12-year-old sex

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I guess Im missing where the question is. It looks like a vague sentence.
Does it happen? Yes.
Should you support it? No. Good age to discuss the topic? Yes.
If they are female make sure you throw them on bc, stop with free ranging and monitor them


Nope. A 12 year old can’t make good decisions yet. People who are astounded by this question need to realize that there are laws being passed all over the place, lowering the age of " consent". Maybe this person is trying to bring awareness… while everyone is distracted with covid, masks, vaxs… a whole lot of ugliness is being done right under our noses

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What is wrong with this page?! Why would you even post a question like this?!


Report the page guys cause this is never ending and could be a secret way to pull shit that they shouldn’t be. Be careful!


I’m not naive, I know it happens, but it’s still a minority of 12 year olds that are sexually active and the expectation should be that NONE are.
12 is very much a child.


Let’s hope not. A 12 year old is still a baby n should have nothing to do with boys at this age.


The fact that this individuals even asking that question makes me know there something wrong with them!!! Bout fan question kmt


Absolutely not !!
Are not prepared mentally

What the hell?!? Are you serious!!! You’re fucking sick! All offence given. How the hell can you even ask that!!!


What is, 4 words that should not be in the same sentence.


How the fuck is this even a question

This is a disgusting post have reported let’s hope it doesn’t get swept under the carpet like most posts do :frowning:


Obviously the question has been removed it was a girl caught having sex at 12 mum want’s to know what to do . Imo keep her at home put her on b control but as far as stopping it ? Where there is a there will there is a way ???

Why the Fouck is there an association with 12 yr old and sex ???


Shouldn’t even be a question

Far to young your still a bairn enjoy your life or you will be taken for a fool and get your self a bad name,

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OMG how could you touched a 12 year old sexually.
OMG they are still children and still developing mentally and physically.

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Of course not. Supervision, supervision, supervision.

Admin… you shut me off for political comments… now you allow this!!

??? WTF?? A 12 year old isn’t even a teenager yet!

Having sex with a 12-year-old is bad and waiting 12 years between sexual activity for adults is bad too

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Didnt yall literally ask this yesterday? People constantly talk about CHILDREN not being able to make the right decisions hence the age of consent is typically 16 in most places, age to smoke and drink is 21…
There should be absolutely freakin nobody that thinks its ok


You mean like 12 years worth of sex with the same person…right??? Otherwise, scandalous and gross!

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Stupid question. The answer is hell no . Who submitted this question? Matt Gaetz?


What the hell is this? Take it down admins.


Def unfollowing as everyone else should this page is useless anyway


Doesn’t go against Facebook’s community standards​:question:. WTF does then? :thinking:

Okay this is my exit from this perverted site.

This is allowed, but say the election had some fraud in it and you’re banned?


No. Not acceptable.

Well hell no,that’s stupid

This page and Facebook is ran by pedophiles!!!

This page and Facebook is ran by Pedophiles!!!

Why would a decent person ask this???..get an address and send the cops or a castration squad.


This is unacceptable reported , unfollowed and unliked


Report this page and unfollow disgraceful


Y’all weird to even ask about this weirdos

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No no no. Much too young.


Well I would simply tell someone if they touch my daughter they answer to me and I won’t mind putting you six feet under 12 years is not enough for for young girls to know all the stuff they need to know before taking that big step. And if it’s not their decision I have a gun handy for anyone trying to make that decision for her.

Whats the actual question

Shouldn’t have it but they can choose their gender???