9 years of a relationship and he doesnt want to get married anymore

Hey moms, I’m needing some advice on my relationship.

My spouse and I have been together for 9 years. We have two kids. We own a home, cars, and campers together. He also works for me under my family business. My issue is he doesn’t want marriage any more. I say anymore because he purchased a engagement ring 8 years ago and never purposed. It sits in his drawer.
This hurts me in many ways. It messes with my mind and makes me fill like I’m used for sex and I feel like his slave. I do everything. I pay half of all of our bills on top of paying for anything and everything extra for our kids. I take them to all there sporting events. I clean and cook, basically to sum it down I do Everything with a full time job. He appreciates nothing. The only time he wants anything from me is sex. We use to have the best sex life and communication. All up to a few months ago. I’ve always known for him to be my one and everything. My issue is I don’t believe he loves me or cares about my feelings. What about my wants/needs. It’s always about him. He tells me no for everything to decorating our home, to getting a pet, wanting more kids, MARRIAGE. I’m just to the point where I almost want to tell him to move out and give me my space. Maybe there is someone out there that will love me and want marriage and be family. I’m just stuck because I love my spouse so much and everything I want. I want it to be with him. I just don’t know what to do. There is no more talking with him. I have tried all of that. To the point that now. When I go home i just don’t speak. I clean and cook and do what i do to take care of our kids. I just have nothing more to talk about with him. What do I do?