5 y/o has trouble sleeping and it’s taking its toll

My daughter has always hated sleep from newborn age. But now she’s 5 years old and still has trouble staying asleep. It doesn’t matter how active she’s been during the day (usually pretty active), she still wakes up anywhere from 4-6 a.m. On a good night she’ll sleep until 7-8 from exhaustion of not sleeping well for nights before. But it is way too often that she’s up before 5:30. And when school starts again, not enough rest will be a problem,
We have a no TV or roughhousing rule after 7pm to allow her to calm down from the day. We keep her bedtime at 9. If she falls asleep earlier than that, she treats it like a nap and is up in the middle of the night. Also her pediatrician advised against pushing her bedtime any later when we brought this up. She eats enough, goes to the park or some other activity almost every day, and usually goes to bed fairly easily. It’s the staying asleep and waking up at 4:30 most mornings that’s the issue.
Just this morning I held my pee in until I physically couldn’t any longer out of fear she’d hear me get up. Well she did and we’ve been awake since 5 am. Anyone have similar issues with your kids? What was your answers to getting them to stay asleep longer??

I feel like there may be an underlying issue if she has never been a good sleeper. She may need melatonin. I would def see a doctor that will listen to you and see what they can do for her

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