Advice on head banging?

Any advice on head banging my 12yrs daughter she cant sleep without banging her head i tried taking her to the dr when she was 3yrs old they said its nothing


Sounds like you need to go to a different doctor that will take you seriously.


My son dose this I took him to Neuro theraputics and turns out he is autistic seek a different dr


Make some calls. Especially not at 12


You haven’t taken her to a doctor for it in 9 years…??


Ok, at three years old it could have been nothing but when it kept up, you really needed to bring it up again.
Which is exactly what you need to do now. This sounds very much like a sensory seeking behavior.


Why did you wait 9 years to find a different dr for a second opinion?


It’s a sign of vaccine toxicity, not all bodies can remove the heavy metals, and if she has the MTHFR mutation it causes the heavy metals to cross the blood brain barrier.


My sister did this for years. It was just a comfort thing for her. She eventually stopped but it took a long time.

Ask her why she does that. She can answer why now.

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Keep going to the doctors don’t give up until you find out what is the problem.

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Schedule an appointment with a neurologist


My little brother did this. Started when he was in the crib. He would rock his body back and forth until he started banging his head. My parents padded that crib but he would find a way and continue. Doctor thinks it was stress. My grandmother’s boyfriend was a real jerkoff so there was a lot of conflict in our home (we lived upstairs they lived downstairs) once the boyfriend was gone he stopped banging his head. Honestly it was several years before they figured it out.

Something is wrong and old doctor you got there ain’t no help, get her new doctor.

My husband use to head bang in his sleep. All through his childhood up to about a few years into our marriage. He didnt do it every night, but he did it often. About 5 years ago, he got diagnosed with sleep apena. After he started using his C-Pap machine, he just stopped!

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My sister couldn’t fall asleep without banging her head back and forth. It will go away in due time . It would drive me and my family crazy lol

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My nephew did that all his life. Its a relaxation method even though it sounds weird. Please dont listen to all theses crazy things…

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My nephew does it and at the age of 5 my sister found out it’s a sign of autism

That’s a sensory issue. Talk to her doctor and get a referral to a developmental pediatrician.

You mean rocking? Like my daughter would sit and bang her self against the back of the couch, or in the car. She rocks on her side to fall asleep, sometimes rather violently, but doesn’t bang laying down. Not sure how she could, anyway. My mother did this. I did this. She does it. It’s a sensory calming technique. I did it in the car until like 15, but it inadvertently relieved motion sickness. My daughter has ADHD and some ASD symptoms, but no comfortable diagnosis. Neither my mother, nor myself were diagnosed autistic, and never had any social issues, or symptoms. Idk. If it doesn’t hurt her and she has no other ASD/ADD/ADHD/SPD symptoms then… who cares?


Have you asked about it since then.? I’d take her back and ask about it , my son did it until a. Few months ago but he’s only 20 months , the Ped said that a child stops around the age of 2-3 (if they do it ).

My brother did this for many years when he was younger and he was completely healthy then and still is.

Find another dr and get her tested for autism!! Its an early sign of autism. I know she is 12 now but that doesnt mean she doesnt have it. My 7yr old ss was doing it when he was little and we just had autism testing done as my sister mentioned it.

My brother in law still does this at the age of 40

My son did this starting at 18 mos… took me 3 drs to finally get a referral to neuro. At the age of 4, full work up, scans and sleep study finally done. He woke 96 times in 6 hours. They prescribed an anti seizure medication to help “shut his brain off” to sleep. This was not okay with me, I researched and treated him with topical lavender and diffused it also. This calmed him to sleep without headbanging or body rocking most nights. He is now 10 and we no longer need to use the lavender. Best of luck to you and you daughter.


I did it for much of my childhood (toddler) and it continued well into my 20s it was just a means of comfort for me. It doesn’t affect anything as far as I’m concerned my GP just co-signed it as a means of comfort. It became less needed as I grew older but I don’t think it warrants attention if there aren’t any noticeable effects.


Ehh my 3yr old does this every single day. It runs in the family no issues mentally. Just a self soothing thing. Since 4 months old

Head banging is a sign of sensory autism. Not saying that this is the issue but might wanna look into it

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My brother use to do that when he went to sleep… It’s a comfort just like sucking your thumb

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My mom rocks back and forth in her bed to this day to fall asleep. It’s a self-soothing thing most likely. I would get a second opinion if she is hurting herself or bruising herself on walls etc though.

My oldest daughter use to hop(moving her legs) while going to sleep.

That’s a sign of autism she could just have it slightly & that’s why it hasn’t been noticed by doctors or yourself.

My 3 year old has done it all her life. She used to hit her head so much, it would bruise. She rarely does it now, usually when she’s overwhelmed or anxious. But, it was her calming/coping mechanism.
Also, just because it CAN be an early sign of autism does not mean that it is. My daughter had most of the early signs and she’s not autistic. She was slow on walking at 16 1/2 months, just started to talk around her 3rd birthday, won’t keep eye contact, gets overwhelmed very easily, has MAJOR meltdowns/tantrums over nothing and some others. But, she’s fine. She’s just a bit more sensitive and a little behind on learning than the average kid.
Don’t listen to everyone who screams a diagnosis at you when all they have is a Google degree.


My oldest did this from birth to 21 yrs, when he was a teen his Dr said it was a form of sleep walking

My 18 year old brother used to do this when he was younger but now he rolls himself back and forth to sleep. Some people do it and grow out of it and others don’t. Just depends on whats comfortable for her.

It sounds like a sensory disorder, they crave it and need it to go to sleep. If your doctor cant help you there are brushing techniques to help, you can find them on YouTube

You need to see a psycologist

It could be autism or it could also be a form of OCD. It would be good to get her evaluated by a developmental team or a developmental psychologist.

My son did this. Later was diagnosed with asburgers. Mild atisum

Maybe but her a special pillow to do it on

I would get another doctors opinion. There a huge difference between a 3 year and a 12 year old doing it.


Please take your child to a doctor. A different one. Do not ask facebook for medical answers.


Could be that she has done it for so long that now it’s the best way for her to relax to get to sleep (comforting.) I used to rock myself back and forth and sometimes I find it helpful if I’m restless and can’t stop thinking about things.

I do this, so does my son, and others in my family (not enough to hurt us, at all). It’s honestly just a habit for us. It could be the same thing for your daughter (it’s just oddly comforting).

I mean, it’s normal for most 3 year olds… but she’s 12. If she’s been doing it since 3 still, you should have been taken her back to the doctor…


Oh my god everybody and there Google phds need to get a grip i know 30 yesr olds that have to do this too get comfortable, it’s perfectly fucking fine, not everything needs a label

i might have mentioned it again in the last 9 years to the pediatrician. Surely you have to know what’s “normal” or “nothing” at 3 years old but continues on may no longer be normal or nothing, right? it’s like saying your toddler is playing with their poop being told it’s normal at that age but when the kid is 12 they’re still doing it it’s obvi a problem.

Mine did this from three on and still does she is 8 now sherocks on couch and tosses and turns in bed .and she also has adhd.i tell her to stop rocking on couch if doesnt I hold arm against her tostop.

Well shes 12 now , somethings not right . Back to a Doctor .

Sounds like autism symptoms