Worried about my daughter starting Kinder!?

My daughter's preschool did not take in at all during covid last year or the 1st part of this year .. she starts kindergarten next week .. we did do preschool and worksheets and colors all that stuff at home but I'm worried because the abcs and counting still hasn't clicked yet but we have been working hard .. do you think this will be a big issue in kindergarten or am I just stressing over this to much .. she is smart and knows colors shapes and writing her name and there are no learning issues or behavior issues .. thanks in advance

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Worried about my daughter starting Kinder!?

I’m sure she will be fine, but if you are wanting extra help to give her a boost…try ABC mouse. It’s really good. My daughter loved it.

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That’s one of the first things they look for during the first week of school. Some kids pick up quickly everything they need to know. If she ends up being behind don’t stress most schools have programs that help them catch up. My son is behind too, they told me that they will evaluate him during the first week. But he possibly needs an IEP cuz of speech delayment.

Don’t stress, it’s only kindergarten. If she struggles at all, they’ll let you know :slightly_smiling_face:

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Worried about my daughter starting Kinder!?

My son is only 3 and I’m already stressing about him going to pre school next year​:sweat_smile:(if covid allows it to happen)he is the same as your daughter, except for writing his name, but I am worried about the same thing you are, we do numbers and letters at home, some he remembers but most he forgets :woman_shrugging: they will get it eventually, I think we just need to not put too much pressure on them to know everything before they go to school, they will get there :relaxed: good luck starting school :heart:

No nothing to worry about at all. Honestly don’t stress. The teachers will help with this and she will soon pick it up I’m sure :blush:

Not all children are the same, they learn at thier own pace but they all get to the same place in the end. You’re child will be fine, thats why they have schools and teachers, once they start you’ll see changes.

Protect our children and remote school! It is NOT safe!!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Worried about my daughter starting Kinder!?

The fact that you’ve gone over this stuff with her already will give her an advantage! She will be fine!


She knows more than alot of children do starting kindergarten my daughter was the same she started yesterday and did great!


This is what kindergarten is for. You’ll be fine & your baby will be fine. There are alot of people who are in the same situation bc of covid. She’ll do great!


It’ll be alright and if they still don’t quite catch on, no kid ever suffered by doing Kinder twice! My daughter was speech impaired as a tiny tot and that’s what we did and it’s been great for her! She’s now starting 1st and I feel she is way better prepared, but I’m glad I didn’t just not have her start… it was definitely helpful that she went and we just realized towards the end of the year that she needed more time than her peers and she did K again. She had a great time and we never made a big deal of it!

Over thinking. My son didn’t go to preschool, they teach them that stuff in kindergarten

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She will be ok. One of my twins is having issues still with that stuff and when I brought it up to the school and her occupation therapist, she said she’s right where she’s supposed to be and that her twin is just ahead of the game. The teacher will let you know if there are concerns .


these last 2 years have been incredibly hard especially for our children. parents aren’t teachers (well unless you actually are lol) and we do not have the abilities to teach things like people who went to school for it. of course there are things we can teach them, but with kids hardly being in school or being virtual for the last 2 years, it’s pretty expected for kids to need a little extra help. your daughter will definitely not be the only child who doesn’t know the ABCs completely and things like that. don’t stress about it. this is what kindergarten is for. preschool isn’t mandatory.

My son just went thru kinder flew into 1st. Like many his first year in prek was cut short because of covid. Let me reassure you my son is in speech therapy it put him behind by it self having a hard time understanding because of it. I was worried as well. But with the teacher and us on same page for the same goal teaching our kids you have nothing to worry about. She will be just fine. Kinder reviews most of everything prek does. Until the end. My son learned how to read in kinder I was expecting beginning of 1st grade he would be reading but it was kinder. It sounds like youve already laid a great platform for your little. Just keep doing what your doing even whrn she goes back. I truly wouldnt worry to much. My county keeps parents informed on the littles if there are any concerns well before there is actually a issue of being held back. There goal is to turn it around hopefully before they have to he held back. Just keep in contact when you feel needed and keep doing what your doing. Sounds like your doing just fine and she will strive in kinder to me.

My son had a speech impediment around preschool and kindergarten…the sound of the letters wouldnt click and he barely used full sentences. It wasn’t until 1st grade for him and now he gives me history lessons and his line of questioning is ahead of his age​:rofl:my I don’t know answers are unacceptable to him. Comes to show you that if we made it (even if the circumstances are different) so can your baby! It’s stressful as a parent…understandable, hang in there …it will all click for her soon! :heart:

My daughter was 2 when she learned the abc but I used different things to teach her. I used music videos from coco melon n other shows from you tube. Got her ABC backpack $10 from Wal-Mart. And printed some worksheet games from online. Now they have some in dollar tree. Hope this helps.

I think they are going to have a few kids struggling in one area or another because of the last 1.5 years!
My son is doing kindergarten at home with me and an online program. Though he has wanted close to nothing to do with writing. He is super smart in math and science and has a memory like an elephant, so I don’t worry.
He will be going to 1st grade in school as long as masks aren’t required*

You’re fine! A lot of people never prep their children. You are already ahead of the game.

I listened to a Kindergarten teacher one time……this is what she said….all these kids coming to school knowing all their colours,numbers,alphabet,printing their own name…….my job is not necessary then I guess!...that’s what she’s there for,remember that!:blush:

Not all kids go to preschool she will be OK. Just be supportive and help her when you can

Most kids don’t go to preschool so I would say she will be ok

Itll be ok they should be aware some kids did not get the preschool they normally would have

They should count to at least 30 going into kindergarten. That’s what they tell us anyways… but kids are resilient and pick things up quick! Don’t worry mama :purple_heart:

She will be fine. She will learn. She will either get where she needs to be, or they will repeat the grade. My son repeated the 1st grade. He is a senior this year and does well in school.

There can be a room for adaptation.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Worried about my daughter starting Kinder!?

My son was in school for Pre-k and they have very high expectations these days. I have his report card and all the things he had to know before kindergarten and it’s pretty lengthy. He had to know all his letters and sounds, numbers to 20 it least, but he can count to 100. He needed to be able to write his name, with little to no assistance. Engage in reading activities, know sight words, etc. Like the list goes on. I definitely don’t remember it being that way when I was little but who knows

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Do not worry Kindergarten is for learning and getting aquatinted to school. Keep Reading and talking to her and let her teacher know your concerns. Also, remember they are all starting together.

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She’ll be fine. Not all kids go to preschool before kindergarten. They’ll teach her, and she may pick it up quick. I was worried about mine, due to social issues. Thankfully, the head start he’s in went back for the last couple of months last year, so he got a little more practice with it. He’s nervous about having a new teacher, but he’ll adjust just fine after a few days. And she will, too!

Our daughter starts next week. She is behind from what they want but most kids had to sit out preK due to the virus. We did ABC Mouse and learning activities but I’m not a teacher and the school knows this. I’m sure our kids aren’t the only ones behind. The teachers will just have to work a bit more with them.

Teachers are more concerned that children can dress independently,get along with others and socialize.Teachers will teach the rest


I was worried about the same thing. My son started Kindergarten last week. In his class, they’re working on the alphabet, numbers and started some sight words this week. She’ll be ok. :slight_smile:

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Thats what Kindergarten and Teachers are for she will be just fine!


She’s gonna do fine babe :wink:

Ur stressing over it too much. She will go into primary with what she knows and u will be surpised how fast she will pick things up. The teachers are they to help and teach kids. Not every kid going into school has to know counting to high numbes. Math and reading. Dont be too hard on yourself.

My daughter hasnt started kindergarten letalone come out of her womb lol. So take what i say for a grain of salt, but when i was little, we got tested on our colors before i even got to go to kindergarten.

Here is a checklist that most Kindergarten kiddos should be able to do as they begin the school year. School is not like it was years ago! They need to know so much more nowadays to be successful!


Homeschool. It’s the only way she’ll get an adequate education not plonked with an iPad or device all day, nor the concern of “woke” issues forced on her. School is a joke these days.


Go to Wal Mart get her. Activity table my son he’s 4 years old starting pre k he got 1-16 down because of it and A-Q it’s literally the best 30$ I ever spent and he caught on quick as well it sounds the letter out she can draw them on a built in pad with stylus too.
( He’s autism ) for him too know that much Sense July when he got it is good for him

She will be fine! They will learn as they go, they mostly do a lot of interaction, singing dancing, and play time… don’t stress…

They will test her and place her where she belongs. Many kids in the last year are behind, teachers are doing their best to accommodate.

My son has is the same way! I think a lot of kids start off that way