Advice on budgeting for food?

Hi Mums, I’m struggling with food shopping ( family of 5). I want to do the shopping in one go, And I do, but I feel like we run out quickly and we’re going back to the supermarket every day. I feel when I do the shopping that I get enough and costs a fair bit, it’s like all we spend our money on is food!! Any advice, please? Be nice

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Started shopping online and picking up. Helps not buy what you dont need. Like extra snacks. I only order what we need.

Plan out 2 weeks worth of meals. Buy the things you need for those meals. Try to cut back on snack food and try to eat more of main meals. Try some “off brand” foods. Also, we cook meals that have left overs so we only cook every other day

Family of 5 and we plan exactly what we are eating before the food shopping trip. 1 snack a day per kid in morning and 1 in afternoon. Then whatever our side is we use for two nights. If we have rice we will eat that rice for two nights