28 weeks pregnant, six pound baby

I just left my 28 weeks growth ultrasound and they told me my daughter was already around 6 pounds (ahhh)… obviously that’s on the larger side. Anyone else have such a big baby at this point??


They thought my daughter would be 9-10 pounds at birth & she was barely 8 when she was born.

I had a growth scan at 28 weeks and my baby was showing right around 3 pounds. I am now 30 weeks

My daughter was supposed to be 9lbs at birth. She was 6.1 lbs :woman_shrugging:t2:

I’ve been told I have a big boy, but have never been told how much he weighs in any ultrasound I’ve been to

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I was told my son would be about 9 or 10 pounds at birth he was 6.10 .

Mine is small then I’m 27 weeks and he’s not 2 pounds yet

6lbs seems huge for 28 weeks . my oldest was born at 33 weeks and she was only 3lb 8oz . I couldnt imagine what your baby would be at full term

At my last growth ultrasound they said my son was 10lbs 1oz I had to have a c section 2 days later and he was 9lbs 2oz when he was born, so it’s off a little

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I’m the odd one out here. I was told my son was 9 pounds 12 ounces at 39 weeks and he was born at 41 weeks at 10 pounds 2 ounces. Mine was indeed accurate.

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I was told my son was going to be 11lbs, he was only 7lbs9oz, and I was 3 days overdue. I wouldn’t go by that at all, seems to be pretty inaccurate :woman_shrugging:t2:

My first son was 10 lbs 22in-------My 2nd son was 11 lbs 24 1/2 in they r both now 23 n 21 they 6’2 6’3 Big Boys!!!


They thought my son was going to b maybe 8 lbs n he was 9lbs 12oz when I had him in almost 32 weeks n my 2nd son is measuring 3 weeks big

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I was told I was going to have a big baby but my boy was only 6lbs 10oz.

Do most doctors do 28 week growth scan? I dont recall that and im now 26 weeks with baby 2.

Ultrasound measurements can be soooooo off. They told me at 34wks my son was already almost 8lbs and would likely be a 10lb baby full term. I had him at 37wks and he was barely 7lbs.

They told me my oldest would be 10-11lbs. She was 8lbs 13oz. They told me my middle was measuring 3 weeks ahead and she was gonna be a big baby. She was 6lbs on the dot. My youngest was born at 28 weeks and he was 2.5lbs

Yah, they are definitely way off… no baby is 6lbs at 28 weeks

When my oldest was born she was 9 lbs 12 oz. The weight is just guesses

my baby was 6 lbs 5 oz when he was born at 39 and a half weeks

I was told almost 8 lbs and im 32 weeks

I’m about 33 weeks and they said my baby is alittle over 4 pounds. My first was born at 37 weeks and he was 7lbs 4 oz Good luck mama❤

Question for OP do you have GD? If you do your baby will be on the bigger side.

They cant give you an accurate size.

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My OB and every doctor I’ve seen refuse to give me a weight estimate. They told me that it’s almost impossible to give an accurate guess.

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idk how yall big baby mommies do it but Yall are warriors I am glad that I have small babies and hopefully this one will be small too Because I think I will die if I have a almost 9 pound baby lol

They told me the same weight, at the same gestational age, with my 5 yr old. . Who was born at 5 lbs 13oz


had my son at 33 weeks he was only 4 pounds

They did an ultrasound the night before i had an emergency c section with my son at 33weeks said he was almost 6lbs already and he came out only 3lbs 11ozs.

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Ultrasound measures. Dosent give correct weight that is over 3lbs off. They told me my son was 8 lbs. I had him next day he was 5lb 14 oz at 37 weeks


And my 2nd one I had a 39 weeks he was 8 lbs 9oz. I had gestational diabetes

They be wrong . I was told my daughter was 5-6 pounds and she was 8 pounds :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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I’m measuring pretty large and I’ll find out at 29 weeks how big she is I’m 27 weeks today

They said mine was only Like 7-8 when I was about to deliver ended up being 9lb 7oz

I dont remember the exact wt… but my babies always measured on the bigger side. My last two were 10.1lb and 10.15lb.

Never believe these cockamamie estimations, they’re usually way off

My baby weighed 2 pounds 6 ounces at my 28 week ultrasound lol

I can assure you that’s incorrect.

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They said my baby was 6 pounds near the end of my pregnancy both were born over 9 pounds.

They ultrasounds aren’t very accurate. Your baby is probably just a few pounds

36 weeks 8 pounds had him at 39 weeks 10.8

They can be off
I also had babies that were 9.4, 9.12 and 10.03 at 39/5

I was induced at 37 weeks pregnant. I was high risk so I went to a high risk OBGYN. Days before I was induced they told me she would be 7.7-7.9lbs. She was born 8.8lbs. There’s no way I was 37 weeks pregnant. I was 2cm dilated before they induced me. I think I was atleast 39-40 weeks pregnant if not more. I had irregular-periods when I got pregnant.

They’re full of bullshit too. L

I call shenanigans or she meant 38 lol.

Sounds like you are further along then 28 weeks.

Are you sure you didn’t misunderstand them??

lm having twins and I’m 33w 4d and at my 30 week scan with my perinatal they said they were 4.7 and 4.11 and my docs won’t do my c section until I’m 38 weeks or I go into labor on my own before then. My first 2 babies weighed 10.4 and 8.12 with the second being a repeat c section at 38 weeks. So I am not excited about possibly carrying 16 pounds of baby :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

Hahaha too bad it’s a myth… they said my son was gonna be 9 lbs at birth… yea weighted 7lbs14oz :joy::joy::joy:

Ultrasounds can be off by 3lbs in both directions

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My mom was induced with her 4th kid, he was a 9 pound and some odd ounces preemie at i beleive 36 weeks but not sure. Her second was full term and he was 11lbs 12.5 oz :persevere:

I gave birth 2 weeks early and mine was almost 8 pounds. Dr said if I went the next 2 weeks i would easily, easily have a 10 pound baby

You sure youre not 38 weeks or misheard???

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Yes. :sweat_smile: he came 3 weeks early at 9 lbs 5 oz

I was 39 weeks with my 2nd son and they said he would be 8lbs by measuring… he was 10.5 lbs! My first son was 7 weeks early apparently and he was a little over 6 lbs.

I’m not sure that’s even possible?

Yup had it happen everything was fine everything went smoothly and normal. My daughter ended up being 8lbs 10oz at birth full term.

I’m just 29 weeks and they said mine weighs just over 2 and a half

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My son was born at 38 weeks ans was 10pounds 9oz. I cant imagine if i was to full term or over :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

I’m 31 weeks. Had an ultrasound yesterday because I wasn’t gaining a lot of weight. They estimate him at 3lbs 15 oz.

28 weeks and already 6 pounds? Either you’re further along than you think or the ultrasound is off. They usually are off by 3 pounds either behind or ahead.

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Their measurements can be 1.5lbs lighter or heavier than estimated.


They can be wrong. I had an ultrasound after being nearly 2 weeks overdue. They told me that my baby was going to be over 10 pounds so they were going to prep me for a C-section. I agreed and went for it. He was 7lb 15oz. They can be wrong, just putting that out there.

Yea they always told me I had huge babies, and none of them were born over 8 lbs lol

That doesn’t even make sence. Baby should only be about 2 lbs at 28 weeks.

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They said the same thing about my daughter.
She was 3 weeks early and was only 5lbs and 10 oz.

They told me at 28 weeks my daughter was also around 6lbs. She came a day after her due day weighing 8lbs 2oz. They can only be as accurate as the technology lets them

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The weight is just a guess. It’s highly likely to be off by a pound or 2. They told me at 34 weeks my daughter would be born around 7 pounds. She only weighed 5

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Yep! Good luck! I’m 38 weeks and absolutely miserable. Lol

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Ultersounds are usually wrong with weight, 1- baby they told me was 9.8 he came out 5.8. 2nd baby told me was 6 lbs came out 8.3, 3rd baby told me was 6.5 came out 9.4., and I had ultersounds right up to a week delivery dew to high risk. It’s an estimate. Lol my sister law got told 8.3 and her son came out 10.5.

My 34 weeker was 6lbs if he had made it to full term he wouldve been 9/10lbs

My son was 11.4 and a week early :joy::joy::joy:

I was induced early for a 10-11lb baby… he ended up only being 6lbs. They can be way off!


They are usually wrong with my 1st they told me he was going to be a 9 or 10 pound baby he was 5 pounds my second at 30 weeks they told me she was 6 pounds she was only 6.8 pounds when I had her at 36 weeks

Yes. My boy weighed 10lb 2oz when he was born

I’m sorry to be that person but it’s doubtful that they told you that. Babies at 28 weeks average at 2-3 pounds. If they told you the baby was larger than average, you might want to get checked for gestational diabetes. I agree with the others, the weight is just a guess, not accurate.

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Its an estimated. My doctor told me my first born would be a 5 pound baby. Came out 7 pounds 7 oz

My doctor told me mine was going to be over 10 pounds so they induced me at 38 or 39 weeks my little one was 7 pounds

My doctor said my sone would be between 7-8 pounds…he came out 9.5 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lèha Tasker oh my Lordy

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One of my kids were 10.7 and a month early

30 weeks :baby: measured 10 LBS doc asked if I wanted to try n birth or c section… I said take him out :hocho:


35 week ultrasound measured baby at 6lbs. I had her at 41 weeks exactly, and she weighed 9lbs 9oz.

My baby was 8 pounds her head was so heavy inside my womb, she was like a bowling ball lol :heart:

8lbs 6oz 1st one I was 17…