having the right Dr will do wonders

Talk to the supervisor

I’ve been high risk every single pregnancy. They’ve done more than people usually get, but not as many as you’re probably going to want. Your insurance will only cover so many, and they are quite expensive out of pocket.

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You can always pay out of pocket for more if not covered by your insurance. If they consider you high risk then you see a perinatalogost and I got lots and lots of ultrasounds

It is usually more based off of what the insurance will cover. I had a healthy baby but cord wrapped around her neck(they didn’t know until they decided to do a csection), missed miscarriage, rainbow baby healthy and strong with no issues, then with our youngest I had a subsonic hematoma and thought we were going to loose her. Thankfully she was ok. Even with the issues I had in the beginning of my last pregnancy they still didn’t do extra ultrasounds that the insurance wouldn’t cover. You will probably have to find a place to go to. But you can also get an at home doppler. Maybe that would help put you at ease.

High risk category they monitor it more closely. I was high risk with mine and I was having ultrasounds twice weekly the last few weeks. Weekly before that. Doc should list it as such and generally check every month.

Most places won’t do extra ultrasounds just because. Insurance only covers for necessary usually. They may if you pay out of pocket

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Yes! Especially if you have had Mc before

After my miscarriage and due to being older, my doctor had me do a bunch of ultrasounds in the beginning to make sure everything was ok. I think they absolutely should do it for you too.

I’d go on a local women’s fb group and ask for suggestions of an ob/gyn that specializes in high risk pregnancies and then I’d check with my insurance to see how many ultrasounds they allow for high risk pregnancies.


I am so sorry for your loss. But i went through a loss in one of my pregnancy and an advice the Ob doctor gave me for my up coming pregnancy is not to stress that isn’t good for the baby. Also if your label “High” risk because of your previous stillborn they will monitors you closely expecially at the end of your pregnancy what their called is a non stress test.

If you have a GOOD ob they can… I lost my 2nd baby and was a mess when I got pregnant again… my original ob didn’t want to give me an ultrasound until 20 weeks and didn’t seem sympathetic at all so I switched to a new dr and he gave me an ultrasound right away and then a couple more throughout… also allowed me to take progesterone until my lab work came back stating everything was fine… he just seemed to listen and understand that I needed extra reassurance throughout…

You could always go to a private ultrasound place like Before the Baby if they won’t.

Ours did! I’m the one paying so I wanted one monthly till I hit 30 weeks and then we did non stress test twice a week. So that was good enough for me. I was high risk so at first I got one every two weeks till cleared from high risk. Then I started asking lol


With all of my babies, I had a doctor who was fantastic and gave me an ultrasound every time I went in! I love him to death! He was the best!

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Giving your history during pregnancy, I would definitely seek out a high risk doctor. They do 2-3 times as many ultrasounds test etc to make sure you and the baby are safe. With all 3 of mine, my OB did very extensive ultrasounds every other week. They measured him to the fullest extent every time, checked for functioning of all organs that they could. It’s a lot and overwhelming at times but the reassurance to know they’re as concerned as I am, is what’s allowed me to have some rest and peace of mind in order to carry my kiddos as far as I could before preeclampsia happened.


My 1st was still born & with my second I was really looked after. Was able to go for an early scan for reassurance & all my care was consultant led so extra appointments & scans. Thankfully everything went great, but the extra care really helped with my anxiety. I’m in the UK though, so not sure how these things work in the US Good luck mama xx

Find a high risk doctor, I had to go to ohio state university and have them take over with my last baby. It was scary changing drs but it was the best for me and the baby. OSU went above and beyond on the tests and made sure we was in good hands. Osu was an hour and 10 mins away but worth the travel

Yes you need a doctor to listen to you.as she said there expensive.

You will get put in a high risk clinic since you loss your last one an you will have lots of them

You’ll need to pay for an early scan, they don’t do extra ones just because before 12 weeks. Even if you’re high risk. If you are, you’ll get the frequent scans after 20 weeks.

My daughter was born with pentatology of Cantrell which basically means her heart and an other organs were on the outside she lived about 4 hours but when I got pregnant with my son I was terrified an they did alot more ultrasounds I had one about every 2 to 3 months an check ups with him.

Make sure they know your history and mention that you’d like to have more ultrasounds as a precaution. If they don’t at least try, maybe find a different dr. My drs great. I’ve had like 5 ultrasounds this pregnancy :joy: and I’ll have another one in 3 more weeks at 36 weeks. Since two of my babies had low fluid, I’ll automatically do stress tests every week from 36-40 weeks
I’m 33 weeks today. I’ve also had 2 miscarriages so I understand your worries.

Depends on Insurance BC they pay for so many. Be honest with your Dr and see what they say. They may be able to call your insurance company & work out having an extra one. I know around me, there’s an actual ultrasound office but you pay out of
The 3D & 4D are around $300-$600 depending on area.

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Go to high risk they take everything more seriously and I would say 2 loses is enough to be high risk. My regular OB was amazing after my having lost the first pregnancy. We did fetal scan at 10 weeks again at 15 again at 20. Go to a doctor who takes you seriously. Praying this pregnancy and delivery are heathy and end with you and baby healthy and strong

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Depends on your doctor. Just have to ask. My doctor does them often including 4D and I can always request one when he doesn’t do one and the tech will do it. My doctor has everything in house so I don’t have to go anywhere different or a schedule with anyone different in the practice.

All you can do is ask and find out. Tell them about your history, I’m sure they’ll understand🙂 congrats and good luck!

I was high risk with my pregnancy and also very worried the whole time something was going to happen to the baby. They did an awesome job at monitoring me the whole time at the high risk dr. But even with that I purchased an at home doppler. They actually work pretty well. It helped me and calmed my fears a little bit more. To lay and listen to my baby’s heart beat.

It depends on insurance. Depending on if you’re labeled high risk the insurance will pay for extra. However if you would like more than that you’ll have to pay out of pocket.

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If your doctor won’t, find one who will. Maybe even request to be seen by a perinatalologist of that’s possible. I’m so sorry for the loss of your precious babe. Sending you love and strength and many prayers for a healthy uneventful pregnancy

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It depends, if your doctor considers your pregnancy high risk, you’ll get tons of ultrasounds which will be covered by your insurance. If he doesn’t consider you high risk you’ll have to pay out packet for any extra ultrasounds that your insurance will not covered because they aren’t coming from your doctors office and you’re not considered high risk.


I don’t know where you’re located but we have a place in my area that just does ultrasounds. You have to pay out of pocket unless it’s medically necessary. It’s called womb with a view. I’m not sure if it has other locations. But it’s something to look into. They do 3D scans. A lot of people I know go there if they weren’t able to tell the gender at the anatomy scan.

Definitely bring up your concerns and they tend to be more cautious when you loose a baby and have a history of things of that nature.Praying for you, the baby and your family :black_heart:

Maybe talk to them about a c section? I know the recovery is much more painful but maybe having a date planned & not having to worry about the cord issue will ease your mind some. I don’t see why they wouldn’t consider with what you’ve been through

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Insurance may be an issue. Need to know what they cover.

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Talk to your doctor about it. They may want to observe closer with it being something that is reoccurring you can also get multiple opinions.

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Insurance only covers 2 ultrasounds per pregnancy and maybe one more if doctor requested. You’ll have to pay for any extra ultrasounds you get.

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I know it can b expensive but we paid for private ones every 4 weeks

My first dr did whenever I asked but she retired when pregnant with my second and she did not allow them whenever. Made me sad and concerned cause I had more issues pregnant with her than I did with my first. I miss my old Dr lol

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You could always go to the emergency room tell them you have some pain down there and you are concerned. They’ll automatically take a look at baby.


I am sorry for your loss. I can only imagine the fear. I had five healthy pregnancies and I still worried about them constantly. You may want to invest in a small heart monitor (Doppler) so you can check the baby’s heart beat whenever you need reassurance. That may help to ease some of the anxiety. They are like $50 on Amazon.

I’m very fortunate that my doctor does ultra sounds at every appt. and saves are pics to usb drives so we can watch them at home At. Every. Visit. Now during pregnancy he also does the anatomy ultrasound and 4D ultrasound. Those are the special ones. Every time I go in He does a ultrasound. Has one in every room in the facility and does this with all his patients. Ask your doctor how they can accommodate and if not it’s okay to go find a new doctor.

Usually your insurance will only pay for a certain number of them at certain times unless the doctor deems extra ones medically necessary. They usually won’t do it just because you ask for one.

I didn’t read the comments but the place I went for a 4d ultrasound gave me the option to sign a release for them to contact my dr with any concerns if they had any.

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I lost my little one in childbirth last year due to an undetected infection. Hug. I understand. My doctor will be marking me as high risk for any future pregnancies, which include a higher level of monitoring and ultrasounds. I would suggest you speak with your doctor about the same. Otherwise I would get a new doctor.

Seek a high risk OB. I have appts weekly starting at 30 wks with ultrasounds each time. At 36 wks I started going twice a week. You need an OB who is concerned about the risks.


I think you can do more ultrasounds but they may cost

My advice would be to see a high risk dr they will closely monitor

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Talk to your dr about your concerns with your history they should but we can’t speak for your dr also check your insurance if it covers them or only a certain maybe you can pay the rest but if it’s the same dr he or she may wait to keep a close eye incase too praying you have a healthy pregnancy and healthy rainbow baby in a few months

You could always discuss csection. With my first once my water broke the cord wrapped around her neck. I had to have an emergency csection. If I didn’t she wouldn’t have made it.

Talk to your doctor. I’ve had 4 pregnancies, 1 living child, 1 miscarriage and 1 stillborn at 34 weeks. Currently 27 weeks and I see my normal OB as scheduled and see MFM/high risk OB/specialist every 2 weeks. I get ultrasounds and check ups everytime. I will also start to get non stress tests weekly starting at 30 weeks. My insurance covers everything.

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I would try to see a high risk doctor (maternal fetal medicine). You should get a much more in depth ultrasound in that situation.

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Definitely try to get Dr to mark you as high risk and or fight the insurance and he has to send letter saying why medically necessary etc.

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It’s an insurance thing. If u pay out of pocket u can get as many as u want. Contact one of the places that only do ultrasounds the 3 d places . Normally cheaper than having a doctor do it.

No… there are very strict guidelines on what is covered and not when it comes to insurance and sonos. Most offices will only do medically necessary scans. And if the insurance doesn’t cover it, you would be paying hundreds if dollars if they did agree to do it without a reason.

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Is this a normal thing in the US? I live in Mexico and we get monthly ultrasounds and check uo and then after 30 something weeks, it’s 2 times a week. Alot of things could be avoided if doctors would check once a month… It doesn’t make sense to me.


There are MFM clinics just for this type of thing. They monitor you much more closely than your regular OBGYN. Find a good one near you. So so sorry for your loss. Prayers for peace going into this pregnancy

I don’t know where you’re located but usually they only do this if you’re high risk. My friend is a high risk pregnancy and gets scans every 2 weeks… but normally, no they won’t, you just get 3… The dating scan (first one), 12 week nuchal scan and the 20 week anatomy scan. I’m getting a scan done at 16 weeks next week but I have to pay $100 for it because it was a private one and not ordered by the dr… I’m getting mine done to find out gender early

Demand it your high risk

Keep in mind that there have been recent studies that associate too many ultrasounds during pregnancy with hearing loss of the infant. There is a reason Drs don’t just do them whenever you want one.


Talk to your doctor and have them refer you to a high risk doctor

U should now be put in the high risk category and should get more ultrasounds then normal and be followed more closely


Your doctor knows whats best if you’ve seen the same one thru all pregnancies. They won’t do multiple because its not good for the baby. Even the imaging places will ask you questions about your pregnancy. If they don’t think its safe they won’t do it because of the radiation the machine uses.

Just ask your doctor at every appointment if they can do a quick ultrasound! I did and just told them I was having bad anxiety and seeing the baby made me feel better to just see that she is fine! I got one at every single appointment when I was pregnant. I had to make it a point to ask at every appointment though.

Get a high risk doctor. I had a weekly ultrasound from 18 weeks to 28 weeks. And I had a lot of urgent care visits where they did ultrasounds as well. My baby wasn’t affected by it at all.

I was considered high risk my second i got an ultrasound every week/ every other week

I had a miscarriage and my next pregnancy I was a cat on a hot tin roof… my midwife did blood work weekly in early pregnancy to confirm viability and keep me calm. I have several ultrasounds throughout the pregnancy. It all depends on your doctor and how they code things for insurance purposes. Talk to your doctor!

It’s not the Dr.
You can have as many ultrasounds as you want.
Your insurance will only pay for as many as are medically needed.
With my first son I had like 3 or 4. My second son had a two valve cord so I was getting one every week. Insurance paid for all of them because they were needed. They wouldn’t have paid for more with my older son.
If you have the money to pay for them you could get one everyday, although the ultrasound techs would probably get annoyed with you lol

I paid from multiple ultrasounds not through the doctor it was like $30 it was for this place where they pretty much do stuff for gender reveals and get stuffed animals with the heartbeat in them. They don’t do any diagnosing or anything like that their places that are literally just set up so you can see your baby and find out the sex and have friends and family come with you. I think it was called peek a boo ultrasounds. I believe it was like a franchise

I would recommend to ask for a high risk pregnancy specialist to monitor everything

They should. I know some insurances only cover ultrasounds at certain times during pregnancy, but if you’re considered high risk, they can order them more frequently. When I found out my first pregnancy was twins, I was high risk, so I got more ultrasounds than normal. With my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies, I got ultrasounds early on to make sure everything was okay because after the trauma to my body from carrying and delivering twins, I had other complications. But if you express your concerns to your OB, they will most likely agree.