Advice on looking for a babysitter?

Hi, I’m kinda in a stuck situation where I’m having to look for a babysitter. It’s my first time so I’m not too sure what to ask or what to look for. I really just want them to be safe and taken care of. Could i please get opinions/advice? I’ve asked for CPR Certification, references, to do meet and greets and to check/ have a tour their house that the kids will be watched in. But I’m so nervous and just need a little help on what to look for. Thanks so much!


In home private care provider here.

Make sure you get a background check. Is under $50 at the police dept. Ask provider for a portfolio and any written recommendations they have from other parents. CPR and First aid are a must. We have an anti choke device in our home. Ask about discipline methods and mentality on developmental stages. Who all will be in and out of the home. If they have an appointment who will watch the child during that time. Do you want them driving with baby? You can check their driving record. Ask about carseat installation. What are their emergency plans? It’s summer time will there be water play? Do they know about sunscreen application and how often?


As a parent, the struggle is SO REAL & it’s so scary this day in age to have to trust another person with your children. It’s been a huge fear of mine that’s kept me from being able to use a sitter very much if ever. Always trust your gut, even if EVERYTHING seems to be in order, all the boxes are checked & it seems like a great fit… still if something feels off, it probably is. If age appropriate, teach your kids things about body boundaries, not keeping secret & etc before they start staying in someone else’s care so you know that are prepared to communicate with you about things. If you can, take your time, meet with them several times, beyond the background checks and certifications. Call people, personal & professional references to see how the act & or interact with others in all settings to see their true character. Set specific ground rules about you being able to FaceTime during their stay and or show up unexpectedly (unscheduled early) pickup to get your child to see how they are being cared for when they aren’t preparing for your arrival and lastly listen to your kiddo, if they don’t want to go, other than possibly separation anxiety or a little adjustment period , LISTEN TO THEM there’s probably a reason…. Kids are so in tune with people’s character sometimes. Best of luck momma, I wish you the best & hope you find a wonderful sitter for your family!

Don’t know ur location but if it is shreveport bossier use A Parent’s blessing I ab love them with my 2 girls! They have some really amazing ladies

Ask any questions u have and go with ur gut feeling

Def listen to your gut. Are you looking at daycares or in home?

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Check the registered sex offender registry after you find out who lives in the house - even the adult children. I can’t tell you the number of times kids are in danger due to this alone. Also in many states you can look up any criminal court records. Every order of protection is a red flag for me- but numerous orders of protection against several different people tells me someone is unstable - or make piss poor choices . Or both.


Not kidding!

Use to check whoever your deciding on once you narrowed down your choices.

Questions to ask:

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