Would you take an 8-month-old for COVID testing?

My son just came off having a cold took him to the doctors and the reception told me doctor will send me to do a test I got in with the doctor and no mention of covid 19 he checked him and gave him antibiotics and said it was nothing more than a simple virus I think if it’s not necessary there’s no reason to put a baby or child through that experience. Not every symptom in the world is now covid. It’s flu season.

And I’m guessing this is why there’s so many cases because it’s all false from people not getting tested.

Just get your child tested

I’d 100% get her tested to be sure :slightly_smiling_face:

the testing on children isnt as yukky as it is for adults we had to have our 2 youngest tested last week negative thank goodness but as a process of elimination best to be tested

If they automatically mark people down as positive for not taking the test …that more then makes me not believe the numbers they keep presenting to us everyday

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I would wait the 2 weeks and social distance

If there’s been no exposure and shes not getting worse then I would wait it out. Sounds like a cold but go with your gut mamma, intuition is usually spot on when it comes to our babies.

Not as young as yours but my 7 year old only returned to school last week and was sent home with a temperature, no other symptoms and it was recorded as the hottest day of the year, I was told he could not return until he had a negative test. It’s not nice and he did gag but on the back of the home test leaflet it does say you can swab the nose only for a child. For your own peace of mind do the test xx

I mean 80% of people with Covid don’t even know they have it and go untreated. 90% don’t even warrant a hospital visit. Just isolate with your daughter and anyone else in the household for two weeks.

No take your self instead… you should see you child results from your own as u spend a huge amount of time intouch with baby

I had test done and I think I have a high pain tolerance- it hurt like hell, yes the swab is long and scraped the inside of the very back of my nose, she circled lije 5x. I literally shed a tear bc it was so painful and made me sneeze. So no I would not test my baby, if they are feeling better then control give the otc meds, unless the situation worsens … trust your mom instincts!

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Honestly, the test isn’t horrible. My daughter had to have a nasal swab a couple of months ago to see if she had rsv (nasal swab) and she did cry but was okay just a few seconds later. She did infact have rsv and it made me feel MUCH better knowing what she had and how to go about it, so it’s really your choice. I had the swab when I just gave birth to my 2nd baby 4 weeks ago and it was NOTHING like people say. It’s uncomfortable but not painful!

Honestly even if your baby tested positive there is nothing they can do until she develops more major symptoms. It’s a virus and has to run its course. My whole family of 4 had it in February and we were all sick for a month. If she’s doing better, then I wouldn’t worry about it. If she continues to get worse, then just get the test so you can get her the help she really needs ie ear infection, etc.


I had to the have test done when I gave birth to my daughter 2 weeks ago and it made my nose bleed it’s super uncomfortable and feels like your nose is being scratched and it burns like hell but ultimately it’s your choice if you feel your baby needs it I’d get it done but if shes feeling better I’d just give otc medication and see if it resolves

The test isn’t comfortable but isn’t any different than the flu or rsv testing. They just stuck a swab way back in my nose.

Positive or not, you’d want to treat the symptoms and keep sick baby away from others to not infect them. I honestly don’t see the point in testing, especially when I’m reading how unreliable the tests are.

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Even if she tested positive they would just have you treat symptoms. I would not put my child thru a very uncomfortable test if not absolutely necssary


I personally wouldn’t as long as she isnt having difficulties and treat her symptoms but they could could exam her first and rule out other things first such as ear infections and what I’ve heard its sticking a long swab to your nasal cavity up both nostrils and that’s a bit much for a 8 month old


Let them test her. Coming from a mom who got covid and took care of her 3 sick kids… Let them test her. Don’t give her Tylenol. It’s worth knowing. And just because you think she’s fine she can be contagious. My eldest has damage and she’s recovered. It’s not a freaking joke. Look up what’s happening to some little babies that get it. Get her tested.


I had the test, it isn’t horrible. I believe for COVID in a baby they would have you treat the symptoms for the most part so whatever you are more comfortable with.

My daughter had a fever and sore throat… slight cough… I refused testing and asked for a strep test… it was negative but I refused the covid test

My 18-month-old has been tested four times total. each time that the doctor’s office and then we ended up in the hospital so they did the test that come back in less time. For him it was awful, especially because he started to know what was going to happen. How can they automatically put her down as positive if she doesn’t get tested though?? That doesn’t make any sense. He was also tested for the flu and it was only a little bit worse.


Probably just cutting teeth, I would by pass the test for now unless she gets worse,they’ll test her again then anyways and no treatment till then as well

What, do you want to wait until your baby is sick enough to be hospitalized? There have been cases of infants and children dieing from the virus.

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I keep a 4 year old that was around A symptomatic uncle and his pediatrician recommended the family quarantine for 2 weeks mom and dad get tested but to wait and not test him right now because it’s so invasive esp for lil ones. So unless your little one is acting like trouble breathing or something serious id wait… there are still 24 hour virus bugs out there every one sick dont mean its always corona

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My husband tested and said what you see in tv and online isn’t what he had to do. He said it didn’t have to go all the way up his nose into his throat/brain lol so I think it will not be fun but not as bad as an immunization shot

Get her tested. I didnt feel the test was any more invasive than the flu or strep tests.

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Get tested…the baby wont rememebr how uncomfortable it is…test to also protect the rest of your family. God Bless!

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Ask if it’s just a nose swab or if they are doing the full nasal/throat thing. The nose swab isn’t uncomfortable at all.

I would get my baby tested if your doctor suggest it …somone can also have it and be asymptomatic and spread it to others

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My daughter just had the test and she said it’s really not that bad and is very much like the flu.

Ask the Doctor first. Very uncomfortable hear

Why do they put it down as an automatic positive if you refuse a test? Damn. Following for a bit

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My premature newborn niece had to have a Covid test at 72 hrs old. Better safe than sorry. Get the test.

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If you decline what?

Personally unless she gets breathing issues I wouldnt

I just hope no one gets offended by my post. To me, its a healthy conversation with different opinions. I work in an Urgent Care setting and we don’t test anyone under 18 yrs.

Who’s testing at that age. According to CDC, you have to be 18 yrs or older. A child that young would not be able to tolerate the type of swab needed to test for COVID.


Have your baby tested.

I wouldn’t. My 3 year old was sick for 2 weeks and had a fever of 102 for 5 days. I was worried he had it but I didntwant to take him for the test k owing he would not sit still and hurt himself from moving around. It eventually went away. I personally wouldnt unless the child is lethargic and acting way beyond normal behavior.

Is the pain of testing worse than the pain of whatever is wrong with her possibly getting worse though? I’d take her to see what’s wrong if she’s uncomfortable just so you know what’s going on and hopefully get medication if needed. Best wishes!

Take her. At least you’ll know for sure in the end. Relieve yourself of the anxiety. Good luck. Hope its nothing

I wouldn’t do it to my kids, maybe if they were sick for four days yeah but I’d tell them to check for an ear infection.

My daughter is 17 months. She had it done. Not enjoyable at the moment, but she only cried about as much as she would with a shot. And it put momma a little more at ease knowing she was ok.

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Don’t be forced into anything for your child that you don’t want done. You know your child better than anyone else. You will do what is best for your child. About a month ago my son had fever and cough. Called his doctor. They told me to monitor him and to take him if he gets worse. They said that I know my son best and that only I could make the call. He was better within a week. He never got worse and I didn’t have to put him through any unnecessary tests. So as a parent you do as you see fit for your child. No one can make that choice for you.


I’m being treated for leukemia and have to be tested before each round of chemo. It’s probably less uncomfortable than putting a Cheerio up their nose. It’s pretty quick and will be over before they know it

My 8m old had it done because of having 103 fever and other similar symptoms. She reacted for 5 minutes and it was over. Babes nasal cavity is so much smaller so it’s not as bad as it would be for adults.

I honestly don’t see it any more painful than shots/vaccines. :woman_shrugging: sometimes early detection makes the difference.

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I would say it’s most likely allergies. You’re Momma, and when it comes down to it, you know your baby best, if you don’t feel like it’s what is best for your baby, don’t do it.

My baby is 3 months I got him tested. By the time he realized what had happened it was over.

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Always best to be safe then sorry…

Nope…i had to have it when prego they just jumping at everything is covid…if only sick a day or 2 id let it run its course.they wont treat it if its a virus like any other flu?


There’s nothing they can do if the baby does have it other than send you home and monitor them

It’s basically just like a nasal flu swab. Id do it for piece of mind at this point.

I would still take her get checked


They will always jump to that I would t do it

If you’re not going to get it done then you and your family better be in self iso for 2 weeks.
The nurses are super gentle with babies and kids getting it done.
How horrible would you feel if you/ bub spread it to others and it was actually covid?

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Young children run a risk of false positives… so if you did it, and it came back positive there is a chance you would need to have it done at least 2 more times just to be sure. Based on the fact that baby is already improving I probably wouldn’t do a test

Stop listening to stories from others. Are you taking Covid-19 seriously? Then get the test.

The test isn’t fun but it only takes 5 seconds!

So my thought is how many people deny being tested and get labeled as a positive? :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:


They swabbed her throat … I had my babygirl tested she showed no symptoms but since we were expose to a positive Covid family member. Turns out she was positive as well

There was an 8 month old just diagnosed in my county so yes def take them.

The test is simple doesnt hurt anymore than getting a nose full of pool water