Would you let your 14 year old get their septum pierced?

Would you let your 14 year old get their septum pierced? she has been asking me for a while now and idk if i should let her


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Would you let your 14 year old get their septum pierced?

Yes if they don’t like it later on they can take it out.

Why not? They can always flip it up or take it out

Yes. 14 is 4 years away from being an adult. Let them find some of their own identity through self expression. I had all kinds of piercings, and eventually got tired of them, and took them out. They only have one life. Let them have some fun! :black_heart:


Yeah, I have mine so Im not a hypocrite :joy: But also its the easiest piercing to hide and take out if they suddenly dont want it anymore


Yupp. I allowed my 11 year old to get her nose done.

Yeah, why not? It’s a piercing, it’s not permanent :woman_shrugging:t2:


Yeah, it’s one of the best piercings for someone young because it’s not painful to have pierced and there will be no scars left behind if she decides she doesn’t want it later down the line :relaxed:


When my 14 year old wanted anything pierced, I made her work for the price of it. If she wants it bad enough and have responsibility to take care of it. It made her proud she worked for it.

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No piercings or tattoos until the legal age without my signature. My mom wouldn’t agree to anything until then and I’m happy she didn’t allow me to alter my body. My brain wasn’t mature enough at 14 to understand the permanent nature of such things. By the time I was, I didn’t want anything.

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No, and I have my own body modifications.

It can be easily hidden if needed, and if they decide to remove it, there’s no visible hole.

Just have to make sure they take care of it properly during the healing process.

I’ve got a nostril piercing and a septum piercing. Would be a-ok with my kids wanting them as a teen. Would actually prefer my daughter to have either of those done over a navel piercing :woman_shrugging:

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Yes but needs to be on the honor roll. That was the deal I made with my daughter.

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I let my oldest pierce her nose at 16 we bought a “do it yourself kit” my 15 and 13 year old now want to it and I’m saying no not til 16! But to each thr own I see a lot of kids younger than 16 have em

I would say if she still wants it by the time she’s 16 then by all means. They do have fake piercings she can try as well to see if it’s something she really would want long term.

Personally no… Too young in my opinion… But to each their own :wink:

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I got my belly button pierced when I was 14 and I still love it to this day.

Nope but if she’s a mature 14yo then yup

I was 13 when I got mine done and I’m 24 now and still have it

If she is a good girl and not a wild disrespectful person then yes i would let my daughter

I’d let her, but she’d need to earn it and pay for it herself. Stay on top of her chores, stay on the honor roll , stay out of trouble etc. If she doesn’t then she has to take it out :woman_shrugging:


Her body her choice. My 13yr old has nose and industrial

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Yes go for it :clap: why shouldn’t she have it pierced because other people are judgement I think it looks awesome! :rofl: it’s very popular and is one of few piercings if she changes her mind you don’t have a hole visible where it has been pierced… plus it can be tucked up into the nose if needed without having to remove…

My mum let me at 15. I still have it 11 years later. So yes I would lol

I wouldn’t. Too young. I think that’s something that should wait till she’s on her own. The reason I say that is because when it comes time for her high school senior pictures, she might be sorry she did it.

My mom let me get a stud in my nose when i was 14

Not when she’s still shiitting yellow :joy:


Tell her.
She can have it done if she waits a month.
Kids will find a way to get things done themselves if you say no.
Tell her if she waits a month you’ll take her and pay for it. That way she has a month of really allowing the idea of getting it to set in.
She might change her mind in that month.
If she doesn’t, take her and hold her hand. I’d rather that than her sneak off to a disreputable piercer and end up with something infected and gross


Ya it’s an easy piercing to hide, and it closes up super easy if she doesn’t want it anymore.

Yes. My mom let me do my tongue and eyebrow at 15. Of course I don’t have either of them now lol

If she’s a good kid with good behavior and grades, hell yeah! Piercings don’t make someone evil, if anything she might get to express her style with it. I think that’s awesome.

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Yes. I had my first piercing at 14.

Hell, no. She is 14.

Body autonomy. Her body, her choice. My daughter was 14 when I went with her to get it done. She had been asking for a long time, my only stipulation was she waited for awhile to make sure she still wanted it.

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For sure. I feel of you say no, she will most likely go get it done anyway.

Not our body. Not our choice. If she wants to get it. She can either wait till she is of age to consent to it for herself at a piercing shop… or take her to a professional piercer.
I used myself as a human pin cushion and pierced myself a lot as a kid. So whether you tell her no or not it’s bound to get done and you’ll want it to get done safely and professionally. You only live once…

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If she’s been asking for more than 1/2 months, she clearly wants it. She may feel that’s how she can express herself.
It’s an easy piercing to hide, it just flips back into the nostrils.
I’d double check school etc. possibly wait for holidays so it can heal over the holidays, so she can flip it back into her nose.

Yes just the same as allowing ears. I would go with her and look at some Jewlery that she can wear to hide it for school / after-school jobs etc. I would also do it at the start of school holidays so it can heal over the holidays and she’s got more time to care for it. Piercing are not worth stressing over as they are easy to remove.

Not until they leave school because the schools here as [email protected] and will tell them to remove it.

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I let mine get hers done , she got heaps of piercing - she’s now 18 and has removed most of them :laughing:

I don’t see why not. No visible scar left if she wants to take it out, and it can be flipped up and hidden when needed. I would be fine with that

My 12 year old already has 7 piercings. If she still wants Septum, I told her she can get it when she’s done with Primary school.

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Yes. Better asking you and you taking her than going off and doing it herself.

It’s just a piercing
It can be taken out
Let it be a reward.

Maybe a compromise on the side of the nose.

I wouldn’t just do it because she asked. Good grades, working to pay for it

Something like that


I didn’t let my kids get pierced or tattooed until they could afford a doctor bill in case of an infection.


Mine have piercings but my condition was they pay for it them selves so they must have a job, i paid for thier ears to be pierced when they were younger but everything else no and here the tattooist will not pierce under 16 even with consent.

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Yes. My rules are 14 for body piercing beyond ears and 18 which is the legal age in my state for tattoos. There’s worse things that she could want.

Yup. Im pretty open with that stuff

If you think she can handle the cleaning and care of it, and she is mature about it I don’t see why not. EXCEPT! I wouldn’t do it if she had to take it out for school. Make sure she doesnt have to because taking it out and putting it back in is a nono. Also most schools still don’t allow the clear ones. Infection and closing being the things you have to look out for. Cartilage doesn’t heal like the lobe earrings. Takes longer and higher risk of infection.

All that being said, make it for something she did that was good or maybe a birthday. Don’t just get her one to get it.

My girls are 14 and 16 and have it

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Pretty sure I did :sweat_smile: she is now 23 and I couldn’t imagine her without it

I would!
It’s better to take her into a professional place than her trying it at home!
Septum’s heal very easily.
Make sure if you go to check your piercer on APP (association of professional piercers) to make sure you’re getting a solid piercer with good experience! :black_heart:

If your daughter is mature enough to care for it herself , understands the infection risks and school allows it I dont see why not. I hate the look myself but its not my body lol

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Yup. We started getting piercings at 12. My son got his nose done at 14

Yes I would. It’s a piercing, it can be taken out.


I let my daughter get hers done at 15. But I was hard finding a place that would do it that young.
It’s only a piercing. Not permanent as it can be taken out. It’s just a way they can express them selves.

Is she responsible and will take care of it? If not no.

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Our rules for our kids getting piercings are:

  1. They have to research the care needed for that particular piercing
  2. Research the potential outcomes if they’re not taken care of properly
  3. Be able to explain in detail those 2 topics and explain why they want the piercing.

There’s no age requirement, just a maturity requirement.


Considering if she chooses to take it out later that it won’t leave a visible scar I’d say that’s reasonable, just make sure she knows the responsibility of taking care of it. I’ve mentioned on another post asking about piercing that when I was a teenager and was told no to piercings I did them myself, which is obviously much more dangerous

Yes I would. I got my tongue pierced at 13. I feel like nose piercings are fine also septum can be pushed into nose to be hidden in proffesional setting. I love my septum.

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Nothing wrong with it.

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Piercings aren’t permanent and if they are responsible enough to keep it clean, I would…

Yes if she’s Mature enough to care for it

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There’s no age requirement for my children, as long as they aren’t like 5, lol… but it’s more about maturity. Are the going to take care of it properly? What happens if they don’t? They need to know what could happen if they don’t care for it the proper way. Then we talk about it and make a decision.

If your girl is responsible and will take care of it, I say allow her. If not, I’d hold off until you feel she’s able to take care of it on her own, properly.

Yes. I did mine myself because my parents kept saying no and telling me it was a phase. :grimacing: it wasn’t a phase and I ended up doing all my own piercings. It’s removable and a tattoo shop will provide proper knowledge and saftey.

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My daughter turns 14 in a month, she has been asking for her septum to be pierced. I pierced my own nose at about her age (nostril) so I understand the desire, but I don’t feel she would care for it properly yet, so my answer to her is not yet.

My daughter was 13 when she got her nose pierced and 14 when she got her industrial pierced.

If she wants to I don’t see why not

Just got daughters nose pierced. Cute stud. She’s 14. Getting 13 year olds this week. Again just a tiny stud.

When I was 14 my parents let me get my tragus piercing then every summer I got a new piercing by the time I was 21 I had 32 lol now I only have 2

Yes, as long as they get a clear ring for certain events like church or family photos (professional ones). And they understand proper knowledge and safety, take her to a tattoo shop.
I was never allowed to get piercings or get my hair dyed a crazy color. I believe our teens are a great time to get crazy hair and piercing.

It can be taken out and healed with out scarring as well as flipped up to be hidden. I’d let her.


HARD NO for this momma.


I told my kids they had to wait til they were 16 for tattoos because they are permanent. I don’t look at piercings the same way because they aren’t permanent. I say let her do it

One yes bc it’s her body an the way she wishes to express herself. Two I don’t think many here have a clue what a septum is lol. My daughters have theirs done and I barely ever notice it unless they play with it with their upper lip. It is cute. If you’re not quite ready for the septum tell her you want her to just get her nostril done first and see how she likes that for awhile and if she still wants her septum don’t later on then ok I’d let her go ahead and get it done. The girl in the black shirt with peace sign has her septum don and so does the one in the blue shirt and they’re both my girls. You can’t really even see their piercings unless you zoom in an even then they still aren’t very noticeable. I’ll look for another to better show the septum piercing

Here’s a pic with the septum better visible on my one daughter.

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Yes let Her. Pick your battles and somthing that if she changes her mind or wants a new look she can just take out and go about her business is not a battle worth taking on. She’s at the age of wanting to be an individual and make her own choices.

I wouldn’t be against it. She can always take it out later if she feels she doesn’t like it later on in life. It can be easily hidden for interviews/jobs.
Helps her confidence and form of expression. If a piercing is all she is asking for, I’d say you’re doing pretty good.

Yes. It can close if they change their mind.

I say let her do it! Better her asking then going behind your back and getting it done without permission or unprofessional!!

Absolutely! Let her express herself. Best part is if she ever decides she doesn’t want it that one doesn’t leave a visible scar.

I mean, it can always be taken out if she doesn’t want it. I got my tongue pierced when I was 18, just took it out at 32 (teeth issues🤦‍♀️). I’m happy she came you for it instead of trying on her own

Yes bc when I was 14 I wanted my nose pierced and my mom wouldn’t let me so I did it myself. It worked out fine but that is not always the case, just let her get it done professionally so she’s safe

Personally I’d tell her once shes 15 maybe 16. I knew about that age I wanted to get my lip done and gauge my ears. My mom made me wait till I was 18 but I got my lip done as soon as I could and still have it. I don’t plan on taking it out anytime soon. It’s just like getting your ears done imo, as long as they’re cleaned and cared for why not?

I would check with school “rules” to see if that’s allowed first. After that, if both parents are in agreement , I’d say go for it. I had probably 5 piercings by the time I was 14. They’re not permanent. Make sure she knows how to take care of it ! Maybe have her do some research on care.

Yes! My mom let me pierce my navel when I was 13. Showing my age but the bellybutton ring was all the rage then. I still have said piercing. The only piercings I would advise against until they’re a little older and can do some serious research is anything in the mouth as I have one and it has caused some major teeth and gum damage. Let her express herself. Piercings are frowned upon as they were 20 years ago…

Alot of states have laws most time a child 16 with parent signature so verify that as well. I would let mind just keep it clean and good luck

Yes . Why not if she’s asking you she’s coming to you Instead of going behind your back and doing it . If your supportive then it will be done properly otherwise chances are she will go and do it and maybe not have it done properly.

I mean, I personally wouldn’t have, but that’s me and my child… I also wouldn’t let him get tatted until he was 18. BUT that doesn’t mean it’s what everyone has to go by… Do what’s best for you and your’s

If she’s begging and wants it bad enough she will do it herself so I say do it.


That would a big no for me dog. A small nose piercing sure. A septum piercing no. And I would laugh. That’s just me tho

My mom said if I earned the money at 14 to pay for it I could spend I got my belly button done

Facial piercings I’d say wait until she’s 16. You can always buy magnetic jewelry and let her try that for a time.

Now a days most teens will do it behind their parents back. So you may as well let her so you atleast know where it was done and done prosfessionally not in her friends basement haha


My daughter is counting down the days to her 13th birthday because that’s when she can get her nose pierced by my piercer. So I’m totally fine with piercings because they can come out and heal. Tattoos on the other hand, they have to wait until they’re 18 lol


My 13 year old just got hers done :heart:

She will most likely do it without you anyways so may as well lol