Would you get rid of all your baby stuff before your husband had a vasectomy?

Would you get rid of all your baby stuff and maternity clothes and baby items if you and your husband are absolutely done having kids, but his vasectomy isn’t scheduled until five months later. (due to cost reasons). Our current baby is two months, and we are tight on a room with our other three kids; this is the reason for wanting to clear stuff out as our youngest is done with it. (I am not on birth control, we are using condoms and spermicide.) Thanks!


Yes. As long as you are being safe then it should be okay.

If possible I would wait but I found out I was pregnant when my first born was only 6mos. And I was taking BC at the time.

If he is responsible enough then yes.

Also remember there is a period of time after he gets his vasectomy that he can still get you pregnant so you are looking at a couple months more even after the procedure.


I keep it in case anything happens, until a month after a vasectomy.


I’ll never get rid of my stuff! Most every one I know gets rid of their baby stuff and then gets knocked up regardless of what precautions they’re using, it’s a total jinx.

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I get rid of it as I go. My kids are 11y, 9y, 2y. I dont have the space to keep things. I keep certain outfits (that I’ve kept for all 3 of my kids. All are girls). And so far I’m keeping the toddlers pack n play until at least next year (she used for maybe 6 months) I thought I was done after baby 2. Got a divorce. Met someone new had a baby. Maybe another next year or so…

Do whatever you want. But be sure he does his follow up too bc there’s still a possibility even after the surgery it could happen again. Lol I probably just messed it all up for you now.

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He might can get one free thru medicaid . But yeah id keep the stuff just in case .

I would get rid of it as you no longer need it. Be extra diligent with condoms and consider getting on birth control. You said you’re absolutely done, so I’d take every precaution to make sure that is the case until your husband has his vasectomy.

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I’d keep taking the birth control and hope the snip works. Not all vasectomies (or condoms) protect against pregnancy. I would want to wait a year, or two, before clearing out things the kids have outgrown — in your circumstances.

You should do whatever you feel comfortable doing. Selling items as they outgrow them is also a solution. You could always buy more things, if you have a fifth?

Nope, because I know people who got pregnant after their husband’s vasectomy because they did not use protection long enough, and no she did not cheat on her husband.

I did I gave away everything as my son out grew it. We didn’t have anywhere to store it and I hate clutter😂 now 4 years later we are buying things again and I dont mind.

Had a yard sale when my first born was 11, got rid of all the baby stuff that was stored in the attic. 3 months later guess what?

I would save untill he does just in case

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Had 5 1/2 year old twins decided lets give everything away not having anymore. That was september/october 2014 in April 2015 I found out I was 8 weeks along (with just one this time.)

Girl, get on birth control, we were told at my husband’s appt that a vasectomy is still not 100 guaranteed… Reversals do happen and the men need to bring a “sample” every 6 months for 2 years to make sure it took
So… Get on birth control. Lol


I had scheduled my husbands and got pregnant a few weeks before he was due to have it. We ended up putting it off until i was 2 weeks away from having our son. I had to rebuy everything, three times. My mistake… 3 kids back to back

We thought we were all done after kid number 3. Sold everything! 4yrs later came kid #4. Bought everything all over again. I got my tubes tied but had hysterectomy 4 yrs after he was born. But still have all my baby furniture in the attic covered. My youngest is now 12. And I’m 41 an at the age that half my friends are having kids an other have are becoming grandparents. So I keep things incase someone is over and needs something for babies. Like a bouncer etc.

Nope. Because another baby will more than likely happen again. Especially if you get rid of it all.
My cousin did that after two boys.
Boom pregnant again. With another boy. :joy: hold onto it even maybe 5 or 6 months after the vasectomy too.

Holding on for a few extra months is NBD.

Old wives tale says if you get rid of all your baby stuff you will end up pregnant. I did that knew I was done. I had fertility issues. Apparently when you get rid of all your baby stuff you end up with a surprise pregnancy

Unless they are heirlooms nobody saves that any more.

Yea you might aswell keep it cause you’re be pregnant again in about a week :rofl:

Make sure he goes and checks that the vasectomy worked ! I would until after the procedure and after you make sure it worked

Condoms will work as long as they’re actually used. Lol Speaking from 12 years of being with my husband and having a very active sex life with zero baby scares… currently 6 months pregnant with our first child and our friends think we’re the condom spokespeople now :rofl:.


Be careful when my husband went back to get checked to see if he was clear after vasectomy he wasnt but went back a few months later and was good to go!

I get rid of things (anything) if I don’t use it within 3-5 months, depending on what it is.

I totally get your want for your husband to get a vasectomy…

I had twins when I was 19 and when they were three months old I found out I was pregnant again. I was so overwhelmed with very little family around to help… plus three kids like that is a lot especially for a teenager that thinks she knows everything :roll_eyes::joy:

Anyway… my husband got a vasectomy because I was afraid to get pregnant again because I didn’t think I could do it. The last year and a half, we have wanted another baby so bad. We can’t get it reversed because our insurance doesn’t pay for it and we can’t afford to pay cash for it. We have been looking at adoption because those kids need someone to love them too.

All of that to say, you know what is right for your family. Just please make sure that you both are done and don’t want anymore before he is snipped :heart:

Depends. Can you trust yourself to be cautious and follow the wait time after surgery?

I got rid of the stuff my baby outgrew as he got older. My husband had his vasectomy when our last baby was 6 months old. Hes now almost 11 months old and I’m still getting rid of baby items as they are outgrown.

Seriously don’t.
Everyone gets pregnant after getting rid of it unless snipped lol. My friend got rid of everything and was on birth control and got pregnant and I was struggling with fertility for over 3 years as soon as I was okay with the idea of just one baby… boom pregnant and I only had 5 outfits from my previous baby. :joy:
Congrats on your 2 month old, and definitely use protection if you don’t want anymore

I wouldn’t. The day my coworker went in to get her tubes tied she found out she was pregnant. So I would wait until after vasectomy and after the doctor clears him

My cousins husband had a vasectomy and they had a child several years after . He better go get checked after the fact to make sure …maybe invest in a storage locker for awhile :joy:

I would wait until several months AFTER the Vasectomy or until the doctor actually says that it was successful.