Absent father help

just need some advice or some guidance.
My 2 daughters father has only met the oldest when she was 1 and haven’t seen her since (she’s about to turn 5) and he never met the youngest (she’s about to turn 3). It’s been like 2 years since he last checked in on them or anything. The last time he told me not to bother him with anything that got to do with the girls cuz I had gotten with my sons father (he ended up leaving me with my son as well) he’s very narcissistic and he abused me mentally like really bad. I didn’t really fight it when he decided to not be part of their lives cuz how abusive he was. But now my oldest is always asking her him and whenever she learns something new or I get her something she tells me she can’t wait to show her dad and tell him about it. Or she tells me she can’t wait to go to Mexico (that’s where he lives) to see him and show him how hard she’s been trying to talk in Spanish so he can understand what she’s saying.
I really don’t want to give her false hope and I don’t want her to hold onto something that’s not there. But I don’t have the heart to tell her the truth. She’s been through so much already at her age. She’s about to start therapy at 4 years old cuz of some trauma she already endured. How would you guys go about it? Or what would you say? It breaks my heart that I have to deal with something like this.
P.S. he didn’t show his true colors until after we had our 2nd daughter that’s when he started to change or else I would’ve left him before. Please no rude comments I’m just trying to do my best while doing it all alone.