Advice about Autism?

No bashing or rude comments plz! I had questions for momma’s with kids with autism! (Any form i know there is alot i have heard) What were signs u noticed first off? How old were they? How did they go about the testing? Like what all do they do? Sorry so many questions at once but my son is showing signs of autism (i googled it also have friends and family that has a child with it) im just trying to hear other people advice also! He is about 2b 5! We finally got insurance back so i finally got an appointment wit his dr but its not til the end of this month! :disappointed: basically i just wanna know what to prepare for when i go to the dr! Also one more question how do they do in school wise? Like getting them to go? Lol sorry i just have lots of questions please just no bashing please! I know people are rude these days! And b4 the comment of “Facebook people arent drs take him/her to the real dr” i am im waiting for an available appointment! Thanks :blush: