Advice on my relationship?

So me and my boyfriend have been together for 9 months....we moved kinda fast because we felt it was right...he was with his ex before me for 12 years...and we had starting talking about a month after they split....well in the past few months he has asked for space and wanted me to leave because he says he has fallen out of love with me and wants to figure out what he wants....i left for a weekend so that my kids didn't miss school because we had already enrolled them here...I'm head over heels for this man and all of my kids love him to death as well....since he said that I have tried talking to him and and tried getting him to go out on dates with me so that we can spend one on one time together but he isn't budging...he works and comes home and works in his garage...he will come in and eat and sit on his phone all night...I do everything around the house....cook clean take care of the kids...when I take the kids to go do something he has no interest in joining anymore...I'm trying so hard to fight for our relationship but I feel like I'm not getting anything in return....part of me believes he still wants to be with his ex but she has moved on and moved out of state with her fiancé....when they talk they only talk about their 2 kids they have together....he says that his ex has nothing to do with what he's dealing with and I want to believe him but its hard....he says he wants me here because he's afraid if he tells me to leave that he feels it would be a mistake....I'm trying to get him to try and want this relationship but its like he has nothing left to give....I keep telling him all the time that he is a good man and he is worth it but its like he doesn't believe it in himself...

What do I do??? Please don’t be rude I’m trying so hard here…just need some positive advice or encouraging words.

I would suggest maybe therapy?? Either separate or as a couple. Whatever he’s going through he needs to get it out, & it’s not fair to keep you on the back burner just because he isn’t sure. I would give him time… maybe a couple weeks? But after that I would leave. I know you love him but it’s not fair to keep you in the back like that because he “doesn’t want to make a mistake” especially when you do everything around the house and for the kids.