Will they take my son if I am depressed?

I’m wanting to start counseling for postpartum depression but worried if I even mention being depressed they’ll try to take my son. Will they do that?


The person who laugh reacted this sucks.

They won’t take your child. I’m really proud of you for recognizing that you need help, that first step is so hard. Wishing you the best of luck :black_heart:


They would only get involved if they feel you are a danger to your child or you are neglecting your child’s needs. Seeking help is not being neglectful or a danger. You seeking help actually shows that you are trying to keep yourself and child safe.


It says a lot about you, to the person who laugh reacted smh


Sierra Callahan shame on you, how sad is that. No, you’re fine and the fact that you are reaching out is a huge, commendable step! Good for you and good luck!

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Only way they’ll take your baby away is if you’re a danger to him or yourself.

No they won’t. I am a month post partum and am struggling. I was honest and they just upped my meds nothing terrible happened.

Please talk to someone. A teacher at my kids school just committed suicide due to post partum.


No way! Unless it’s more serious than it sounds

Nope they just wanna get you the correct councilor and or get you on the right medicine so it doesn’t get as far as post partum. Cuz if it’s left untreated it could get seriously dangerous. They won’t take your baby for being honest and admitting you may need help, as long as you aren’t a danger or threat. I used to worry about the same thing!

Whoever laugh at this post. Needs to be removed from this group. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: no they’re not gna take your baby for you getting help for you having postpartum. :disappointed: and so sad tht someone laughed at it as it is funny for someone going through this. I can’t even say want I want to say. Bcuz I will be banned from the group myself.


Strange that anyone would react to this with a laughing emoji

Why would you laugh at this. Some people.

I would like to think the two people that laugh reacted did it in error but if they didn’t, I hope you find a heart.

They will not take your baby unless you’re a danger to yourself or the baby. I’m proud of you for recognizing you need help. It’s so hard. You’ve got this mama.


I had severe postpartum depression where my councillors called cas on me as a precaution. However all that happened was they upped my meds, put more councillors in place and helped me with things like groceries and transportation so I didn’t feel so burdened. They won’t take your baby for being depressed. It is so common. They will help you with everything they can. Admitting you need help is so incredible of you to begin with. I hope you’re alright keep your head up!


Are there people on here that are actually laughing at this question? Shame on anyone who is laughing at this. This person was strong enough to get some help and is scared and came here for some guidance. Praying for you as you navigate through this difficult time in your life and so very proud of you for seeking help! :two_hearts:


The people that laughed need to be removed from the group. That’s toxic for real

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They can. It depends if your county needs the money, if you’re low income & can’t afford to fight it’s even more likely. Dr patient confidentiality doesn’t extend to social services & court either. They pretend it does. They’ll have you sign release forms. But if you don’t they’ll still obtain the info from your counselor to take your kids. They know your court appointed attorney isn’t going to fight them. Court appointed means they work for the state.

Nope. Get help asap so you can be a better you, for you and for your baby.

Seriously? Whoever laughed is a complete idiot.

Postpartum is definitely real. I commend you for getting help :heart:

Someone thinks this is funny? Shame on you!

No they won’t take your baby as long as he is safe and cared for. The depression might be telling you not to get help because they might take the baby. Don’t let you mind trick you into not getting help.

who is laughing at this???

NO. please get the help you need. You are important too.