Advice on breastfeeding with implants?

I was just wondering if anyone on here had any advice on breastfeeding with breast implants. I had it done about two and a half years ago. They are not crazy huge implants, just a little bit on each side. I thought I was going to be a one-and-done mom back then, but then I fell in love with my now-husband and we are pregnant about to give birth in 2 months. I never thought I would have another one, but now I am, and I’m happier than ever, but I’m still worried about breastfeeding. I contacted my surgeon, and he assured me I would be able to breastfeed with no problem resulting from the actual implants. With my first, I was not very educated, so I only breastfed for about a month before my milk supply was gone. This time I’m more educated and want to do a lot longer, but I would love some advice on breastfeeding from mamas who have implants. I have a hard time finding that. If Can anyone tell me advice on producing more? Anything I should eat or drink? More massages? Stronger breast pumps? What breast pump worked for you? Stuff like that would be super helpful. Thank you


You should be ok breastfeeding… a lot of famous woman did it … but your implants shouldn’t touch your milk

I breastfed all my kids til a yr… I didn’t do anything special to produce more

You shouldn’t have any issues. Just like you normally would stay hydrated!

I breastfed 2 children with under the muscle implants, for atotal of 4 years with my 2 younger children😊

Doula here! stay hydrated, eat milk producing foods, you can do this with implants. if you notice like problems due to latch or questions about the baby drinking talk with a lactation specialist

I’m actually glad this is a post because I’ve been afraid of getting implants because I didn’t know if I’d be able to breastfeed.

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Just remember pumping doesn’t determine your supply! Just put baby to breast every time they are hungry!

I had a medela breast pump, with regards to your implants they won’t affect your supply, pumping or feeding. I was able to breastfeed my little one for just over a year without any issues and I’ve had my implants for a long time.

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If your implants are behind the breast muscle u can breastfeed.

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I’ve heard of tons of women who are able to breastfeed with implants. To ease your mind you could give a pediatrician a call and ask them. Drink lots and lots of water when it comes time :slightly_smiling_face:

You definitely can breastfeed! Sub-muscular placement is the least invasive to nipple function but all other placements allow for breast feeding. Medela pumps are great, and eating oatmeal cookies, apricots and dark green veggies help you produce milk fast. Those lactation cookies by milkmakers are expensive, but they really work good. The active ingredients in them is the barley, yeast and oatmeal. Make sure you also drink tons of water


Milk supply increases by letting the baby suckle often. Very often. Don’t supplement with formula. Yes drink lots of water.

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I have implants and nursed all 4 of my babies with no problem at all for a year

My daughter had that problem when she was gave birth not havin enough milk and she was told drink a beer a day and it help get milk. But i live in mexico so they have different ways

I breast fed my now 2 1/2 year old with no problems at all and I did not have to do anything special because of my implants. I had them for about 3 years by the time she was born. I’m now 6 months pregnant and planning on breastfeeding this one also. Good luck to you mama!

Congratulations :partying_face:
Massage and regular expressing should help keep your milk production going, my last little one was a special care baby and I found once you get the hang of hand expressing it works wonders, a bit like milking a cow start at the top of your breasts working towards the nipple then round the sides, also just your babies cries will make you produce as well so try and get a small recording of baby crying to help along, I don’t have implants but got the crying idea from other mums as I plan on going back to work but want to still use my milk for feeding so I’ll be taking a recording to listen to while I express in work :rofl::woman_facepalming:t2:

I was told not to try after giving birth, but I did and it was fine, breastfed 2 after implants,no problems

I ate alot of oatmeal, eggs, cheese, milk, tea that promotes production, and lots and lots of water. I’m still going and he just turned a year.

Look for a la letche group in your area as well as contact your local WIC office at the health dept many of them have peer breastfeeding counselors or certified consultants. Theres a website i use to recommend to my clients when i use to teach breastfeeding. It has a lot of great info on supply issues, what meds are safe, etc. Main thing to kee supply is to feed directly at the breast as much as possible. If you are going back to work i would pump after feeding the baby. The body is made to make what is requested of it so the more you take the more it makes. Dont be concerned if you dont pump as much as you think you should. I was only ever able to pump 4oz out of both breast combined at a time but thats all my daughter drank usually. Some women cant relax enough pumping to get much out in a sitting.

Lots of water. They make these hand pumps that go on the boob that the baby is not using and they work great and you don’t loose milk from the let down. I used it with mine and got at least 3oz everytime

Oatmeal!!! Eggs, and drink lots of water and milk. Also pump!!!

Look up “la leche league”. They are dedicated to breast feeding. Loads of information

A friend of mine had twins. She had two kids a few years older. Cheesecake was her saving grace for her milk production with the twins, as it had also been after she had her previous child. She tried so much other stuff like others have mentioned but there was something about Cheesecake that amped up her milk production chick could feed both at the same time. Was completely in awe of her lol

It doesnt really matter how long you plan on breastfeeding its whether your body will let you.

I had implants in March of 2018 got pregnant October 2018! Everything went well but I highly recommend taking a breastfeeding class. I breastfeed and pumped then eventually EBP. Look into your insurance at the class you should be able to purchase a breast pump cheap if not free of charge with your insurance. Congratulations and Best of luck to you

No advice about the implants but as far as breastfeeding after I thought I was drying up…Oats and electrolytes…not necessarily together lol Gatorade did me better than body armor but now I’m using propel flavor packets and I think they’re doing even better. Congratulations

Drink lots of water! When you think you’ve drank enough, drink a little more lol. Nipple stimulation was everything for me, especially just letting warm shower water run on them. I rented a pump from the hospital that was amazing. :heart:

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Stay hydrated and eat throughout the day. veggies, fruit, whole grains, protein, and plenty of water. Try to stay away from things that are diet and things that contain sucrulose (sorry can’t spell it lol) or fake sugar. As for the pump, everyone reacts differently to pumps so you may want to try both electric and manual. With my first 3 kids I never responded to an electric pump. My 4th I do and do great with it. Also ask your ob or hospital for a lactation consultant and they will be able to answer questions or find answers if they don’t personally know. I’ve had one with all 4 of my kids and made it 1 yr with 2 or them, 8 months with my daughter until she decided burgers were better than boob :joy: and I’m currently 5 months with my baby and still going strong. Keep your head up and your stress down and never be afraid to ask for help and ask those questions that you feel are stupid because there is never a stupid question when it comes to your baby!!! Congratulations on your new little one and I wish you the best of luck on your adventure!!!

Lots of water pump when your gouged now so your milk is ready if you can but definitely once baby is here lots and lots of calories and water :raised_hands:t2: you eat a lot and drink a lot you won’t have any problems health wise let the nurse get that baby to latch :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I know it’s totally weird but it does help a lot once your home alone you know your doing it the right way :relaxed:

After the arrival of the baby always drink a lot of warm tea and hot pap…if you take those, you will have enough breast milk🍼

My dietitian told me that oatmeal helps with milk production. Drinking water and staying hydrated. If you pump, make sure to do both breasts, try to do the same if you’re feeding straight from your breast as most babies prefer one breast/nipple. I don’t think having implants effects milk production or feeding but I’m not an expert, I’d talk with your doctor just to be safe.

Lots and lots and lots of water… then some more!! Try to avoid spicy or strong foods as it can affect babies tummy and will cry in pain… you will get to know what you can and can’t get away with gradually! My first born I could eat ANYTHING and even had a glass of wine on occasion… my 4th baby I had to stick to tea or water and no rich food at all!! :joy:
Congratulations for the birth, enjoy every minute with your little one :relaxed:

My friend has breast implants and breast fed no problem

Just stay on that water drinking mama! Even If you think you are drinking enough water drink more! Most of the time the supply issues are with that and making sure you are eating enough calories. I had a full lift and implants and was still able to breastfeed my lo this time. But i made my wishes known with my surgeon before hand that i wanted to be able to when i had surgery.

Best advice is contact your hospitals lactation consultant. They can help with everything breastfeeding. Best of luck mom.

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I breastfed my daughter up until about 6-7 months with implants just fine. That was a concern of mine too, but I didn’t have any issues. I used the Medela (I think that’s what it’s called) pump and it worked well.

I am 2 weeks postpartum also trying to nurse and pump with implants. I was told by the lactation consultant in the hospital that milk may be delayed but that it would be doable as the implants were under the muscle. I’m using the Lansinoh pump but wish I bought a hands free/cord free one like willow as I never realized how much time you will spend pumping. Good luck!

Depending on the details of your surgery, it should not be a major issue. Mine were placed sub-muscular, but the incision was around the nipple as opposed to the armpit, and I have a suspicion that ducts were damaged in the process. I still breastfed all three kids for 6, 13, and 10 months respectively, but we did have to supplement with formula. If there was an underlying issue with your natural breast tissue to begin with, resulting in your decision to have the cosmetic surgery, that would more likely be a cause for difficulty than the implants themselves, but be more difficult to diagnose at this point. Talk to the LC when you deliver, and find a local or online BF group for support.