Advice on lice?

What are your experiences with lice? I have a three-year-old who got it. We used over the counter lice medicine twice. It didn’t work, so I just used a prescription. Hoping this is it, all I’ve been doing is combing, washing, vacuuming! I’m so afraid they are going to return. Also, how is your school/daycare in dealing with this? Mine said, “oh, we haven’t had any of that here,” then said they’d tell all parents. I never got an email or paper note about it, which worries me that they haven’t told other parents to check their kids. I asked, and they said they sent out an email, but I guess the just took me off that email list? Seems fishy. Anyhow this has definitely been an adventure!


checking their hair yourself every day is a start

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Reach out to other parents, they should know.

This is what helped my girls tried almost everything and this plus the lice comb alot of conditioner daily and washing bedding constantly did the trick

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I would put regular conditioner on their dry hair and comb it by parts then wash it every night with lice shield

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My dr told me that there’s very little difference between the OTC lice treatment and the prescription. :woman_shrugging: told me to save my money

I use LiceFree spray. Saturate the hair and let it dry. I put a shower cap on my kids hair and have them go to bed with it wet. In the morning you can each it out in the bathtub and see the lice floating. It also permeates the eggs and kills them before they hatch. Best thing I’ve found yet.

Are you washing the bedding, clothing, stuffed animals, backpacks, car seats etc. those are commonly forgotten! Good luck! I pray we never get it :crossed_fingers:t2:

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The comb alone is worth it!

We use everything we had to go to doctor to get something

Flat iron her hair also helps. The heat helps kill the eggs.

Get olive oil. Drench your head with it. Get a REAL lice comb. Not the ones in the store boxes, they will miss lice. Comb and comb and comb and comb. Wash out and dry then comb again. For the next three night drench hair in olive oil again and wash out then comb in the morning.
Sleep with the olive oil in your hair those next three nights


Get a steel lice comb. Use rubbing alcohol wet all the head and hair make sure it doesnt get on their eyes. Cover the hair for at least 3 to 4 hours. The lice are dormant and can survive for hrs. But the as alcohol burns them and dries them.

Walmart carries tea tree oil, get some and pour it in a full shampoo bottle. Thatll help keep them away after youve cleared their heads of lice. I read that online. But check yourself and read it for yourself beforehand.

When my daughter got it none of the otc stuff worked. I soaked her hair in petroleum jelly and left it in for a day. Used dawn soap and baby powder ro get it out. It was a PAIN but it worked. After that I dyed her hair once every 6 weeks (same color as her natural hair). Never got lice again.

Apple cider vinegar (to dissolve the glue like substance on the eggs) all over the head. Let it dry.
Rinse, cover the head in coconut oil (to suffocate live lice) and comb comb comb.

I literally hate this I check their hair everyday when I brush it and I put boo spray everyday

Our area has professional lice removal salons… you could check into that

Tea tree oil in her shampoo will prevent it

Lice actually like clean hair, so after treatment and your sure theirs no nits… use oils or gel tee tree oil
Is supposed to help… anything greasy they can’t attach to …

Tea tree oil for prevention in shampoo.
Wash dry everything, if can’t dry dag it and spray with Lysol.

Use prescription lice medicine not stupid home remedies. But also wash EVERYTHING buy lice spray for furniture. Bag up what can’t be washed like stuffed animals. They need to be bagged for 2 weeks to kill all lice and eggs. Also add tea tree oil to their shampoo and use that. It’ll help keep them away once you get rid of them.

Mix tree oil in shampoo use all the time

My parents would box dye my hair when I was younger and got lice. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I used pink oil moisturizer lotion everyday on my kids hair for several months plus keep the hair braided while at school

I bought an electric hair comb for lice from Walgreens. Zaps the stupid little things.

There is a lice prevention shampoo out there. I used it for myself after I got it really bad in high school. I got it at wal mart. The daycare should take more action in telling the parents. I’d ask about it again.

My oldest daughter had it in November for a mouth and I had to ask the doctor for a prescription and also soak your brushing in the lice treatment and also throw away any hair ties… You can also use Teatree oil shampoo and conditioner or go to the dollar store or Walmart and buy tea tree oil and make sure it’s 100% and add that to your conditioner and shampoo. Hood Luck Momma!! I know how Stressed it is

Nyda lice shampoo works and put tea tree oil In the shampoo to prevent

Oil, baby oil, cooking oil mayonnaise. Anything like that. Let it sit in her hair for 6 or 7 hours. It suffocates them. I also makes the nits come out way easier. Wash all bedding, clothes, anything you can put in the washer, put in there in super hot water. Shampoo your mattresses, couches, carpets rugs plus spray it with the lice spray. Stuffed animals, dolls eat put in a plastic bag for at least 7 days. I do 14, but what ever you decide.

Mayonnaise and cover it for 30 minutes… it will suffocate the eggs and lice… then comb out

Mouth wash, listerine brand.

Tea tree shampoo and sprays will repel lice! If your child has lice, bag up stuffed animals and bedding for two days and then throw the bedding in the wash and dry on high for two hours. Mayo in the hair works too as it suffocates the lice and it nourishes the hair etc.

rubbing alcohol leave in for an hour use a plastic cap wash hair use a nit comb and it will get rid of them

Whatever product you use, you need to treat the hair weekly for 3 weeks so that if you miss any eggs you catch them in the next treatment. Make sure you change all linen and also check your own hair and anyone else in the house.

For the treatment of lice use apple cider vinegar for the hair. Works wonders got it from my niece last year and I did it then we did it to my niece

And also Schools do not have to tell anybody about it and they also do not check kids for it

I used over the counter like 7 different times. Combed countless times and flat ironed.

Make sure the rest of the kids at nursery have their hair done or she will keep getting them x

Use olive oil. Drench their head in olive oil. It suffocates the lice and ruins the eggs. Leave in for two hours. Comb through. Wash. Blow dry their hair until they complain about how hot their head is. Wash all bedding and dirty clothes. Put all stuffed animals and pillows into the dryer for 20 mins. There was an epidemic when my kids were little. The school district had to step in and do a head check on all 900 students every day for two weeks. So many people were sending their kids in with lice, it was appalling.

My kids school does NOT notify if your child has been exposed, which I cannot believe. I bought some lice prevention shampoo off Amazon— it’s Fairy Tales Lice Prevention and a spray to spray on hair before school. It has tea tree oil, peppermint oil and rosemary.

Cover her face and pour a bottle of rubbing alcohol on her scalp wrap in a towel for 10-15min…will kill the bugs…they will run right out! I’m not a pediatrician or medical anything! I just know from my experience!


It took about a month before I could see no nits.

Empty vacuum outside in a bag.
Vacuum bedding
Also use tea tree oil shampoo and daily spray.

And ask about them treating the class room

You can also put olive oil in her hair brad it for a the next day or 2 while she’s at school

Also treat everyone that’s in the home

Ask one of the other parents if they got an email during passing at dropoff

Coconut or teatree oil repels them. Have your daughter use a shampoo with that in it every day and it will help keep them away. (After you’re sure she no longer has them)

Olive oil and sleep in a shower cap. Comb them out the next day and repeat as necessary. Make sure you’re washing bedding in hot water

Get some of the spray and spray your car, car seats and any hats too!

The only thing that worked for us was something called lice free spray. Tea tree, coconut oil, medicated shampoo’ fairy tales did nothing.

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I did the otc love treatment and then once their har dried I ran my straightener highest temp which is 400 or so and pulled out tiny sections (not so tiny it would burn their hair but not too thick) and straightened their hair. I also used heat protectant . But I figured we wash and throw everything in the dryer this has to work. I didn’t have any problems and seemed like that killed the little eggs too. The days after I would but baby gel in their hair since it’s like oil and have their hair in braids so their hair wasn’t loose.

Hand sanitizer works great and is easier to put in hair then rubbing alcohol… the alcohol suffocates them almost instantly… I also have a sanitize option on my dryer for pillows, stuffed animals and couch cushions…

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Tea tree oil. Also put some in their shampoo for future prevention!

Couple things, mayonnaise!! Comb through with a nit comb, be sure to get behind the ears and around the hairline REEEEEALLLY well. Stick a plastic bag on it for at least a half hour. Wash out. They also have new stuff on the market that has a comb that zaps and kills live bugs as well as eggs. I would suggest rubbing alcohol if she were older but since she isn’t, I’ll avoid that topic lol. And tea tree oil! Her hair might look greasy, but lice HATE it and its a natural repellant.

Tea Tree oil to prevent them! Dry all the blankets and sheets clothes before washing them, the heat will kill them Any stuffed animals or toys that have fabric put them in trash bags for like a week or 2. It will help kill any on them.

Mayo under a shower cap all night wash out in the morning then comb out

This is old school but baby oil for 24hour.with shower cap on

Doing the hair treatment and vacuuming isn’t enough. Me and my sister got lice from school quite a few times when we were younger and the only way we were able to get rid of it was taking everything in the house, clothes, bedding, stuffed animals ect to the laundry mat and washing it all. This was in addition to treating the mattresses and couches and vacuuming. You might kill the ones living on her head at that moment and getting some eggs off the ground but they get in any cloth.

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Have to wash and dry everything fabric, all stuffed toys, clothes and bedding in the house. Heat of the dryer is what kills…
Put all hair brushes and hair ties in bleach for a night.
Treatment needs to be 7-10 days apart.

If you treat too soon after 1st treatment, the lice build up immunity to the shampoos.

Get some lice shield they have spray as well as shampoo it helped us a lot I ordered it on amazon

Put mayo in her hair over night and then wash it and then go buy tea tree oil and put it in the shampoo and use coconut shampoo and also spray her hair once a day with the tea tree oil and make sure you wash and heat everything. We just went through lice 3 weeks ago thanks to school and the whole classroom ended up with it

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Mayo in the hair then put a shower cap on. Let her sleep in it and wash it out in the morning with lice shampoo. Killed all of my lice when i was a kid.

This is the stuff I thought worked the best.

Tea tree, peppermint essential oils helps. But none of the shampoo helps eggs. You have to comb out good. Blow dry and flat iron. Repeat . Clean ALL frabric. Never sleep on sheets until they are washed and dried. You can spray your house (couches,carpet etc for extra precaution)

My daughter caught it from her school back in October. I bought her a license kit and I did the mayonnaise in her hair and then I did Vaseline in her hair. Washed all her blankets, pillows, and stuff animals that were in her bed. It was gone the next day. I checked it regularly everyday with the lice comb and it never came back.
Her school is not allowed to notify parents when there’s a lice break out.
I was also using the lice shield shampoo and she still got it. Her hair has never been down in school either. I always have it up with gel and stuff in a crazy hairstyle.

I had to have kids put coat in dryer when they got home hey hung there coats up next to each other so figured that was where they got the lil buggers

Our school lets us know when our children have been exposed. But the nurse told me that the best thing for me todo is try to wash her hair every other night to every 3 day’s and then use hairspray or dry shampoo to help it. They love clean hair!! So putting product in the hair helps. Also wash everything from bed to stuffed animals. Anything your can’t wash like certain pillows and stuffed animals they make a spray. Spray them and put them in a dark trash bag for 2 weeks. It’s a lot of maintenance. But it works…Good luck!!!

Vinager wrap with shower cap 44min they will die

Smoother the lice, I used Vaseline for 8 hours two days in Row. After the 8 hours I washed with dish soap to cut through the Vaseline combed and removed all lice and nits then a thin layer of olive oil (use an old sheet or towel and old pillow case). Repeat on day two. Check over the next two weeks. I only used this method and they never returned.

Daughters had super thick hair put cocunut oil on it in a shower cap.all night then combed out tears and their hair was super shiny after.

My daughter had it
long ago
But i washed everything then treated her hair
Combed her hair every morning and evening for 7 days then treat again and repeat combing every morning and evening for an additional 7-10 days
It takes patience and time

Coconut oil. Also helps to only wash hair once a week

Prescription lice shampoo a must !!! Wash all bedding and go thru hair every day and cut out eggs

Check your area for a professional salon that specializes in lice removal

I just condition andd comb every single day better to prevent than wait till they have them then treat
Half the over the counter stuff is over priced and hardly works
Yes it’s a ball ache to do their hair every single day but it dose keep them at bay

Our school no longer checks for it because it isn’t considered a contagious disease.

As annoying as this will sound it will work. First OTC meds, wait 6 days RX and each time pick through the hair do not comb! I found more by picking each strand than using a comb.

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Wash all bedding and wipe everything down with lysol

In my experience with 2 littles in public school… coconut oil didn’t help mine …
Treatment and tons of combing …
As a daily preventive measure however I have found 10-15 drops of teatree in a spraybottle 1/4 -1/3 full of Mouthwash and topped up with water sprayed on hair daily … long hair Up poney bun or braides and a little extra spritz once its up

They have a lice remover as well. If the lice come back coat their hair in mayonnaise (I know sounds gross) then plastic wrap it (to make sure the parasites suffocate) leave on for about 30 minutes to 1 hour and shampoo out. (May take 2 or 3 shampooings)


Please make sure to clean your car and car seat! Everyone focuses on their house but neglects the car… also find a professional lice treatment center in your area. About $100 but so worth it!

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Never used chemicals, just tea tree conditioner lathered only and a nitty gritty comb every other day for 3 weeks then check every week. It’s part of normal school life. Often got letters home about a class. Just have to get on with it.

You have to pick every single lice out of their hair everyday until they are all gone . We used clothespins to pin up my daughters thick hair and would go through one section at a time . Also , as previously stated , wash sheets in hot water and change them daily . Throw pillows away . Put all things you want to save like stuffed animals etc. in trash bags and seal it tight for a few months . Floors vacuumed daily and sofas and beds sprayed down with the special spray . All of this is done after her treatment ( we used the prescription) . My daughters hair was so thick and long I had to cut about 8 inches of her hair off myself . The Robi Comb can be ordered on line and works great ! Good luck . I know it’s a nightmare . Just know eventually they grow up and don’t get lice anymore ! But , I would speak to principal and make certain a proper note goes home to every parent … otherwise it just spreads through the whole school !

There is also a lice treatment called lice shield it’s in a green bottle treats them then there’s a shield to keep them away. Hope this helps

Also , there is a lice prevention shampoo and also the spray . Works great !

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I teach elementary and I see it every year. The only way I know kills it all is hair dye…cheap Wal-Mart stuff. Adding teatree oil drops into shampoo bottle helps prevent.

My oldest seems to get lice every year from school.
We just use the otc treatment every 7 days, sometimes we need a prescription. And then we get the spray for the furniture.
Their school does not inform other parents that someone has lice, and they say as long as they have a treatment every 7 days until they’re gone they can be in school.

Sometimes goes from jacket to jacket at coat rack at school

Take it into your own hands And notify as many parents as you can and or report the school to board of health and safety.

Saturate there hair in oil for 8 hours. Put a shower cap on while the oil is in the hair. Always worked for my daughter when she was younger. Add tea tree oil in the shampoo to help keep them away.

Thank goodness I have boys I can just shave their heads lol

Lice Clinics of America

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I may be old school when my 2 year old got them we used diesel fuel killed them immediately then just rinsed his hair good

We used mayonnaise on my one child’s head and put a plastic cap on and let it set for an hour a believe. They were dead and no more issues

Just experienced this for the 2nd time with my daughter. We put tea tree oil in our shampoo and conditioner. We washed and dried everything imaginable on hot or high heat.
I took four hours to comb though her hair. I do not even waste my time with the nit comb that you can buy. I take a tweezers and pull the entire hair out and rest the hair on a paper towel. Then I pop the nit with the opposite end of the tweezer. If I find live louse I get a piece of tape and catch them that way. Those little buggers are sneaky. I continue to go through hair until finished and then do a treatment. Then wash hair. Then go through hair again. Picking out with tweezers. I did it twice a day for two days and now will do it once a day for the next 5 until I do another treatment. I also used a blow dryer to help dry and locate pests.

After you treat it go buy lady bug lice replant and put it in the hair as the box says.

There’s fairytale lice spray on Amazon for a preventative

Add tea tree oil to her shampoo or take a spray bottle and mix the oil with water and spray it on and brush it in.

Call your physician and they can call in Splice

I’m a preschool teacher and we see this every year. Make sure you comb out all the nits or they will just keep coming back. Vaccum the floors, wash anything soft that can be washed and if can’t be washed spray rubbing alcohol on it.

My kiddo hasn’t ever gotten it. My nice on the other hand had it for quite a long time. She was in my house daily.
After reading up on everything, I kinda got the feeling it’s not as big of a deal as it sounds
Yes, it’s gross. Yes, it needs to be remedied quickly. But even with her on my furniture, I didn’t get it. And I have hair down to my butt.
I tried the store-bought kits and it didn’t do anything. Multiple treatments that made her poor little scalp raw.
I gave her dad a bottle of tea tree oil to put in her shampoo, and he didn’t use it.
I loaded my own shampoo up with the oil, put it in my son’s shampoo bottle as well, and bought a bottle of Fairy Tales detangling spray. The one for lice, with the red top.
That stuff is a dang miracle. And it smells nice.
Her lice case was gone shortly after I started using the spray.
Lice love clean hair. They lay their eggs just a couple inches from the scalp because it’s the perfect temp and humidity level for the eggs to develop. A louse won’t survive long on furniture or carpet because they need warmth and humidity, and of course blood. It’s like taking an egg out from under a chicken. Wash the things that can be, bag up and freeze what can’t. Or just bag it up and tie it tight. Use a vacuum to suck out the air. They’ll be dead in a week.

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Bag up all the toys change sheets spray bed