10 years old child

Asking on behalf of my friend would like to remain anonymous.

My good ol’ friend recently found Google hangout chat between her 10 year old son and his similar aged school friends in an adult discussion.

They were chatting about Hentai and porn. And also about masturbating after watching these hentai and porn.

My friend has confronted her son and he admitted his “mistakes” under “peer pressure” ground - has watched 18sx rated website during “school breaktime” and has “sweared upon God” he has never pleased himself sexually.

Is this normal among 10 year olds these days? My friend isn’t taking this well as she’s from a conservative family background and worst part as it involves her 10 year old kid.

Any kind of advice for her is appreciated

I totally understand how she feels. My oldest step son is 13, and he is a handful… he’s worse then your friends son. My husband & I have really just come to the conclusion that he will do whatever he wants (thanks to his mom who he’s with during the week and some weekends… she lets him do whatever he wants so she can go out to drink and do what she wants) & we really just try and talk to him. We make sure he knows how to protect himself, we’ve talked to him about std’s and of course pregnancy. While he’s in our care we make sure he stays put, we don’t go through his phone or anything like that but he will stay home with us.