Your experience with Nexplanon?

I had a tubal ligation after my youngest daughter was born, just over 8 years ago. As the years went on, my periods got worse and worse. Heavy bleeding, severe cramping, whole body aches etc. I finally talked to my GYN. She did my pap, it came back abnormal, did a colposcopy and found cervical cancer. My GYN didn’t want to do a hysterectomy because if the cancer had spread, my only options would have been chemotherapy/radiation. So to help with my mensural issues, she suggested an IUD. I had one previously and had zero issues, zero periods. When she did my surgery, she also did the IUD insertion. Now, I get some cramping when my period is due, but no period (so I no longer have the issues that sent me to the GYN in the first place). My issue is, my husband can feel the string on the IUD during sex. I’ve been back to my GYN twice since the IUD insertion, for my routine follow ups to make sure the cancer cells are gone. Both times I’ve asked for my IUD string to be trimmed, which my GYN has done. The last time, she said she couldn’t go any shorter with the string. My husband can still feel it during sex. I can’t start the process of a hysterectomy until 2 years of clean screenings.

Those that have had the Nexplanon implant, what has your experience been with that? Do you still have your period and/or period symptoms? Is it really effective?


I’m on my third implanon bar and have had little to no issues whatsoever. No cramps or anything of the sort and do not get a regular visitor, it’d a yes from me :raised_hands:t2:

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Your experience with Nexplanon?

Ummmm?! Why the hell won’t your ob do a pet scan? Labs for cancer markers? Biopsy’s?! A partial hysterectomy? Send you to a oncologist?

I’m a nurse and I’m here to tell you this is NOT normal treatment plans. Go see a new doctor now.
An ablation would fix the heavy periods and is very much just involved inside the uterus/therefore not spreading cancer cells if you have them. No reason to not be able to do this very simple outpatient procedure?! If she’s also waiting on a “clean” screen for such then why has she not offered this or at least a cryo procedure?! I think your best bet is to change docs ASAP


I had my tubes tied and had worse periods and I was given the choice or a hysterectomy or novasure and I chose novasure and so glad I did

I’m on my second nexplanon. I had irregular bleeding the first 3-4 months with each, then my periods stopped. Occasionally I’ll have some light bleeding that I only need a panty liner for one day.

Just know that while a lot of people have the same experience as me, some experience the exact opposite and have heavy nonstop bleeding until they have it removed. Everyone will have different reactions to it so you really won’t know until you try it.

Skimming past the IUD issues…did you have full blown cervical cancer or was it severe dysplasia? Severe dysplasia they will remove and monitor. But you had full blown cervical cancer and all the did was remove abnormal cells and put an IUD in, that’s…concerning.


I’ve had the Nexplanon for 5 years (reinsert after 3). I absolutely LOVE it. I have had ZERO issues since day 1 and NO periods. I will always recommend it. Absolutely wonderful

Prayers to you girl :pray:t3: I’ve had Nexplanon in since February of this year , have not gotten my period yet or any cramping . Before I had a HEAVY blood flow to the point if I had my period I ain’t going nowhere .

Nexplanon was the worst for me, the first time they inserted it into my muscle so they had to remove it and try the other side. Removing it was a nightmare they had to make a larger incision and dig it out. The second time I had it for almost 6 months. The whole time I bled for 3 weeks on and 1 week off. Definitely do not recommend.

I had nexplanon for a year… I bled for a year!! I had to argue with my doctor to force her to take it out!! I’ve had mirena for 5 years now, with no issues. Never ever doing nexplanon again!

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Ive been on depo since my son was born almost 8 years. I had growing up really heavy cycle that would last weeks and disappear for months and co e back for a day or two then be gone for a few days and so erratic. Nothng was wrong. But I was getting so sick an my Dr was worried about the blood loss an body being abke to resupply me so we did depo and no vycle cramping or issues at all!!

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I would definitely have someone else check about the cancer. However I would suggest an ablation, I had one in May and no period since


I had nexplanon 6 years ago. For 9 months. major weight gain and issues. My ob wouldnt remove it as she said it wasnt the cause which i didnt believe. I ended up removing it myself. It was terrifying but i got it out. Within 4 months i had dropped all the weight i gained. And didnt gain anymore now i know that was the cause. No more issues or need for b/c now but if i had a choice again i wouldnt have gotten it. I have PCOS so my symptoms werent the norm.


Still get my periods randomlyish but no where near as severe pain as before!

I have 2 daughters with it and both have had it for more then 3 years so they had it replaced. No issues and no periods.

I have it now and I’m looking at getting it removed because I cannot lose weight with it. I gained 60 pounds and after diets and excersize all I’ve done is maintain the extra 60 but not lose any of it

You need a new doctor ASAP

I had a procedure called a cervical ablation a year before I had a hysterectomy. It worked wonders.

I had it and ended up in a 12 hour coma with lasting side effects and that was almost 10 years ago. I don’t recommend

I had nexplanon in my arm. Was on it for 3 years. Caused severe anxiety issues after about a year in that I can remember. Went away instantly once I got it taken out. I’m on my second kid, I’m 28 and want my tubes either tired or removed. I don’t want anymore children and I don’t iuds that are inserted vaginally. Too many risks and complications that I’ve read And heard about.

I loved the implant. I did struggle with breakthrough bleeding when I first started it, it was like a never ending period. I told my doctor and she said that was common and gave me a pill form of birth Control to take until the bleeding stopped. It stopped within a week and never had a problem for the next few years. Went on to get another when that one expired with no side effects. When I was ready to get pregnant I had it removed and was pregnant within my next full cycle.


I’ve been really good with the nexplanon, I’ve lost a bunch of weight and have no periods. No moodiness or anything either.

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My sister had this done and is very happy… please go see a GYN/Oncologist

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I hated it. And mines came out the first time I had sex when I got it inserted. So my man went and got a vasectomy and I have no issues and nomore babies in the making. Best choice ever.

Had my tubes dome then had that and I bled so much more so I told them to take it out. Next step is to get my uterus lining burnt.


Before I had my son, it was amazing! After having my son, I had problems :sob: but I loved it.

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I’m on my second implant and no period with this one I’m going over a year without one. my first one I bled every other day. It sucked.


I had nexplonon for a year; bled the entire time. I had to get an ablation done to stop the bleeding after that.
I have a friend who has had zero issues with her implant.
It is either really good or really bad and you don’t know until you’ve tried it yourself.
I wouldn’t recommend, but my friend would.

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I also got the same thing done about 6 years ago. I went on the depo shot and it has stopped my bleeding. Don’t get the cramps nearly as bad. My moodiness is also not as bad haha

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Have periods is least of ur problems with nexplanon.
If ur fine with debilitating never ending sadness and anger rage outbursts to the point where it’s sociopath and no remorse and chronic anxiety attacks then u can get the implant.
Dont recommend.


I have one, and personally LOVE it. Unfortunately it didn’t stop my period just spaced them out (I have one every other month for 2 weeks) and now they are a light flow but I have no pain. This is my 2nd year with it in, and so far no surprise pregnancies for my husband and I.

I would recommend


… Is the string really that bothersome? Like is it sharp or something?


I like that I didn’t have but a few actual periods with it I’ve had it twice the first time for 7 months before trying for a second then I just removed it again after a year and 9 months trying for number three. The worst down side for me is the skin irritation it has caused me to breakout in hive like red swelling bumps that burn and itch around the time I should have a period. The worst down side for my husband would be the blind homicidal rage and than crushing depression late at night.
I’m getting fixed after this pregnancy. No more implant.

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Your husband needs to compromise. U are going through a lot. Men can feel it but I don’t think it bothers them .


I had it two different times and I absolutely loved it the first couple months I did spot but then after that I no longer had a period at all

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I just had mine taken out after 4 months, I had been bleeding for 1 1/2 months straight. And I had it taken out over a week ago and I’m still bleeding. I had crazy mood swings, emotional as hell. But that was only my experience. It might be better for you…. When my doctor went to take mine out it damn near popped out of the incision my body just didn’t want it in.

How can he feel a string and I have the nexplanon and really like it

Vasectomy…problem solved.


Wow sounds like me now I’m scared something is wrong. I had my Fallopian tubes completely removed and my periods are from hell now. I’m gonna book an appt in the morning :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat: I had an IUD as well years back and the doctor told me if my boyfriend tells me he can feel it , then “he is lying” so when my bf told me he could feel it I thought nothing of it. Well I ended up pregnant because the IUD wasn’t even in place it was super low embedded into me and I subsequently got “pregnant” but it was a blighted ovum , where a gestational sac develops with no embryo inside but my pregnancy tests all came positive and the pregnancy hormone kept rising even though they couldn’t find a baby in the ultrasound so I had to get an abortion to get everything out , so that’s why I ended up getting the surgery for my tubes because birth control of any form was not working for me at all.

The haven’t stopped for me they are lighter but seem to last longer its my second round of using it , causes slight depression as well in some people

I currently have my 3rd nexplanon. I’ve had a whole bag of mixed symptoms, sometimes no periods, sometimes random periods varying from 3days to 10days. Im a hormonal wreck some months sometimes not at all. Bloating. But it works for me :relaxed:

I love it. Just had my second one put in this past May. No period but I spot like 2-3 times a year. I still have some symptoms each month like bloating and some back pain but it’s worth not having my period and not getting pregnant.

I had a implant mine snapped and I now have a five year old xx

I’ve heard so many bad experiences with it from others but it’s the only bc I’ll ever get. I’ve had it off and on since 2009. Not a single negative thing to say about it. Lighter periods and only get them twice a year. Works for me.

  1. If you have cervical cancer cells, you don’t have to wait for it to clear to have a hysterectomy. After LEEP procedures, the next option to treat reoccurring cells is a hysterectomy. So, I’m a little confused. I know this because I had it.

  2. The arm implant was okay but mine migrated and it took surgery to remove it.


I used implanon and nextplanon for 11 years and it’s been great. No periods once in a blue moon I’ll spot on time and that it.

I just had a hysterectomy this past Wednesday because of these same issues. Recovery has been painful but still not that bad.

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Your experience with Nexplanon?

I had it for 1 year. Never had a period and never really had period symptoms when it was due. Every woman’s body is different. You won’t know until you try it

I’ve had 3 nexplanon implants. The first 2 I had no periods /maybe 1 a year until it was due for removal. The one I have now (after having my baby) I’ve had on for a year and I bleed near constantly.

Absolutely hated it!! Sent my periods crazy. I never had a problem with them until I had that put in.

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I’ve had four implants and always been effective for me. My first two I had no periods, second two I have one every 3 months-ish. No side effects x

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Your experience with Nexplanon?

My daughter had it for 6 months, had her period for 3 months straight and then when we got it taken out she was horribly sick with awful cramps for weeks…would NOT recommend it at all


Once you have chemo and radiation for cervical cancer your period is gone and your in menopause. I’ve been through it! I suggest finding a different Dr!


But what is your take on the IUD? Is it working for you? I guess I feel like feeling a tiny string during sex isn’t that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. Feeling a string is a lot better than another child if you do not want one. I have no experience with nexplanon.


I’ve had 4 nexplanon insertions. I’ve had no period, no major side affects, etc. My dr said i was basically the poster-woman for it. I’ve had friends get it & hate it. It’s a personal choice you’re gonna have to make. It can always be removed if you decide you don’t like it. It’s a simple in-office procedure.


I loved my nexplanon. I had them 3 times (9 years total) from the day I got them inserted I didn’t have any periods, no irregular bleeding etc. My only issue was I gained weight on it. I stopped it because I went thru ablation and tubal ligation. Unfortunately the ablation didn’t stop my random hemmoraging so my Dr suggested depot shot. I’ve been on Depot 2 years now and it’s ok. I haven’t had weight gain with it but it’s not as great as nexplanon for stopping my periods. I get random spotting, cramping and light periods periodically.

My husband used to joke that Nexplanon was the best birth control because I bled for 3 weeks out of the month with severe cramping, so there was no sex. That was the last year I was on it. I bled pretty much straight for the first year and a half to two years. It was miserable. Then, when it came time to take it out, my muscles had wrapped around it, so they had to numb the area and fish it out. 100% will NEVER get it again.


I have nexplanon and have only gotten my cycle 3 times since it was implanted. Downside - when I do have my cycle I have VERY painful cramps, back aches, body aches, and very heavy bleeding. Mood swings, weight gain, and overall anxiety.

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I HATED mine - I was on my period for a solid year - I kept being told, “just give it 3 more months” yeahhhhhh I raised enough hell I had it taken out and bam - I’m on Yaz with NO period :woman_facepalming:t2:

My sister went through the same thing. Told her to demand the hysterectomy cuz it’s she would have a fighting chance then

I just got mine the end of July at my 6 week postpartum check up. I’m breastfeeding, but I’ve had one period so far. It’s lasted a week. It was very very light. More than spotting, less than a full fledge period. I used to get really bad cramps and so far I’ve not had issues there either. I’m really impressed by it

I had implanion It was great I was in wonderful physical health. Had no periods etc. which was awesome because I was in the army and ended up deployed during that time and that was beautiful to not have to deal with. I was overdue when it was removal time. About 1.5 years….the replacement was nexplanion in this time between I gained weight after some accidents. Nexplanion I still got periods and such. Kinda crummy ones. They told me it was very weight sensitive. I looked it up and saw if you are outside of healthy weight you could get break through. Honestly I really loved the first one I did not enjoy them Digging around in my arm to get it out and I did not enjoy when I had to do that with the second one I had huge bruises and small scars but otherwise the product itself was awesome the first time around in great shape.

I bled for 6 months on the nexplanon. Was given the mini pill to help, made it worse but I continued for 4 months. Then stopped it & my periods stopped completely for 3 months. Then I had I removed as it effects my mental health (as do all hormonal contraceptives). Do they strings bother your partner? If not, just ignore them.

Right now I have my 2nd Nexplanon in my arm. The first one I wouldn’t get my period for 5 months at a time. This 2nd one, I didn’t have a period for almost a whole year and when I did get it, there’s practically no blood at all, there’s period cramping, but that’s pretty much it. I’ve had it for the past 5 years (2 implants) next year this 2nd one will be removed. I went from heavy bleeding and severe cramping and very bad irregular periods that I’d get every week with only about a 4 day space between them to getting the nexplanon and going from that to practically no period at all and some cramping when it makes its attempt to show up.

I had an AWFUL experience with the nexplanon. I bled for 9 months straight. I got it removed snd 2 days later I stopped. I use to work in OBGYN and other women have had the same issue.

I went with the paragard iud … hurts when it’s getting inserted (similar to a contraction) but you’ll be good for 10 years !!


Have the nexaplon. Have had it for almost 2 years now. Hate it! Almost CONSTANTLY bleeding. Been in twice or more to get a “shot” that’s supposed to stop the bleeding"
Mood changes, anxiety, depression, zero sex drive etc.


I had the Nexplanon for 4 years. It helped with my periods in that they were almost non existent, and when I did get one it was light and short.
Downside for me was the weight gain and hormones.


He can “feel” it. Tell him to suck it up and deal with it. You have to go through much worse. I’m sure he’ll stop feeling it if the alternative is none at all. Sounds like the same kind of guy that will complain about a condom.

Ok so isn’t a tubal ligation getting your tubes tied? I had this also. But I also had an ablation. Meaning they scarred my uterus tissue so I have barely any period. No need for birth control after your tubes are tied. I guess I’m confused on your situation.


I’ve had it 3x
1st time had no effects or periods
2nd time all I did was bleed for months at a time
3rd time I have a week long heavy period every 4 months or so

Do you qualify for an ablation? That may be where I’d start since a hysterectomy is out of the question.

I agree with the others on looking into an ablation. I had one done 2 years ago and haven’t had a period since

Almost a year and no periods, nothing. I was like you. My periods were so heavy it was like a crime scene. The cramping was so bad. I did depo shot for 20 years. That worked so good for me but I just got tired of going in every 3 months. I was getting lazy and my next option was the nexplanon. I won’t get an IUD. I heard so many bad things. Our bodies are different.

I have gotten it twice and will say from experience, doctors really push it. However both times my body did fine at first then horrible reactions. Its definitely going to be up to your body but do lots of research. Nexplanon actually has a few law suits out against them for different things.

How long has you IUD been implanted? When I had mine, my BF at the time said he could feel it at first; but the strings get softer over time and eventually he wasn’t be able to feel them

I’ve had 3 nexplanons just took out my third and on nothing. But during no major side effects. I loved it. I did get spotting occasionally but not to bad.

I took mine out, best decision I ever made! Gained 70 lbs, anxiety got ten times worse, almost like a Dr Jekyll mr Hyde personality… will never recommend this to anyone. I didn’t get any periods , but the worst 2 years before I got out

That is the only birth control I’ve ever used. 1st time (before baby #1) it was great. Didn’t get my period as much. And no side effects. Other than taking a while to conceive. After I had my first child, it was the same way. period, but when I did get it, it was the same. Got pregnant with baby #2 not even a month after removal. After baby #2, it was different. I gained a lot of weight and I had a hard time losing it. Had constant headaches/migraines, but period was the same. Twice a year only. Got it removed and I feel SO MUCH BETTER.

Give it a try, if you end up not liking it then talk to your provider about other birth controls. Good luck! I get cancer screening every six months. It’s not the same, but I know it’s scary.

I’ve had mine since February of 2020, since then I’ve had no periods (not even spotting), and for the most part no period symptoms like cramps or bloating. It takes about 2 weeks to start working :slightly_smiling_face: best of luck

Bled for 4 months straight heavy. Never again.

Never had em but all my friends who did said no matter what, their spouse was able to feel it. A few even got a little rough during the deed and just knocked it out lol

I’m super confused by your situation! I had a total hysterectomy 4 months ago because of cervical cancer🤷🏼‍♀️ (and it had spread through my reproductive system) but I am now on 6 monthly checks for tumours. I think you need a second opinion personally… or be given correct information. Abmormal cells and cancer aren’t the same thing!

I’ve heard so many bad stories about the nexplanon but I love mine!! I had bad headaches the first week but everything went back to normal after that. I have periods. I didn’t have a period on the IUD liletta.

Had to switch providers to have it removed early. I bled constantly for almost a year.

Nuvaring was the best birth control I’ve ever used.

I had it for 2 years and the second year I had a period every 21 days, and I had mood swings and extreme emotions, so I had it removed early.

It sounds like she has PTLS ) Post Tubal Ligation Syndrom) and the only thing to usually cure the issues it causes is reversal

I’ve known people who had severe depression with it, and people who have had It get lost in their arm, and doctors would not take it out. I’d never try it or recommend anyone try it.

No words on Nexaplanon but honestly the strings take months to soften and the longer they are the less “pokey” it feels eventually. Mine weren’t trimmed at all and I felt them a first but after about 8 months they were non existent for me and my partner

Nexplanon is incredibly effective at preventing pregnancy. However, nexplanon is also one of the most intense hormonal birth controls you can get. The side effects can be EXTREME. I had it twice before I swore off birth control. The first time I bled extremely heavily for 3 months - like fill a maxi pad to the point of leaking within an hour. I ended up becoming so iron deficient that I passed out at school and had to be transported to the hospital via ambulance. I ended up needing blood transfusions and they removed the implant. The second time I had it in - like a year and a half after it was removed the first time - it took my periods away but that also presented hormonal issues.

In addition to this, it can also migrate and cause soft tissue and/or muscle damage.

I really wouldn’t recommend it but that’s based off of my personal experience.

I switched from injectables to implant. I have implanon on my left arm. They both have the same side effects as per my OB. So every person still differs. for me, i still have my period and i also have spottings. Which is a bit of a hassle. For the implants i had it since july. My arm hurts a bit especially if you over work it. And when its cold it tingles also.

So what if your husband feels the string??!! So what? He should be focusing on feeling other things. With everything YOU have been through, he should be willing to handle this. This is HIS problem, not yours!

My only complaint was the 3rd year with the implant. Weight gain, acne, back pain, and mood swings with irregular, heavy periods. I think my longest cycle was around 6 weeks long.

I hated it at first had a period for months non stop heavy cramps emotions all over the place. I begged them to tale it out but couldn’t afford it. After the first year my periods stopped completely and came back close to the end of my 3rd year. They came back less painful but still irregular like before.

I had the exact same issue with the IUD after that I had the nexplanon For almost 3 years didn’t have periods for 2 1/2 years period started last year during the pandemic I don’t know maybe because I was over stressed. I personally loved nexplanon bu I had it removed late July because I removed my tubes.

I went a 1.5 years with out bleeding at all. Just started bleeding and its been 6 days but seems like its stopping.

I Absolutely LOVED the nex implant !!! It completely took my period away! Out of the 3 years of it being in my arm I only experienced light spotting a total of 3 times other wise it was no period what so ever. I also had no cramping or any other symptoms. My mood swings were non existent as well. The only issue was weight gain but to me that wasn’t that big of a deal as I needed to gain some weight on my ski my ass anyways lol.
I’m sorry you have been experiencing that though! I had my tubes removed completely after my 3rd child during my cesarian. For the first few months I experienced severe cramping and very heavy bleeding and my migraines I normally get got worse … But by the time my youngest was around 8 months old my period stopped flowing completely.
At first I thought “OH SHIT!” I missed my period lol and took 3 different prego tests but thankfully they were all negative! And eventually the cramping and mood swings and sweating/cold sweats stopped as well.
My youngest is now almost 15M old this month and I haven’t had a single sign of a period or any symptoms that come with it.
Ive heard about women experiencing bad periods after getting their tubes tied, burned and/or removed… But never have I heard of them stopping completely like mine have… But either way I’m happy about it lol.
I just keep a few prego tests in handy just in case lol because nothing is 100% and I always fear even though my tubes are gone there’s always a chance it’ll happen and the baby obviously won’t survive and ill have to get he/she removed for my safety. :confused: