Would I be able to rent a house if I own one?

My husband and I have decided to separate. I don’t live near any family or support system, but I want to stay in the same city to see his dad often. I make enough money on my own to be able to rent my own place. My question is, my husband and I own a house together. Would landlords or rental agencies turn me down because I am “co” owning a house already? Would the house need to be 100% turned over to my husband in divorce court first? ( I know I’m not using great phrases, I’m new to this) Side note I have good credit…anyone else been in a situation like this before?

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They dont care what you own as long as you have good credit and pay the rent.


When I split with my ex-husband I was able to rent an apartment even though I was on the mortgage and deed to the house. I am in PA not sure if that matters. Best of luck to you

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He needs to buy you out of the mortgage. That is your house too.


I believe as long as you have decent credit and can provide proof of income several times the amount of the rent, then you shouldn’t have much trouble being approved


As long as your income meets their requirements and credit is good I don’t see the problem

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Depends on the requirements of the landlord. Some don’t do very thorough background checks and as long as you make enough to pay the rent or qualify to their satisfaction, your home ownership wouldn’t matter. Some would ask you to list all of your liabilities (that would include the mortgage if it’s in your name as well) and would want you meet their requirements with that factored in as well. Good luck!

Yes I did. He didn’t refinance until he was forced 7 years later. I had rented a few diff places in that time before I bought again.

You should be able to go rent right now. They won’t care about your mortgage

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Have him rent a place u stay at the house


My husband is military and rented out his house and we lived in an apartment together. They will contact previous landlords/ leasing companies that you’ve used but they don’t care about what you own.

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I am in your situation and have rented 2 different places.

Be careful about moving out. I know in some states, if you move out you ‘abandon’ the marriage and possibly the house. She should have to buy your half/ portion out


Do not sign over anything untill you have been financially reimbursed/paid out .
Yes you can rent and own many people do .

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Shouldn’t be an issue as long as you can pay the rent.

No landlord is going to care if you are going through a divorce as long as you got good credit and stable employment.

You can rent a house but you will not get a housing commission government house

No they wouldn’t turn you down yes you can rent

Don’t sign the house over! I’m not even sure why you’re the one moving out, but that’s your prerogative.
You do own that house just as much as he does and should AT LEAST be entitled to your equity as a pay out before signing off.
Let your lawyers hash that one out.
Don’t get steamrollered out of things that belong to you.
And to answer your question, yes, of course you can rent while simultaneously owning a home.
Landlords usually want you to make at least 4 times more than your rent per month.
But as long as you have good credit. You’re golden. You’ll be able to find a good place.
I wish you the best <3
Please! Lawyer up ASAP.
Something about all of this is unsettling, and I’m worried you might have people with malice intent whispering nonsense into your ear…


Why does he get the house? You are entitled to half of that house. He either needs to pay you for half, or you both sell it and split the money.

You can rent and own a house. They don’t care as long as you make the payments.


It’s always safer to ask a lawyer before making any legal decisions so you can get information based solely on your situation. Cause courts don’t care if you don’t know or who gave you the bad advice.


You can rent.

Make sure you continue paying your part of the mortgage.

If you leave the marital home and of you do not continue to contribute to the mortgage payment, it could hurt you in the divorce.


Yes! As long as the payment history is good on the house, they will look at this in their background checks! I had a potential tenant try to lie and say they sold their previous house but it was actually foreclosed on and they hadn’t made a payment in 3 years. :grimacing:

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I dont see why you should not be able to rent a house while co-owning home. I used to know a person who bought houses renovated them rented them out and still rented a property for himself

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If you live in the UK you can not rent a local authority property if you own a property - but private landlords don’t have such rules.

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Be aware once you leave the house/move out.
In the eyes of the law you don’t live there and have no right to be there.
if you wanted to get something and the occupier didn’t want you there, police will tell you to leave or not to go there.
Even though you own it.
Just something to think about, you can’t get that position back if things don’t go as planned.


When my ex and I split up we rented out our house for a while, I ended up moving back in, to keep things fair I effectively paid the lowest end of the rental price we would get for it and then we both contributed an equal mount to cover the rest. That way we both still paid a fair amount off of the mortgage so he wasnt paying half of a mortgage for a house he wasnt living in and wasnt missing out by having me in it … he rented elsewhere without hassle

Yeah you can, I had to go through this 6 months age and was able to rent

I rent while my ex lives in a house we still own together ive been renting for the last 3 years and had no problems


Why do you need to disclose this, your separate and need a place to live

If you both own the house, then usually the house either gets sold and you divide the profits, or one person buys out the other. So if your ex wants to stay living in the house he would have to pay you out and get a mortgage in on his own.


Yes you can rent and still own a house. My soon to be ex rent a house while the kids and I live in the house that we own together.

Don’t move out until divorce, it can be considered abandonment and things won’t go in your favor unless there is abuse

Property will be divided… don’t give more information to landlords than what needs to be given, (oh you want to know my blood type also? Okay I’m a +FU), also fight for what you want through your lawyers (don’t come to Facebook and expect expert advice… while I also put my two cents in :grimacing::wink:).


So sorry! I’m a single mom of 2 kids. Got divorced 2 years ago
I get this
Yea, you can rent. I had to cancel cable and a lot of the basics :pensive:
Blessings on you and your family

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As a landlord with 8 rentals - yes you can. I have a single Mom in one of my rentals now. It’s not hard to do. Just be up front and let the landlord know what is happening. Not a big deal!!


Your husband can buy you out of your half the house so he will own it and continue to pay the mortgage but in full and you get half of the asking price in a lump some you maybe able to buy half rent half buy but cause you will have money from the house you had with you husband you maybe able to buy the part buy bit out right meaning you would only have the rent left to pay every month which is normally about £500 per month and it means you could either get a mortgage for 2nd half (the rent half ) and would own in full or you could continue to own half and rent half until you could afford to buy the second half or sell etc

Yes- you can rent even if you own a house. People split up all the time and someone ends up leaving the house they own. That’s how you separate


I think you need a lawyer to ask these questions to You can sell your part to him and get out from under it Your credit rating goes down when you are single Mine did You are consider more of a risk without second income

I suspect the landlords concern will be financial. Shouldnt be a problem… BTW Dont volunteer information.

You can rent while owning another house. As long as you can afford both payments.


Unless you signed a prenup then he either has to sell the house or buy you out. Everything is split 50/50. Btw prenups arent held up in a court of law in florida if you live down here.

Usually when one gets a divorce all property is divided equally .and yes you can rent. But if you are well off as you say why not buy now before the market turns


I feel like in that situation that if the house is both of urs that no one should get it and that u should simply just sell and both of u get half of whatever yous get for it… seems way more fair to me :woman_shrugging:

You give up the rights to the house once you leave Remember he might be nice and giving now It changes when it comes to divorce court Get what you want before moving out And keep it to yourself

Honestly I’d have him move and u keep the house considering u have a child

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You can rent since you have good credit in your name.

Dont leave the house and get a lawyer before you do anything

You can still rent a place

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Ask a lawyer not mom life


No you can rent but you wouldn’t get any housing benefit

Don’t sign it over, have him buy you out.

Yes you can…I just did.

Of course you can people rent there second homes etc etc.

Yes you can rent no problem :grin:

Nelson Ortega he can fund u a rental home.

Personally I would speak with a lawyer just so I know legally everything is good to go


I would say that if you aren’t paying any bills at the owned home then you should be fine to rent a place. They usually ask for proof of income when renting. As long as you can afford the rent they dont care what you own

People do it all the time as long as it’s not income based government housing. They have an asset limit usually.


I own a home in Illinois and rent one in Missouri, no problem. Make solid plans that benefits your needs. Good luck.

Yes, people are able to rent a house even if they are a home owner.
We all have different circumstances.
For your rental history use your mortgage payments to support your application. Explain your situation.

Make sure he refinances in his name only. Otherwise you will be on the note for that house regardless of court documents.

As a landlord ( credit) I is the first question.
First can you afford the house (HOUSE PAYMENT).
Don’t sign house to him alone . Kiss it goodbye.
Don’t do any moves till you are super sure.

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U should be good if not throw it in there ur gettin divorced should help

You can own multiple homes and rentals at the same time. Another word for it can be called an investment.


You can rent,they don’t care if you own one. As long as you pay your rent it doesn’t matter.

You’ll be fine! Get a good attorney…Good luck & God bless…

No, I own a house in ine state and rent in another. It actually looks good.

No. You can rent your own place. Good luck to you. And see an attorney regarding divorce and assetts

You can rent and still own a home, make sure to either have your soon ex either buy you out for your portion of the house or decide to sell and split the money after your divorce is final…good luck

I did it. It didnt come up at all. Im in my place 2 1/2 years now.

I rent a house & I own on too. So the answer is yes

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In Canada it’s not a problem, tons of people do it

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can do anything if have the credit and make enough

I don’t think it would matter. But if you plan on letting him have the house I’d get your name off it asap. If he goes into default that goes on you too.

you deserve 1/2 of the house you and your husband occupied. you can rent another house and after the divorce use your money from 1/2 the house to buy another

YES, you CAN rent a house, that SHOULDN’T stop you from renting, no, you don’t and shouldn’t turn the house over to him. if he wants, he can BUY your interest in the home from you. do NOT give it to him, unless you get HALF the homes value. most courts will not make you GIVE it up. if there are children involved most courts would allow you to keep the house for the children’s sake


No people own multiple properties all the time

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Yes you can rent, make sure to speak with a lawyer before leaving your owned home though so you dont accidentally give up rights. You MAY need to show paystubs or credit report but in the 12 years I have rented I have always just told the landlord what our income was.

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In your divorce papers, it should outline a timefrAme in which he has to refi the house and take your name off the loan. You can likely show this as proof, if needed.

Speak with a lawyer and take advice, will you be the primary carer of your child/children?

If you husband is suggesting this he is trying to pull a fast one on you.

It may be that you are the one that wants to move out but remember you may be owed some money if there is equity in the co-owned house. If so your husband needs to buy you out at a fair price.

Of course you can rent a house…you could own 20 houses and still be able to rent :grinning:

Whatever you do stay strong, divorce/separation is hard for everyone not matter who decides the split. x


Let him buy you out of your share but he’s going to need to refi into his name as it will show on your credit. May not be a big deal to rent right now but in a few years when you want to buy another home it will be a big deal

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The only comment on here that is worth anything…talk to your attorney. The rules vary widely from state to state. Common law makes a huge difference in the answers. Please don’t be the person with a “take him for everything “ attitude. Get what you want, deserve and get to a place of happiness for you.


I moved out and bought a house. Absolutely get a lawyer, a good one, you are entitled to 1/2 of selling price of house you jointly own. Consult with attorney before doing anything.

I wouldn’t think so. I’ve managed rentals for 18years and I’ve never once asked someone what they own and I’ve never been asked that question when renting an apartment either.

Get a lawyer some do free consults and do not move out of the house in some cases it says your abandoning the home and he would not have to pay you for half not 100 percent just stories I heard . Your entitled to half that house do not sign it over to him with out half the value but get a lawyer and tell him to go move in with his dad.

You are entitled to 50% of the house and his pension how ever be careful with the pension if you earn more than him he is also entitled to half of yours

Yes, you can. I bought a house for my daughters and myself while still on the mortgage with my ex-husband

I did the same thing. I moved out with the kids. I owned and rented with no problem. I just told them the truth.

My ex and I have a house other. We’re both on the mortgage but I’m not on the deed anymore. I’m renting an apartment in the same city

I wouldn’t sign over the house. My friend co owned a house and separated from her husband. She was able to rent her own place.

If you have children under 16 or not in education they cannot make you leave the house

Why are you moving out of the house but if you do why couldn’t you rent it’s not a purchase it’s a rental you have to have a place to live

It comes down to qualifying for the payment. If you make enough income to cover both payments then their shouldn’t be a problem.
If your husband is going to make payments you should get that in writing to show your new landlord.

Through divorce court sell the house split the proceeds from the sale

If you live in Ga. Your screwed. I lost every thing even the dog. And my hair also

Always seek a lawyer for legal advice first !

Should be sold n divided you should get half

I. Don’t. Think. It. Really. Matters. All. I. Said. To. The. Landlords. Was. I. Was. A. Single. Parent. As. Long. As. You. Can. Pay. Your. Rent. It. Shouldn’t. Matter