Advice on getting back into shape after having a baby?

Alright Momma’s, I’m due at the end of July with my second baby, a little girl. And I’m gonna be having a c-section. Never had one with my first. And he was a month early. And after having this next little one im very serious about getting back in shape. What do I need to know in advance, any advice, tips or opinions on the matter? The healing process, pros and cons. Ect. Thanks.


I had a c-section and it takes time to heal. My still hurts after 10 months but the pain is tolerant.

I’m going on my 3rd C-sections in May. The baby pooch is hard to get rid of lol. I know you have to wait like 6 to 8 weeks to exercise but you can go for walks and stuff like that. Talk to your doctor afterwards and they can probably tell you some other things that might be ok to do. Eat healthy and exercise when you can, you can do it :+1::blush:

Almost 2 year’s later and I still am numb. I was told some feeling will never come back.

I had c section with my third and it was easier recovery for me than a natural birth.

It’s going to itch and feel like you’re going to want to rip it open, and scratch it, totally normal.

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I have had to , as soon as they tell you , you can get up start walking around the hospital . Be very active but be careful . After my second child I was at work after two weeks , but no heavy lefting .

You can’t exercise hard for 6 weeks. My recommendation would be to get outside and walk as soon as you can (with the baby in the stroller). I found it to be great with both of my boys to be active within restrictions. The day I got my 6 week clearance I went for a mile jog and it felt great.

Ive had three. And each time during surgery I had to ask for additional zofran(medicine they put in your IV to stop your from vomiting.) Recovery is painful the next day but keep moving… and make sure when you get home you keep your incision very dry… like after the shower pat dry with a towel then stand infront of a fan to make sure its completely dry.

You will receive discharge instructions when your discharged at the hospital. You will continue to have pain. I suggest if you are lucky to have Mom or Grandma help with the baby. Don’t lift anything heavier than the baby. Make sure to keep MD appointments. It is surgery. I’m an RN also had 3 c-sections. Listen to your body.


Both mine r c-section babies after surgery keep moving don’t lay astound the more u move the faster u will heal but don’t be exercising til ur doctor clears u to do so

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I had an emergency csection with my daughter in July 2019 at about 8pm. I was up moving at 6am the next morning and was told by my nurses that I was up moving faster than most women. I was also told by my OB that my recovery went quicker than most too. Just listen to your body and dont over work yourself. Make sure you have the most high waisted granny panties you can get! That helped me so much and I used a regular sized pad over my incision to get pressure and pants off of it. Also keep a blanket or pillow within arms reach. Sounds werid I know, but it helps. Laughing and coughing will hurt a bunch and holding it against your incision will help! Prayers for a healthy baby and fast recovery!:heart:

After your c section, move around don’t sit in the bed!! I was up and walking and moving hours after, and if you have a rocking chair in the room try to rock with the baby, it gets those muscles working. If you sit and let yourself get sore, you won’t be able to move easy and it’s more painful. And wear a tummy compression!!! For a weeks after to help everything stay in.

My only advice is walk… walk as much as you can after you’ve had it.

The sooner u get up and walking the faster the recovery for me I had only 4m ago still numb and tender when hit or when my son kicks me while changing lol

Take fiber pills.
The opioids they give you for pain (unless that’s changed) really stop you up.
You don’t want to be constipated and have staples and stitches!

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28 yrs after my last c-section it’s still nimb.

Have the natural birth. Almost 7 years later, the scar is still numb. It is a major surgery, and the healing time is months, not weeks. You do you, if you wanna go that route I 100% support you, but if you can do it naturally and don’t really have a need to, I’m just saying c sections suck. The end result is what matters, though. Health baby!


I had swelling so bad in my legs and feet. I got some compression socks to help. Also keep walking as much as you can. I was really slow but kept at it.

It really helps to take a stool softner as soon as the Dr will allow you after the surgery. Walk as much as you can to get the gas moving around. If help is offered. Accept it. Go easy on your body, stay as long as you can in the hospital. You will need time to heal. First week is the hardest. On the car ride home put a pillow on your belly to help with the bumps. Best wishes to you!

I had 2 csections first unplanned/ emergency I learned the hard way about not getting up and walking like should. I didnt have epidural only anesthesia. Second was planned but also had broken foot still made sure was up and moving. I’m not a good patient I do things my way and it wasn’t always reasonable to only lift baby weight. Youngest is 3 months.

I’ll be having my 4th csection in April. My advice, like the others, make sure you move. Do it at your own pace, but definitely get up and start walking as soon as your feel ready. The sooner, the better. Don’t be afraid to ask for Gas-X. The worst pain after all my csections was the gas pain. The cramping the 2nd day was rough but ibuprofen knocked it pretty quickly. I only took 800mg Ibuprofen with mine. I took half of a hydrocodone with my 2nd and couldn’t function so I refused anything stronger. Hold a pillow on your incision when you go to get up, cough, sneeze, etc. Applying pressure will help. Stool softners will be your best friend. Highly recommend starting them ASAP after surgery. The first BM is scary. I cry every time.

Get pregnancy underwear. When the area isn’t as sensative switch to girdle panties. Work on your cardio, take it slow, no sodas 0. Get a step tracker on your phone, or however you wanted to track your steps. Work up to 10000 steps a day. No dieting, just be wise on how much you eat.

No pill will give you true results, I lost a my pregnancy weight in six months doing what I mentioned in my previous comments

Getting back in shape: Start now! When cooking etc put music on and dance, do exercises etc you will go back to normal faster I did that all my pregnancies and when I left the hospital after giving birth everyone was like OMG it looks like you were never pregnant all the weight I gained was boobs and baby

Get up and walk around the sooner the better just be careful. It’s gonna hurt to cough to sneeze to pee to bend to move but eventually it will be fine!!! I had a csection at 43 and it was the best pregnancy ever! You will be just fine just enjoy your baby! God bless! Be well

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I was told to use a girdle

You’re better off having natural if you want to get back in shape quick. With a CSection, the muscle is cut which means your tummy may never be flat again. I got to a decent figure before getting pregnant with my second except in the bottom of my stomach. I couldn’t get it tone. Definitely get up and walk around as soon as possible. It helps with the healing like you wouldn’t believe. I can’t stand the circulation things they put on your legs in the hospital. I was up walking (not holding baby, of course) about 12 hours after my second was born and healed quicker than my first when they wouldn’t let me get up.

You need to wait til medically cleared by your doctor to do any kind of exercise. Then you need to start SLOW. I didn’t listen to the “take it easy” part and got an infection in my incision that took 8 months to go away/heal

I had a emergancy c-section with my twins. Best advice I can give is get up and move. It’ll be super painful at first but if you can push threw it and walk you will heal so much faster. And breastfeeding will help you lose weight as well. if that’s in your plan. I strongly suggest you stay away from weight loss medication . it helps but it kills other parts of your body. My teeth are shot from phentermine. Just make a exercise plan and do it. Eat several small meals a day and try to reduce caffeine and junk from your diet. But regardless you may not get your prebaby body back. It’s okay… Just own the amazing woman you are and remember on the days you get discouraged that you gave life and that completely beats a model body. Good luck momma!

Use a girdle and walk at your own pace. It’s excruciatingly painful after a c-section to move because of gas build-up.

Get up and walk even if it’s down the hall or to the nursery normally it’s the next morning , or you will be sore !

Why are getting a C section on this baby is she bigger then your first one? I would ask questions first before having this done. Do you have any other medical problems? Maybe that’s why but for peice of mind.