Would You Be Okay With Another Woman Bringing Your Husband Dinner?


"Another woman makes my husband dinner every night to bring to him at work. My hubs work with her son, and when she brings her son dinner, she also brings my husband dinner. I didn’t mind it at first, but the plates went from being smooshed to being perfect placement on a plate. I also didn’t let it bother me because we already discussed this. It’s not a secret, and I get to eat the plates because he Doesn't like Mexican food but loves the sentiment. This isn’t me trying to ruin a good thing for myself getting homemade meals by a woman who can really cook, but in the back of my head, all I can think is. “Is she gonna slip into our relationship?” Would you let another woman bring you man dinners?"

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"Sounds like her son looks up to your man because he might talk about him to his mom often. His mom might feel like you're a man is a good influence on her son and it's her way of thanking him??"

"I'm assuming she is Hispanic since she's making Mexican food. This is just how they are. They have big families and live to feed everyone. I wouldn't let it bother you. Now if she was just bringing it to him and not her son to then that's different. But sounds like she is just being motherly."

"It sounds like she's just being thoughtful. I have fed my man's friends before and their SOs had no issue. Hispanic/Latina women are the kind who loves to feed the block. I say enjoy it and don't read too much into it."

"Turn it around and do something nice for her. Write her a thank you note for thinking of your husband and tell her you to love the leftovers. Buy her a gift from you or take her out to lunch. You can turn this into a friendship and asset your claim on your man."

"If she's just making him a plate of what she brings her son, don't worry. Sounds like she is just being nice. If she starts making it " special" then that would be a red flag. Also, if she is Mexican or Hispanic, I wouldn't worry too much. In their culture, everything revolves around food and family. They make a TON of food and love to feed people."

"She cooking it and dropping it off or is she hanging around and eating with them. Does she bring it if her son is not there? Some people love to cook and cook large meals. That's me. I cook for an army and it's just me and my husband. So I fix plates and take to several of the single men that live near us. I am not interested in any of them. But I love to cook."

"Girl don’t take it personally. speaking as a Latina women we think it’s our jobs to feed everybody. Even if we don’t like you, we’re gonna feed you."

"I think you're reading into this too much. I'm sure she has no intentions other than feeding him. Mexican culture really loves to feed people (and their food is bomb so umm yes please!) And I am sure she cooks a lot of food and just wants to share."

"No that’s a mother trying to support her son's development. Very nice of her. Maybe take your husband and her son some desert in one day."

"Probably she overcooks. And probably she feels bad giving her son food in front of your hubby, especially if it's just the two of them working."

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