A Child on the Bus Called My Daughter a Bad Word: What Can I Do?

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"My child came home from school and told me the boy that sits behind her called her the B word and was kicking the back of her seat and I am livid…i will NOT stand for someone calling my child such a derogorty word and the school has DONE NOTHING about this since they “dont have proof” i dont even get why kids think its okay to use such language and I am at my wits end the school is doing nothing to prevent it…what can I do?"

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"Call the bus barn and ask her seat to be moved."

"Why do you think you can control someone else’s behavior? There is not a single person alive who hasn’t been called names. And girl I know has been called the b word. If it isn’t this child doing it, another one will. Teach your daughter how to stick up for herself"

"You will never be able to stop everything bad in the world from coming in contact with your kid. As a parent you need to tell your kids there are bad and horrible.people in the world that won’t like them. Be the bigger person walk away and not let it get to you. Don’t put her in a box and don’t let her be self conscious about it. Be bigger and smarter about it."

"Lol females get called bitches ALL the time. Stop wrapping ya kid in cotton wool and teach her to be resilient. You ain’t guna be around forever to protect her…"

"Let your child know it’s a reflection of him; not her. Teach her this early and give her tools for her tool box so she can navigate this fd up world."

"Look that little girl could’ve started something with that kid in pretty sure every MOM here has been called a bitch. You don’t know what she did to that kid she could be picking on that kid with her friends for all you know"

"Talk to her about how those interacts are not a reflection of her."

"learn you child to stand up for her self put that child on his place life not easy if she or he not going to stand up for them self life going to be very hard for them bullies wil know that"

"Tell your kid to tell the kid to fuck off and life will be much easier"

"Teach her to stand up for herself!! I was bullied all through school and they didn’t leave me alone until I talked sh*t back!!"

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