23 weeks pregnant

Anybody else have Tons of pressure and cramps at 23 weeks with 3rd baby? I’m worried but my doctor (as usual) doesn’t seem concerned when I call . What should I do ? I can’t hardly walk because the pressure is so bad !


Shame I think you should check it out by the hospital. Which hospital do you go to?

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Please get a second opinion.
I had pressure and cramping for a month and my doctor kept saying I was constipated and nothing more, instead of listening to me he put me on laxatives and I had my baby at 25 weeks.

If you can get a doctor to listen to you and get checked out it may very well be nothing - but if it is something it is better to find out now rather than later.


I’m on my 33rd week with baby number 3 and had the same kind of pressure a few weeks ago. Try walking more when it doesn’t hurt. I heard a lot of women having those cramps through their current pregnancy. I think it’s something in the air. Lol. But if you’re really worried, get a second opinion from another professional.

If your doctor won’t take you seriously go to your l&d department at your hospital and tell them you think you’re having labor pains and let them check you… or if you don’t wanna do that I’d walk into your doctors office and talk to someone face to face and tell them you need to be checked out


I’m on baby #2 and have never felt this much pressure and cramping as my first and I’m 27wks. My dr checked everything and said I was dehydrated…

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Could be baby sitting low. I was same way and it got worse farther I got. Ended up having a big baby it felt so good to give birth lol

Call I’ve had a 29wkr and a 27wkr had alot of pressure and cramps before I ended up being in labor my 29 wkr I was dilated and tested positive for preterm labor the hospital sent me home anyways I went to a different hospital a few hours later and was admitted and dilated to 7-8 Definitely go

I had the same during most my last pregnancy hun. Went over the due date. But if you feel/ think somehing is wrong and the gp won’t listen, then head straight to your local hospital. You know your body better then anyone? So best to listen to all your instincts. X

You probably need a chiropractor. Pressure and cramps are pretty normal

I was about 24wks with my 2nd with tons of pressure, no cramping though, my cervix was short and he was sitting low.

With the more babies you have the more pressure and cramps come along with it also depends on your previous births. If you’ve had c sections it’s worse. I’ve had 3 c sections and the 3rd and my 4th (I’m currently 20 weeks) is a lot of pressure and cramp like feelings. But both my last and this one sat low on top of my hips so it only got/getting worse.

I’ve had five kids, not normal

I had the same issues with my rainbow pregnancy and my doctor disregarded all my concerns. I ended up being hospitalized most of my pregnancy due to cervical issues please get a second opinion. my doctor ended up just dropping me because I was too high risk in too much of a liability for his practice as he told me. I hope it’s nothing serious

I’m 23 weeks with my second. I occasionally get pressure down at my pelvic region that goes away after a few seconds.

When I got pregnant with my 3rd Dr told me to be prepared bc the aches and pains are worse with each pregnancy, which was very true for me. Make sure to stretch, like you would before working out. Also, keep them feet up as much as possible. I know with two other kids it’s hard, believe me.

Better to be safe, please get a 2nd opinion

I’m at six weeks and experiencing this with my first, is it normal?
Not too excruciating but I do find myself crying and not wanting to walk too far

Unfortunately some cases, doctors won’t tell you anything till it’s too late. Personal experience here.

I never had cramps with my 3 kids. Pressure only when I was a couple weeks from giving birth. I’d get a second opinion.

I have six kids and I would also agree that much cramping and pressure is not normal.

First off every pregnancy is different so for those saying not normal and never had cramps relax. My first two I never had pressure or cramps but I’m currently pregnant with our third and I do all the time. It could be a variety of things my job is harder and I work more hours then I did with my first two. He’s my third and also sits different then the first two. Also I’m older and more aware of my body and muscles stretching and growing. In the end you know your body the best if its really making you nervous get a second opinion.

I did with my son but I had a very problematic pregnancy with him… subchorionic hemorrhage, placenta previa, gestational hypertension, and I was hospitalized at 32 weeks for pre-term…

Go in to L&D at your hospital to be safe. Best of luck.

Each of my pregnancies were different things that hurt with one didn’t bother me with the other. I had varicose veins down there. It was the most excruciating pain I’ve ever experienced. My OB was great but didn’t mention anything about them until I mentioned how painful they were. I would make an appointment with someone else in the practice if you can.

Get a pregnancy support belt I went through the same with my current pregnancy and this is number 5 for me it has helped 99% to wear it. I’m grateful the nurse told me to get it.