35 weeks pregnant with bladder infection: Help!

so, im 35 weeks pregnant, i ended up in the ER today because of serious abdominal/vaginal pains, turns out i have a pretty serious bladder infection, they of course put me on antibiotics to clear it up. but the pain is still pretty bad… it hurts to walk, stretch, or lift things. any other moms go through this? (first time mom)


I had one turn into a kidney infection which tried to start my labor at 35 weeks. Take all the antibiotics and watch your symptoms, anything changes for the worst go back in and get checked.

They make postpartum ice packs for vagina, try those to help ease the pain. Or sit on a frozen bag of veggies in the meantime

I had pyelonephritis in pregnancy which is a severe kidney infectionz I was hospitalized.

Dribk lots of fluid. Lots of cranberry juice and take the antibiotics til they’re finished