Would I get in trouble for going against a court order one time?

How much trouble would I get in for going against a court order ONE time? My ex is supposed to take our child tomorrow for the day and today our child had a doctor’s appointment and now needs breathing treatments through the weekend. My ex refuses to come over and let me walk him through how to do it, it’ll take 15 minutes out of his day. I also requested I could go to his house and show him and he claims he can “figure it out”. I’m not willing to play his childish games & toy with my kids health. I told him if he was going to be stubborn I would just have him wait and take our kiddo next weekend when he’s feeling better and doesn’t need the treatments but going against a court order isn’t something I’d necessarily want to do, but if it’s to protect my kids health and my ex is just being stubborn; I feel like it should be excused.