Advice on getting tubes tied?

Getting tubes tied on the 17th!Do you bleed after surgery? Am I going to need pads right away? What other advice can be given?


If I knew then what I know now, I’d never would have gotten it. Periods are absolutely ridiculous now. It did make my cycles more regular but I bleed through super plus tampons within 45 minutes.

Have your man get a vasectomy. WAY LESS complications and side effects


I second making periods worse afterwards and the cramps are horrible. Make sure to have plenty of products on hand because you will bleed heavy and alot longer


I had mine removed and started having the worst periods of my life. I had to have a uterine ablation which was suppose to stop my periods and that didn’t work bc the doctors in my area printed their degrees off of I swear :roll_eyes:

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I had mine removed back in December… i had light bleeding for a few days (less than a week)… been fine ever since. Ultimately just like with anything i think it all depends on your body🤷🏻‍♀️

Had mine cut tied and burnt in 2013 and a year later I still bleed really heavy the first 2 days

I had my done. Was warned by my Dr that my periods could get worse. They didn’t at first . But when they did. I didn’t think to much about it… but i should have… as I ended up with precancerous cells about 6 years later… and almost ignored the signs because I was told my flow could get heavier. I’ve since had a hysterectomy… and life is good now.

Caused terrible periods for me. Very long and heavy. Before, 3 days and light. Now excruciating and horrible.

I had mine done, worst periods, cramping, heavy bleeding, nausea. I hate it. Waiting for a hysterectomy!

I had mine tied during my C-section but my doctor warned me it could make my periods worse and she wasn’t wrong so make sure you keep plenty of product on hand. I know it’s different for everyone!

Had mine done in 2006. Nothing but issues with my period for years. Ending in Hysterectomy a few years later because of disfunctional uterine bleeding. It caused my periods to be horrid, extremely heavy and unpredictable (when previously were always on time) and I was bleeding 20 days a month. I don’t recommend it, as a lot of people I know had the same problem.

I had mine done and it made my periods extremely bad and almost constant. I had two to three periods a month with bad cramping. I ended up having to go back and have an ablation done because birth control wouldn’t stop it.

My periods are still the same as before getting the procedure. The cramps I get are horribly painful the week before it comes and only on my left side.

Worst thing I did. I had light periods with barely any cramps. After my tubal I had heavy 7-10 day long periods with cramps that had me bent over in pain. Ended up making my endometriosis even worse. Now I am on birth control to lessen it all. They won’t do a hysterectomy on me still. I recommend your partner gets a vasectomy if you are with a partner and have that option. My fiance got a vasectomy and was back to normal in 2 days with no issues.

I didn’t have problems with mine it’s been good for almost 19 yrs now like anything else they are side effects but I never got them

I had my done in 1989 and had no problems at all.

just be careful. you can still very much get pregnant :woman_shrugging:t4:. i had mine tied September 2015. i had twins NYE 2016 (born at 31 weeks).

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I had mine removed. Not even a year later had my uterus removed :rofl::woman_shrugging:

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Get them removed. No side effects and 100% effective. Do some research before you do anything!

The pain after surgery sucks… it’s hard to raise up or move… but my periods are shorter now like 4 days instead of 7 and I don’t have painful cramping anymore. But I can tell when I ovulate bc it’s light cramping then too.

I had a tubal ligation. Which I think is better. It completely removes your tubes. I had it done at 23 after 2 kids. It was really easy on me. 2 stitches under my belly button and 2 above my pelvic bone. Can barely see the scar now at 30. Nothing changed for me except my periods are never late or early. They are always on time. No extra bleeding it’s the same as before.
As for the surgery it’s self. I was in and out in under 4 hours. There really wasn’t much pain. I think I took the pain meds for 2 or 3 days and was up on my feet. I had some bruising on my tummy. But I also bruise really easily.
Honestly I don’t regret it one bit. I would rather have some heavy bleeding 5-7 days a month then take harmful birth control.
I have some pictures of my stomach right after if you want to see them

I had mine done and have painful heavy periods and worse pms symptoms. It was still worth it.