Would you have joint birthday parties?

Help me settle a debate with my husband. My kids are 1 and 3. They share a birth month. One of their birthdays is May 9th, and the other is May 16th. I think we should do their parties on the same day and my husband thinks they need to be separate occasions, so they have their own day. I personally think they are too young to care. What are your thoughts?


I would give each child their own special day.

I would definitely have 2 different parties. Make them both feel special

Different days for them. My birthday is in December (a week before christmas) and my son’s is 2 days after mine. Growing up and now with him I always make sure every birthday is special!

I always had my girls parties together. June 17 and July 6. All the kids talked about not being able to wait for the one next year


Separate, as it is their own day. Totally agree with the husband

I personally would celebrate individually. Celebrate their own specialness.
On another note, my daughter and step son share the same birthday lol October 31st 2015/2019

Together while young


Honestly, do both. Don’t make it a permanent thing when their about 6-7 because the emotional development is at it’s peak and there can be some issues. For my sons first birthday we had people bring a small gift for our other child because I didn’t want her feeling left out. I personally will give them their own birthdays for now on just because I have the time. However, do what you can afford and what works best for you! Twice the blessing, twice the fun! :heart: hope your girls have a great birthday!

When my girls (October 15,2003 and October 5,2004) where little, I done same day. When they got older we let them decide. :slight_smile: they eventually didn’t even want parties anymore, just money and pick a day being about what they wanted to do.

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As a mother of identical twins… Give them separate days… They need to know and understand that they are viewed as separate individuals… I promise this will be better for them in the future… :heart:

I’d do separate celebrations so they each have their own special day.

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2 of my boys birthdays are both in November. I have done the conjoined party. Once! Lesson learned. They don’t want to share their special day. It was chaos.

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I guess that age maybe make it the same day they’ll be happy because it’s a party. but as they get older ask them their opinion do they want it separately or together

Same day is fine they are so young

I see both sides… My family travels 2 hours for our family events so I would do them together just to make it easier for our family but I do think they still need a something special on or near their day that is specific to them

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We did my boys birthdays together almost every year both November birthdays. They each invited their own friends and picked out their own dessert. And on their actual birthday each picked their birthday dinner. They literally never cared or complained.

Both my girls have March birthdays…we do something special or take them somewhere special on their specific day and do 1 double party for them both. We want them to feel special on their day but while they are little I see no issue doing a joint party especially since they are both girls and 3yrs apart.

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Give them separate days, I have a birthday very close to my cousin and we had birthday parties together and I hated it. Let them know they each have their own special day


My girls are a week apart and we mostly do joint bdays since having the baby, she’ll be 5 this year🤷‍♀️ And tbh, i did 1 really big party a few years back and that’s fr the last time we’ve seen most “family” so I refuse to do it anymore at all! This year will be their first year having seperate anything and only because our oldest is turning 13 and that’s like a milestone bday so she’ll get to have a sleepover with her friends. The little one will have a regular bday which for us is picking the food all day, choosing what we do that day, choosing the movie and snacks, ect. I know not everyone agrees but I refuse to go broke on bdays for ppl who don’t f*** with my kids or us any other time🤷‍♀️ Its only important for them to feel Special and have a good day… it doesn’t need to be a “party” every year

Separate! I have 2 September, 2 October and 1 November babies and they each get their day

My oldest son, youngest son and i all share a birth month. Oldest will be 12 & youngest 3 this year. Since youngest was born, my oldest has requested a joint party. Both boys loved it & oldest friends even spent most of the party including the toddlers in their games. They all had a blast.

2 of my boys have birthdays 10 days apart and always loved having parties together. But we always did this on the weekend in between them and made sure on their actual birthdays, they did something special like at least going out to eat or to the movies. So I guess I say, both. Lol

My daughters are 5 days apart. So on their day, it’s just their day. Focus on her & do an activity of her choosing.
They absolutely LOVE partying together. But I ask. I don’t force or just do it. But we do it the following weekend after they both had their special days :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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My daughters were born 11 months apart both in December just weeks apart. We always had joint parties and they never minded up until a few years ago when they turned 8 and 9. They always enjoyed their parties!

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My youngest (6) and my oldest (12) have mostly had joint parties, their bdays are 3 days apart, they each get their own side with their own decorations and own cake, and they each invite their own friends, if they ever decide they want something else instead of a party then I would separate but most family and friends won’t come to a party again after they just came to one

When they are this little, I would have a combined party. Most people aren’t going to come to two different parties a week apart. Now when they get in school they will want separate parties.

Do them individually. They are both special and deserve their time in the spot light

I think that is fine only a few days apart my childre have a joint birthday party and their bdays are 29 Aug and 9 sept

Same day, but you could do separate birthday dinners where you cook their favorite meal or something on each day to make them feel special while doing the larger celebration together

At 1 and 3 I would but as they get older and want their own things allow for it

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My sister and I were born on the same day, two years apart, almost exactly. I was born at 2:24pm and my sister was born at 6:24pm the exact same day, just two years later.
Growing up we always had joint parties, just two cakes, two sets of presents, etc. But always the same theme. (M&M)… We have the same initial (M). All along as a kid I hated joint parties, but as an adult I now understand, and appreciate it. My sister and I not close as adults (due to many reasons), but as kids we were and now I appreciate that gesture my parents did back then, even thouht we then hated it.

Joint while they’re little!

My son is 9 and he has 2 cousins that have a birthday the same month. We still do a joined party. Doesnt bother any of them. I understand making it a special day for each but at the same time don’t make them feel entitled.

My kids are 13 days apart. They have had joint birthday parties up until last year. My eldest (7) wanted his own. I let them decide as they got older.
Edit to add we celebrate together as a family individually on their birthdays.

Well with them being little I say have them together they want care plus it’s cheaper and then u have to consider do people wanna come back to back party’s within a few weeks …I mean as they get older def have separate ones but now they do t care

My boys are 4th and the 9th 2 years difference and always have shared a party in the past.
They have their special day but financially better that way.

My kids are close like that as well. Ones birthday is Sept 18 the other is Sept 24. They are 13 and 4. I do shared birthdays for them. On their actual birthday I give them one present and then the rest at their party. They could care less that it’s together. They’re happy either way.

My 2 kids are born on the same day 6 yrs apart… Boy n girl…noone cares. Make it fair

We them together while they are little. Ours are 4 years apart and we did their 1/5 birthdays together last year and will again this year. I know there will come a time that the older wants her own and that’s fine but I’ll take the win for now.

Oh and have separate cakes of course

I think they are too young to care— maybe for their 6th bd start having them separately!!

I used to have joint parties all the time with my best friend and I loved it.

Why don’t you just ask your kids what they want?

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Same day. Think about your guests. I wouldn’t wanna go to a friend or relatives house two weekends in a row for two separate kids parties.

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We have 3 in june and 2 in july. After their 1st bdays we do joint parties bcuz if not we wld literally have a party every week. My kids love doing joint parties and they still get their own individual cakes 🤷🤷

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They young. Have one party but do something special on they day. At some point have 2. Until they decide to do it together or not

I have 2 boys both born in May too, on the 11th and 31st. They are getting older now as they will be 10 and 12 this year but we have done mostly combined parties but now that they are getting into double digits we plan on doing desperate parties.

We have 2 out of our 4 kids that have same birth month. Our daughter will be 13 on aug 31st and son will be 11 on aug 20th. We have always made them have a join bday party! Its always better to do it that way so you dont have to invite family and friends to 2 seperate parties in same month. Joint party makes it all alot better and easier!!

My birthday is the day before my sister’s and we always shared. We both couldn’t wait to have our own. Two of my kids are a week apart in their birthdays and I did them separately. Though they chose one time to do it together, when they were older. I personally feel separate is better, so it’s their day. Pictures of my sister and my birthdays, we’re together in all of them. My husband is a twin and they like theirs separate also, even though they share the same day.

I think they get their own special day on their actual birthday but birthday parties they share. Would hate to plan 2 different parties and some people can come to 1 and can’t make the other. It’s less than a week apart. Kids are just happy with a party honestly.

My brother and I are both March babies, we had several shared birthdays over the years… and honestly those were my favourite. Sharing my day with my best friend… it couldn’t get any better💗

My step daughter and son are a month apart , so we always did a joint party until they reached 10.

Do them together now. Once they get older you can always change it.

Too young to care. I say after 5 or 6 years of age then it might be time to have separate occasions

At those ages I say of course do them shared but when they get older and have their own friends then yes let them have separate parties if that’s what they choose but at this age I don’t think it would matter either way. My kids are three years apart but the same month and I always have done their parties together but then again we normally don’t do parties yet besides family

At 1 and 3 there’s no reason to do two parties. Wait until they’re in school.

Same get together but a little something extra special on their specific day.

Our two have birthdays of Jan 2011 and Feb 2010, for the first few years it was easier to have joint parties but as they got older they just wanted something for them. So that’s what we did. We never fought them on the thought of wanting to do something separate.

When my kids were hunger I never wanted to throw them joint parties but eventually they started asking on their own. And their bdays are 6 weeks apart

I have July 13th, aug 4th. Due July 18th​:woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:they have their own first birthdays and all others are joint. With pandemic we have not had any parties though. We celebrate them on their own actual bdays w a sweet treat w family before pandemic after combined parties.

That’s my daughter’s birthday! Nice :tada:

All three of mine are in May, 4,8,&27th we have one get together, easier for family also, I figured when they hit the good ages 10,16,18 separate :woman_shrugging:t2:

Just do 1 party! It’s so much easier, less work for you and ultimately saves you money!
My girls birthdays are 1 month apart and we are doing them together. We just take them to do 1 special thing on their actual birthday so they still have their own time

Joint parties for family and separate parties for friends when they are old enough. My husband, oldest daughter and middle daughter are all the same week…we do a big family party and then let the kids have their friends over on separate days for their parties.

Mine are much older
Feb 6 & 27
March 23
April 5.
I have always felt, in a large family where they shared pretty much everything else, they deserved their own day.

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Joint party. On their actual birthday let them have their day. I always let them pick a meal for me to cook or a restaurant.

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My son is 2.5 and bio daughter is 7m. They won’t share parties together this year. next year when they turn 2&4, they’re having combined parties. Their bdays are 10 days apart and we live 8 hours from her. If it wasn’t for the long drive, I wouldn’t combine their parties. Or maybe I would. Ihdk

Too young to care. Do a private dinner for each child but a big party for all

To young to care. Have them together now while you can!

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Definitely separate!! Let each know that one special day is for them period. I mean if you are short on money one year & had that would be one thing but I absolutely wouldn’t make it an every year thing so one doesn’t feel less than

My sister and I share the same birthday. Same month, same day, 5 years apart. It never bothered me having joint birthday parties. I know it bothered my sister… a lot. I know everyone is like yay! Lots of fun!! It’s so much easier. I believe it actually had a negative impact on my sister. I would maybe only do it when they’re really little… but definitely not past like 5 or whatever… when they start to make their own friends and such.

My sister has the same two kids a day apart 14th 15th September. she just changes it yearly so last yr her oldest was 13 then so he got the party and this it his sister gets the party … could be a option

My older two kids are 6 weeks apart - we do one big friend party. Their day is a special day - they pick the meals get a gift etc.
My older sister and I were 2 weeks apart - we had one big party but on our day we had a small special thing.

My sons is feb 4th and step daughters feb 8th we do them the same day but let them pick their own themes and have “two” parties!

I have 3 November babies. I always threw a joint party for the older two when they were younger, (they’re 13 and 11 now) and my younger one is 4. Now we just celebrate on their birthday with family and each get to do something they want with a friend or two the weekend of. 🤷 Parties are expensive, and last one hardly anyone showed up. So to each their own. But when they’re little they’re happy to just celebrate

To young to care. Seperate when oldest is in school and has their own group of friends to invite.

They’re too young to care. Do them separate when they’re older

I always think the first Birthday should be special,even if it’s just family. Then have both of them one together

My kids are in the same month too, a few years ago I had a joint party and let them both invite a few friends… it was a disaster lol neither of them felt like they had their own party, the kids couldn’t agree on what to do, plus the fact I had to decorate for 2 separate parties, get 2 cakes, wrap twice the presents all in one day. 0/5 would not recommend!

I did my kids together until they were about 5 and 7 . August birthdays.

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We will have 3 kiddos. One in March, one in April, and one in June.

Each kid gets their own special dinner, a homemade cake, and a couple of presents for their actual birthday.

Then over summer we throw a BIG BBQ when all the friends and family and kids friends etc come and celebrate all three kids get multiple presents (usually mostly from family and friends but a couple from us as well)

It works because we can save money but doing one big one over summer and each kid also gets there own special day as well.

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Joint party but celebrate theur birthdays separate within your home family

As they get older celebrate them separate. I’d say joint parties now are fine!!!

After their first birthdays I started doing joint parties for mine. Ages 7 and 9. But on their actual birthday we do a small family dinner of their choosing and they get to open 2 presents

My 3 boys share the same birth month, we do one party with family for all 3, for their actual birthdays they get their own cake & presents & who ever wants to come see them can

My two girl are October 6th & 21st and they shared birthday’s they were 5 & 3, my 3 year old still doesn’t care if she shares but my oldest is starting to want her own thing

I have 3 kids, my two daughter will have birthday in April on the 15th & other the 27th. We are doing a cake with them on their birthday and will celebrate with their Nan, pop, Aunty and uncle. But we’ll have a dinner with the extended family in between them on 24th

Each get a cake on actual birthday ONE BIG PARTY

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They are younger. You can celebrate them together for now.


I do two together that are two months apart :rofl::joy:

We did out end of July & beginning of August birthdays together until the boys were 6 & 8. We have 6 kids & celebrate each at home on their birthday with just myself, my husband & the kids! Now that the July & August birthday kids are older they get their own party!

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At that age they are to young to care or knowni think. But as they get older they both deserve to have their own special day.

We have done my girls party together since my youngest was born. Birthday R both in October. My girls R 8 years and 10 days apart

At this age you can probably do one party. But once they are school age separate parties are better.

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I am Dec.13…my brother is Dec.20…we had joint everything…when we were little it was fine but once we got older it wasn’t fun. Even now as an adult I don’t find my birthday to be special because it was never “my special day”…

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They get their own special day

Same day now later separate

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As a person who had to share their birthday party and even their cake some years with their younger sibling as we share a birthday month and are only a week apart in dates (he’s 4 years younger than me) I absolutely hated sharing a birthday party. Your birthday should be a day all about you that celebrates you. Sharing just isn’t fair to either of them.


I have one turning 11 on the 26th of March and one turning 7 on the 23rd of March , three days apart .boy and girl I always separate :heart:

I have 3 kids close together, 2 boys ages 9 and 10, and 1 girl age 8. They each had a special birthday party for their 1st birthdays. But after that, with their birthdays all being 5 days apart, it’s much easier for me to do one big party for all of them. Now, being a little older, they don’t mind at all because I include them with the planning of everything, theme, foods, etc. They really enjoy that part. Also, they each get a birthday dinner of their choice and cupcakes on their actual birthdays. I do feel there is an age limit, for instance I’m sure my 10 year old is going to grow out of wanting joined parties within the next few years. So we’ll take that step when the time comes. Good luck momma!