Advice on how to suction boogers out of my childs nose?

Hey, so I’m needing advice on how to auctions the boogies out of my daughter nose? She’s 9 months old and seriously screams, cries, turns her head, and flails her arms so I can’t get to her nose. She screams and cries so much her face turns red and she sounds like she’s being murdered but she’s so stuffy I just want to get the boogies out. What do I do?


It’s normal. All kids do that.

Nose Frida. I used something to distract them.


It’s normal but maybe try when she’s napping or at night while in a deep sleep

Normal but use the nose frida

Baby saline nose drops help huge.


Saline drops and the nose frida!

Get the nose frida and have someone else hold her down for you. My 9 month old does the same thing. Also saline before and then after you suck it out saline again and let it sit. It works to clear the mucus in the back of the throat/nose

Sit with her in the bathroom and let the hot shower run. The steam from the hot water makes it easier to clear my lo’s nose or clears the boogies completely!


We have had better luck just putting a drop of saline nose spray in each nostril. A few minutes later she sneezes all the boogies out :joy:


There is a vapor bath (Johnson’s vapor bath) that I used for my kids when they weren’t feeling well and when they play in the tub for a while they would sneeze and a whole
Bunch of the mucus would come out and they’d sleep good after. Just have a tissue or something ready to get it when they sneeze

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This sounds bad but my son is the same way. I sit in the floor with him legs out in a v and hold his arms down with my legs. Then with my thighs I keep his head up right. We use a bulb suction but any type this way would work. You get saline spray for babies, two puffs in a nostril then suck out the boogies. Then repeat on the other side. Once your done give them big hugs till they are done crying. It sounds mean but they feel so much better once the boogies are gone.
When I worked in the hospital on the pediatric unit we would do almost the same thing to kiddos but with our arms.
They aren’t a huge fan of it at all but it will help them get better


Mine did the same thing, I made sound effects and did stuff that would make him laugh so he would let me.

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Saline drops in combination with the nose frida has been a life saver for me! :muscle:


Yeah that sounds about normal LOL do the best you can and hold her still no babies like getting the Boogie’s out

Baby nasal aspirator. I use hydrasense with saline water.

Sometimes ya just have to power through the awfulness to bring them relief. I hate it and it breaks my heart every time…but it’s gotta be done

Nose Frida. My son was this way but had major booger problems. He screamed like I was murdering him anytime I cleaned him nose the nose Frida didn’t stop it but made getting everything out a lot easier.


Sounds mean, but swaddle her in a towel, straddle over her & get in there.


Use the green suction bulb. :woman_shrugging:

So, I always liked using my breast pump with the nose Frieda. It had way better suction.

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This is one of the Top things I hated to do with my babies, they cooperated better with dad.
So dad is dubbed the Boogie Man. He uses the Nose frieda and nasal saline.


Use your leg as to trap their legs and one arm to hold their arms while using your remaining hand to get the suction in their nose…
Sounds mean but sometimes it’s the only way :sweat_smile:
I used this tactic when my daughter didn’t want her diaper changed lol

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My son has sinus issues n ever since he was a few wks old I put the water as hot as it will go (shower) n turn fan off so it gets really steamy then turn the temp down n bring him in w me, it will loosen up the boogers so its easier to get em out.

Just hold her down and get it done but it’s not safe to do this more than 2 or 3 times in a day. Saline in her nose can be used as often as needed to help her little nose.

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Swaddle her up so she can’t get out. I had to do it with my girl when she was young and then use the lil suction thingy … it works

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Make it fun by making silly sounds a doing the (airplane) movements is what worked for my daughter. She thought it was a game after that and loves getting it done now lol

Do it anyways. Kids never like the stuff that is good for them. :roll_eyes:
Just get everything out & ready then just hurry up & do it. The faster, the better, & the less crying you’ll have to deal with.

I use saline drops, I wont use the suction balls on my kids noses because I remember my parents holding me down and doing it to me, when the suction happened I couldn’t breath and it sent me into a complete panic.

no baby likes it you can try with making her laugh by sucking her arm and belly with it but when it comes down to it… your just gunna have to hold her down and do it… it sucks but… ya gotta

Best after a bath, the moister will soft the boogers then swaddle her plug one nostril while you suction the other.
My son would fight kick scream his little head off he even kicked me in the throat at 10 months, she’ll be happy once the boogers are out and she can breathe better.

My baby doesn’t mind it unless she is really congested. Then She fights me. I try to hold something above her to make her look up and away (distraction) while I suction. Or will have my husband distract her.

I have to put both my legs over him and hold my sons arms down so that I can do it. He hates it, and he screams, but it needs to be done. He just gets lots of snuggles and kisses after

I would get the bathroom nice and steamy, sleep her up right and use the nose freda… The bulb never worked for me. Humidifier is good too if you put the baby vapor rub… But just hold her down and get it done with. Thats all you can do, i swear once its over they realize why you did it, because they are breathing better… but it still always sucks

Honestly there’s no other way to do it besides holding her down so she doesn’t move and u can clear out her nose… she will b upset but it needs to b done. Comfort her afterwards

When my daughter had to get stitches the med tech put her arms to her sides sliding them into a pillow case and laid her on her back that way she couldnt sit up or use her hands into her face while they worked on her.

You could try that. That way you only have to worry about her legs and her head turning.

Do it anyways. It used to take my husband pinning our boys arms and holding his head while i suctioned with the nose frida. Over in seconds but yeah red and screamed bloody murder.

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Honestly. I have resorted to using nasal spray (the baby stuff) which lets it drip out of his nose then wipe with a wipe.

Use saline drops first and wait about 5 mins and swaddle her then suction them out, the should be loosened up and easy to get fast. I’ve always wondered about the irrigation method with the saline in one side and out the other but haven’t tried as of yet.

Saline spray. Fill er up and let her leak out the snot onto a tissue.

I fought with my son trying to use the snot sucker. But he’d hold perfectly still for his Aunt Tammy. Little shit lol. Anyways like the NIKE commercial say Just Do It lol :joy: swaddling iS a good idea to hold her still.

Go to a chiropractor so they can get the neck aligned so everything drains properly and you won’t have as much problems. Dairy products also make too much causes mucus.

My mom used Vicks product.

In asda they have something called snuffles x

Blow In one nostril with your mouth and all the boogers will come out on her other side of her nose sounds nasty but it works

NoseFrida the SnotSucker Nasal Aspirator

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Get a chair go into the bathroom turn the shower only on hot and steam the room out it will soften the boogers and it should slide down stay in there for at least 15 mins

You might wanna join a moms group for this they have tons of them

You’re auctioning off boogers? Are these famous boogers?

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Wait till she is asleep.

Hold her down and just do it