Activities for 18-month-olds?

Need advice and ideas.
My son is 18 months old and no matter what i do i can’t keep him entertained. He is always bored it seems. He has sooo much energy and never stops, he has never watched t.v…even a bit…he doesn’t cuddle much, hes just literally going 24/7. I try so hard to do little activities with him throughout the day. Color sorting, blocks, just playing with and tickling him. I try to make sure he gets outside everyday whether its to the store or for a walk or just hanging out on his playset but the second we come in hes bored again. He has a ton of toys and his dad plays with him alot too. I just had a baby 4 days ago and hes adjusting really well and loves her but still will just pace around. I found an open playgroup by my house i plan to take him to at least once a week for a couple hours. But i cant just entertain him all day especially with having a new baby and i feel soo bad and guilty like no matter what its not enough and hes always bored. Any ideas or suggestions would be really great. Ive been having serious mom guilt about this and hes my baby i dont want him bored.

The next time he starts pacing, go play with his toys by yourself. Maybe if he sees you entertained by them he will mimic you?

Let him watch a movie… thatll give you two hours of peace.

He is ready for pretend play like animals on a farm or cooking in the kitchen or playing doctor or working with tools etc. It’s tough at that age bc he is LEARNING how to use his imagination to play by watching you or other kids. My daughter went through this phase and I would play all the time and now I will walk by her room and catch her playing the same games with her toys

Don’t know if they have them around anymore ( my kids are 17&18) but they loved their Leap Pads at that age…

Take him to the gym. Get him involved in gymnastics or cheerleading. That’s what I did.

Sounds like my daughter a lot when she was that age. I thought all babies were like her but my nephew (same age) would sit still and watch tv and do calm things. She was definitely a handful but I just had to let her grow out of it and getting down on the floor with her playing in her room helped too.

Music or music with motions helped my little one find a playgroup perhaps?

My kids are 6,7 and 12 and are always bored. No matter what I do from the time they were babies. Any activities I do with them it’s like they do it as fast as they can or lose interest then all I hear is how bored they are. So all I can say is good luck cause it seems like a never ending battle.

Give him his toys put on some music or TV for background noise(he’ll watch if he wants) and let him be. If your near you’re obviously watching him and it will teach him some independence.

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