Would you take your kids on a trip alone?

My husband had been planning a road trip, our 2 kids, his mom and brother. Our son has special needs, and can’t go to a museum that my BIL wants to go to. My husband said the kids and I should stay because our son would be holding his mom and brother from enjoying the trip and they went without us. Our 10 year old had been planning this trip for weeks. I hate the idea of my kids not enjoying what they had planned because it was inconvenient for them. I want to take the trip anyways and do the stuff we had planned (without involving my husband and in laws) I don’t want my daughter to grow thinking that it’s ok to leave someone out because of how they look or that she has to rely on a man to do things.

What would you do?

Take your kids and do the things you already planned. Just with how they’re acting I would totally go separate from them… get your own hotel, etc. If you have a good friend or close family member just make sure to check up with them since it’ll just be you and your kids. I would definitely back this up, especially if your kids have been looking forward too it. How is your husband being so rude about it? That’s his child. Damn.