13 years later his exwife is still making it a competition between our family and hers

Long story short:

She left him and I met him 2 years after his divorce was final so I’m not a homewrecker.

I’ve been with my husband for 13 years and his exwife has tried to alienate their son from him every step of the way.

I’ve known my stepson since he was 3, he’s 16 now and his mother and her parents are getting worse instead of better because they see my stepson getting closer to his Dad and they are getting nervous.

My husband’s exwife is constantly trying to convince my stepson that her and her family are more important to my stepson than my husband and our family is and that they mean more to him, they care more about him and they love him more than we do.

We couldn’t make it to any of my stepson’s football games this year due to COVID restrictions and Dad having to work on game days, but my stepson‘s mother is using it as a chance to say we don’t care about him as much as they do and that’s why we don’t attend the games!

When my stepson was little she could just keep him away from his father whenever she felt like it because the courts never did anything about it and his hands were tied but now she sees that my stepson is 16 and getting a mind of his own and she’s trying to get in the way.

I didn’t know that the older he got that the problems with his mother were just going to evolve with his age!

Can anyone relate?

I’m sorry but I hate being a stepmother sometimes

Unfortunately she just sounds very jealous. He has a right to have a relationship with his dad despite her feelings. Kids/teens aren’t dumb though, he’ll realize one day if he already hasn’t already how his mom is. My brother and I have different moms… his mom is crazy. He’s known this since he was little, but it’s his mom no matter what you know. I would just reassure him you guys do in fact love and care for him & make sure you show him as well. Actions speak louder then words. Do things he wants to do, spend time with him and be in the moment, etc. You sound like a great stepmom so just do the best with what you have! :blush: