50th birthday ideas for men?

What are some things I can do for my husband on his 50th? He doesnt want a huge party so that is out of the question…


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. 50th birthday ideas for men?

You could do a themed party of his favorite show

Find a concert close bye that he would like. Or a football game


70’s theme party bc he was born in the 70’s? :rofl:

When I turned 50 all I want was my family and few friends to grill out and drink a few cold beers


Take him for a weekend getaway even if it’s a local hotel

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Backyard barbecue with close friends. No “old” jokes. Those are just plain mean spirited. Have a nice small cake and some good music.

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Dinner with friends and family

Sent my hubby on a fishing excursion recently. It was a big hit

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I had a deck built for him

Rent a room with a jacuzzi

Travel…plan a 3-7 day trip

We had a Hawaii 5 0 birthday :tada:

Maybe a trip to somewhere he has been wants to go or maybe plan a day doing his favorite activity??

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take him out for a nice dinner to his choice restaurant, give him a nice hot oil massage when you get home after

Save your money.leave him to put his feet up and relax.

A trip with his closest friends to Vegas.

Strippers are always appreciated.

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