Would you take an 8-month-old for COVID testing?

How do you guys feel about taking your baby to do the coronavirus test? I have an 8-month-old who recently woke up with a cough and fever. I called to schedule an appointment worried about her possibly having an ear or throat infection, but they right away jumped to say they need to go a coronavirus test. They said to get the numbers of positive cases and to give me better instructions of care if she is positive. And if I decline, it will automatically be a put down as a positive case. From hearing stories, I know it’s not the best feeling to get the test done to you. My daughter is feeling better today, yesterday yes, cough, fever one, and mucus. Today no fever, less mucus, but still coughing. Overall is still a happy baby, fussy at times but just like a sick baby. (I do have a six-year-old ) Has anybody been in this situation? What did you do? I feel like it’s the right thing and, at the same time, the wrong thing. Advice?


That’s interesting that they’re automatically marking it as a positive. I personally would just get her tested. Better safe than sorry even if she does seem as if she’s getting better.

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My micro preemie had to get it done before she could have her surgery. She is 7 months and 3 adjusted. She didn’t even cry or fuss and it took about 3 seconds, it was really quick.


I personally think that they’re just saying everything is covid19 right now, and I would not want to put my child through all that pain and discomfort if it’s not necessary. I would wait a day or two and see if the symptoms clear up in their own first.


the test isn’t bad but I would be getting another doctor option about jumping right to getting a test she could have allergies or teething

I had to get my son (almost 2) tested yesterday with same symptoms. It was very quick. And the lady told me they dont Go as far back with babies

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My 11 yr old was just tested… the swab they did was only in her nose, not deep back to her throat like the original tests they were doing

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The test isnt as bad as people amke bbn it out to be. Me and my 10 yr old had it done. It doesnt hurt really just kind of uncomfortable. And for the 10 seconds it takes it is worth the risk.

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My 2 year old had to have one done back in may in order to get tubes put in his ears.
It wasnt any different that a flu swab.

Go ahead and get it done. It’s best to rule it out so they can earnestly look for other causes.


Better safe than sorry.

The test isn’t actually painful, just a bit uncomfortable. I would get it done.

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Please do it. Are you planning on keeping her away from all other humans for two weeks after she feels better? Knowing she is negative is a major thing. Please take her.

Just do it, there is nothing discomforting about the test it’s a swap around the nose, better safe then sorry

The swab is tiny you should do it

I absolutely would not.


My son had the test done Monday they used a normal size q-tip and rubbed the inside of his nostrils. They didn’t go clear back to his nasal cavity which I thought was odd because from what I understood thats how they test.

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It’s not as bad as what I thought it was. My 3 yr old just had it done Monday . She didn’t even cry.

My baby girl had a covid test done when she was 24 hours old. You would way rather be safe than sorry

I had it done. It was horrible. I wouldn’t do that to my baby unless it was absolutely necessary. I would wait and monitor, especially if she is improving.

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It’s a swab. It’s not harmful. It’s like being swabbed for the flu, also it’s not just about if the baby is ok, you have to consider other people catching it and who it’s then spreading to from there

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And they wonder why COVID cases are rising…putting it down as positive even if they don’t know for sure!!! Uggghhhhhh. Either way I hope your LO feels better soon.


Just get the test. It’s a nasal swab not a fucking spinal tap

I took my 4 year old for a test, it was required to get his dental services and it took seriously only 5 seconds, less harsh than getting shots. It was fast and easy, obviously not comfortable but not painful just irritating if that makes sense… baby will probably cry for a split second if at all. He did get the deep nose swab

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I would do it.

I have has the Test twice Now due to being pregnant Nd ended up in hosptial Etc. Really Isn’t That bad as alot of people make it out(Was negative both times). Better Safe then sorry I would Allow my Children to have it if I thought it was Needed

I Had the Throat&Nose Done Both Times…

My son(8monthsold) and I had to get tested last Friday because I was exposed to covid at work(testednegative) he didn’t cry, just a little whimper.

My 8 month old nephew had to get tested. My sister said if wasn’t that bad and he was negative. I would rather make sure then not.

There are different types of tests … nasal cavity swab, nostril swap & oral swap. If you would feel better knowing call and ask which would be done on your baby. Don’t base your decision solely on the negative opinion of others. Make an informed decision and don’t forget you’re the mom! Good luck & hope the babe feels better soon! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I had one done today, as I’m having an operation on Saturday. It really isn’t that bad, it doesn’t hurt at all, my nose itched like I needed to sneeze for a while after, but that was it.

Get it done, best way to keep your family safe, and I swear, the baby might have a little cry, but it won’t hurt at all.

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That’s insane! I just brought my daughter in because we are both under the weather and she gave me the option to test and said it’s not pleasant. My daughter has been through enough in life so why because it could test negative today but positive tomorrow and it won’t change anything.

depends on what all test they wanting to do because what if its just a minor cold or something and your baby just need Antibiotics because unless you have to do a bunch of test then i wouldnt because i know thats miserable on the parent and especially on the poor baby. im just saying i would try antibiotics or something first then if you baby isnt any better then have the doctor run more test.

The test doesn’t hurt and it’s the same as a flu swab. They go to the back of your nostril and swirl the q tip for 15 seconds per nostril. I’ve had it done twice (negative). That’s it.

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I certainly wouldn’t and it pisses me off that they are saying is that if you refused it will be marked as a positive. They are marking literally everything as a positive to make their numbers look higher. My Grandma had to have one done and she is absolutely traumatized and can’t stop talking about it. She has dementia and she just does not understand. I would not have your baby tested. Unless your baby gets to the point that it needs to be hospitalized there’s no reason to put them through that.


Do you want to know what’s wrong and treat accordingly? Do the test. If they’re getting better and it doesn’t matter, don’t do the test but keep them away from other kids

My 14 month old had it done today and didn’t even cry. Better safe than sorry!

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I would do it. Better safe than sorry. It’s 2 minutes of discomfort, 10 minutes of crying (maybe) and it’s over.

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I had one recently and I actually did it myself and the swab only had to go in 2 inches and twirled for 5 seconds in each nostril.

They have oral swabs now… easier than strep tests

I’d defo have my child tested if it was offered. We do t actually know how covid affects kids so I would rather know and if it’s positive then a plan can be discussed. One minute they say kids don’t become ill, then it’s changed, then they get other things which may or may not be linked. My son is currently fighting mumps and there’s a breakout in our community apparently, and he’s had all immunisations. I wouldn’t hesitate at him being tested. Hope your kids are ok x

wouldn’t you want to know if she was positive or not ?

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My son was recently sick. I called telehealth and they told me to get my 9 month tested for covid… I had a doctor over the phone and a in home doctor come to see my son. The in home doctor said that its likely that my son didnt have it and it would traumatize him. My son had sore throat. They go up through the noise to test. You will have to go to one that specializes with testing babies. I would get a second opinion.

You should get tested if you haven’t got it then surely your baby won’t have it

With everything going on rn I would deff get the baby tested may be uncomfortable but u also have to worry about ur self and ur other child and u would want to kno if it’s more than jus a cold to treat it properly

I tested my 4 month old. She didn’t even flinch. No symptoms but she was directly exposed to the virus by a caregiver. Not cool but it’s the way of the world right now. Your 8 month old will survive the test.

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I don’t know if I would have her tested it could be a summer cold or something else currently dealing with the same thing it’s a hard decision especially since the test is not a fun one at all but at the same time I wouldn’t put my child a unnecessary test unless they are showing true signs of it and it’s been proven that even if they test they are making it postivie even it’s not. It’s been proven that they are doing that

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I suggest you do other tests first like flu or cold if everything comes back normal then I would do the covid one


My 1.5 year old has had it done twice. She cried for 30 seconds and was fine right after.

They are saying it will be a positive case case cause there is a monetary reimbursement… I’d take her to an urgent care… it could be allergies… or ear infection…

My daughter came home from camping memorial day weekend and had a massive double ear infection… no temp… and they didnt even mention a covid test

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They don’t test under 5s in the UK

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Better safe than sorry.

My 1.5yr old has been tested

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I had my son (23mo) tested Monday. They did a nasal swab that wasn’t too invasive. My kid just have them a dirty look

Yes! Why wouldn’t you? If you suspect it’s a possibility please have the baby tested!! :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:


It doesnt hurt, its a ticklish sensation. Naturally any member of my family would be tested if required.

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You should do as your doctor says also if you took your baby out or baby has been exposed to a possible covid positive person anyone else in family showing symptoms you should not wait and get test done immediately

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It sounds like she really doesn’t have it. The fever wouldn’t be broke already. And if the baby can breath and already improving sounds like a virus


My test was just up my nose -_- it’s not as bad as they make it out to be. Just get it done. If she has covid 19, don’t you want to know?

My son had to have eye surgery done on May 29th and he had to get a Covent test done before the anesthesia guy could put him under

Get her tested for sure. It’s an uncomfortable experience, yes, but it’s necessary to ensure she gets the proper care she needs.

It’s kind of like the flu test. I would definitely get her tested because it’s better to be safe

It’s up to you. But if they suspect it and you’re at a hospital or a clinic connected to a hospital, they’ll quarantine your child without you until the results come back. I’ve known way too many people that’s happened to. So when my daughter got the virus, we just waited it out at home. It’s nasty but no worse than a really bad case of the flu.

my brother-in-law had it done and he said that it they made him tear up sticking it so far up his nostrils

I wouldn’t let my family be a part of any of this bullshit!!

I would do it. Its uncomfortable for a second but better than not knowing and spreading to others.

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Nope I won’t take any of my kids at all

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Yes I would why wouldn’t you ?


Its not going to change how you treat the symptoms

I would get mine tested. No questions asked 🤷

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My daughter had symptoms. I did not. The pediatrician tested me instead. He said if positive it would be safe to assume she is positive as well. It came back negative, we still quarantined and she was better within a week or so

My 11 month old was tested and honestly the test is no worst then a flu screen they do it the exact same way but its your call momma do what you think is necessary

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Them ssaying positive when not is why we all are told its sooo bad. How bad is it really?


Yes… her her tested.

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They can also do a swab test in the mouth

Use your best judgment momma. If it were me I wouldn’t do the test after 2 days of normal kiddie cold symptoms but that’s just me.

Our peds office swabs with the throat swab.

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I had the test done before my surgery, I went in prepared for the swab but they did a nasal flush which really wasnt that bad

I wouldn’t have her tested, there is nothing strictly virus related they can do to help… just monitor and keep her comfortable. I tested positive on Monday and I will tell you first hand that test was horrific.

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Those tests are unreliable and it’s not going to change how you treat the symptoms. I wouldn’t :woman_shrugging:t2:


I would like to know to let anyone know who was around me or my child u should probably quarantine and get tested as well as everyine else in your house

I would not. I personally have had the test and can’t imagine an infant going through that. I had to be tested and they told me the tests are only 70-80 percent accurate.

Wouldn’t you want to know for sure? I would say, yes, get her tested. I know people thst had it and only had a fever for 1 day, the symptoms vary.


Obviously it may not be nice for them but wouldnt u rather know so u can do eveyhing possible to make sure ur baby is getting the correct care Especially as children are at a high risk of geting kawasaki disease which has links to covid in kids and can be fatal and makes u aware so stops any spreading.

Yes I had too already

I wouldn’t. It doesnt make sense that they just put it down as a positive case either. I know at the beginning ppl had syntoms but we’re refused testing. I would stay home with her for 2 weeks & not have contact with anyone except immediate family.

Honestly they test different for younger babies and it’s better to know than not know this is really a hard subject because people don’t believe it exists or have these theories that they are not testing right and all that craziness. If you think you have the flu you would get a flu test so I see more harm in not doing it.

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I recently took my 9 month old to get tested since she had surgery last week she had it done 2days before she had it done in Stanford so she only had her nose swapped :weary: my poor baby was upset for about 30min but thank god she was clear as of know we are very strict on where we take her.

Unless there’s a possible exposure then I’d just monitor symptoms for 48hrs. If fever doesn’t break and the mucus gets worse then there’s drive in clinics that will test. The nasalpharangeal swab can be uncomfortable, especially for a baby but the tests are a lot more accurate now and the turn around time is improved in many areas. Identifying it helps make people stay put and prevent more spread. How’s your other child feeling? I’d do temp checks and watch but if you have been potentially exposed I’d get the test. A ventilator hurts more than a quick swab at the end of the day though. That’s extreme I know but we don’t know how it’ll affect us💁‍♀️

The baby won’t remember it I’d have it done not very nice for them but if ur concerned about it get it done sooner rather than later never take any chances when it’s a baby involved

I work in Peds and at least at our clinic we only are doing nasal swabs (like flu swabs) not nasopharyngeal anymore. So just on the insides of the nostrils!

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My 10 month old just got tested on Monday because he needs a ct scan he didn’t cry for more than a few seconds.

It sounds like she just has a cold…

Speaking from experience, my husband and I got our Covid-19 test today because we were exposed by someone who was positive and we are having symptoms. Our children 10 and 2 are scheduled to get a Covid-19 test done because we are all under one roof. The test itself doesn’t hurt it’s uncomfortable and it will make your eyes water. With a child that is little you will have to hold them still during the test. I would say if the pediatrician is advising you to get it done it’s because your child is presenting symptoms so I would say do it but you also need to be tested and anyone that is in your household needs to be tested as well especially if you were exposed to someone that was positive and having symptoms or if you are in an area that is higher Covid cases.

My daughter got tested for covid and it was just a swab? She didn’t fuss at all, it’s not a nasal cavity swab like an adult.

If they will do the swab test in the mouth then yes. Otherwise it would be traumatic for an 8 month old so unless she’s having trouble breathing I wouldn’t want my 8 month old to go through the nose test.

We know so little about COVID, but one of the few things we do know is how rapidly each individual case can change in unexpected ways. If her condition suddenly worsened and she had not been tested already, getting tested for the virus could delay necessary treatment, which could result in it getting worse than it has to when that could be avoided. Babies are resilient. The unpleasantness of getting a nose swab is not worse than getting poked with a needle, and they do that to babies without causing trauma.

I took my 2 year old to the ER
She had a high fever and diarrhea. I was working still so I was quick to take her because I was worried and they said she was fine no test needed. Doc told me I would have get covid19 beofre she would. :woman_shrugging: anyway she had a throat infection

I wouldn’t at all. My son gets those symptoms every time a tooth cuts! And I do mean every time! He also has a huge ear infection problem that they had to put tubes in and he would get those same symptoms when he’d get an ear infection! I would wait a few days to see if the symptoms get better or worse and go from there!

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I wonder how many people decline the test and are counted as positive… a shame we will never really know the true numbers.


I just talked to my daughters doctor and was told to just treat them like they are positive and if they have shortness in breath or a fever to get them to the hospital. She said there is no need to put them through that. I have a 7 week old and a 16 month.

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Talk about skewed numbers…lol


It’s a nasal swab for kids and takes a few seconds.

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Not unless they were showing symptoms. I’ve had it done and it’s very painful.