2 questions about a job and pregnancies

I have 2 posts and advice needed.
1-I feel like a fool. My husband came home and said his physical therapist told him his job called to find out information about him and they believe it was Mary from HR. He had a work injury and we have had issue with Mary trying to not follow protocol before when we kept telling her she has to go through the workers compensation agent. So we call in to file a complaint on Mary thinking it’s her. He had me talk. Well right after the PT emailed to say he was wrong and it was the insurance agent calling to get information on him not the job and it was a mixup. We wrote Mary an email explaining, could he lose his job for this?

2-I have a friend from Europe who is pregnant. We are due just two months apart. We both have a few kids but I saw her drinking a few glasses of wine the other day. She said she always drinks while pregnant and it’s normal from where she’s from. All her kids are fine. Anyone else heard of this?