Advice on ovarian cyst?

Has any one on here ever had an ovarian cyst? I’ve had one since last Wednesday, and here we are a week later, I’m still throwing up, in unbearable pain. When I went to the doc, they said I’d have to wait 6 weeks to see if my medication has made it go down, and if it hasnt, I would have my ovaries removed…I really dont want to go back to the er, but I REALLY cant go another 5 weeks like this


I have, I’ve never had it last a whole week though. Maybe get a 2nd opinion. That’s rough. Sorry Mama❤

If your still in pain it may be something more than ovarian cyst. They thought mine was a cyst and it ended up being between stage 3 and 4 endometriosis.

I’ve had them often… go back to the ER and demand treatment, whether it be surgery to remove the cyst or stronger meds.
Good luck! They sure are painful :persevere:


I have cysts on both ovaries. But they are too small to do anything with. Mine rupture and disappear and there is nothing that will touch that pain. I just got off my period and they hurt me every single day of my period.


Oh man I have no answers but I’ve experienced this and I ended up in the ER because mine burst, it’s unbearable I’m so sorry! Good luck, I hope you get answers soon and feel better :purple_heart:


I get them all the time they usually rupture on their own

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That doesn’t sound right at all I’m sorry.

I’ve had 3. One was an 8cm dermoid removed via surgery, another grew during pregnancy to 23cm complex and again removed via surgery… and the 3rd ruptured.

They are easily removed via surgery. I still have both ovaries and was able to have 2 more children following the surgeries.

You definitely need a second opinion.


Call your OBGYN in the morning. Unless you have a cyst on both ovaries, they won’t remove both. I had to have my right ovary removed a few years ago, and I do fine with one… estrogen levels are normal, and my periods are regular.

I got them all the time they sucked . Pain was ridiculous
Mine ruptured went away
But kept getting more . Never got any pain medication from doctors.

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I’ve been having cysts a both of my ovaries since 2011… The doctor won’t remove them unless they get the size of a golf ball… until then I just been in pain and dealing with them how ever I can

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I’ve had cysts since I was 13. I also had a cyst that twisted my ovary and cut the blood supply off which required emergency surgery. Since then I’ve had 3 more surgeries. I feel your pain. I wouldn’t wait that long so either get a second opinion or head back to the ER. Just don’t want I you to experience what I’ve been through. Feel better!!


I was diagnosed with a 6 cm ovarian cyst. A few years ago. Don’t vomit or have pain but then again I take a lot of turmeric for other ailments. See another GYN. I had two male GYNs tell me I need a hysterectomy. Saw a female surgeon who asked a few questions. Basically said if I’m not in pain, periods are regular, then don’t mess with it. That’s what I did. But you’re in pain. See another GYN.

Mine typically don’t become and issue until they rupture. A trip to the ER for some pain meds usually does the trick… sore for a few days afterwards maybe.
They do make my periods excruciating sometime.

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I definitely would get a second opinion, if possible go to a university hospital. I have a cysts on my ovary but they ruptured, when that happened I was doubled over and couldn’t walk for a couple of minutes. They told me mine was the kind that would ruptured and go away. You shouldn’t have to live in that kind of pain

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I started getting them on my right ovary at the age of 20. I was sick for a week and in so much pain. The hospital just gave me pain meds and said it was draining or it could sometimes burst. They said it wasn’t large enough to remove. The pain eventually stopped but at least once a month it would happen again. When I was 26 I got pregnant with my first child. I started getting really sick again with the cyst. They sent me home on a Tuesday and said it was draining. Sick and in unbelievable amount of pain all week. Early hours of Sunday morning was back in the er. I found out it was the size of a very large grapefruit. It had twisted my Fallopian tube 7-8 times which in turn killed my ovary. They rushed me back to surgery and removed all 3. They said I was lucky to be alive. So my advice is stay on your doctors and even go back to the er. I know it sucks , but it’s better to be safe.


I found two herbal teas and some herbs I was taking in April and by June my body was back together and cyst and fibroid tumor gone

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I don’t see why they would remove your ovaries. When I had one they just said if it didn’t go away they would just remove it. I’d try to get a second opinion. Heating pad will help too for the pain.


Get a second opinion

Yes I have very painful but I never had ovaries removed seek a second opinion

I had cysts repeatedly from age 16 until I finally had a hysterectomy at 32. It’s normal to have them but they normally rupture on their own. Mine never would. The biggest one I had was the size of a grapefruit. I had surgery every 6-8 months on average for 15 years. My drs tried everything and nothing helped. The hysterectomy was the absolute best thing I ever did. They can go in and remove only the cyst. If your Dr is insisting on removing the ovaries and this hasn’t been a constant, ongoing problem for you, get a second opinion!

You don’t have to get your ovaries removed. I’ve had cysts most went away, i had one surgically removed due to a blood vessel feeding it and making it more than double in size within 2 weeks. I was also told to wait 6 weeks but i was in so much pain i went to the e.r. If you feel it’s not getting better then go get checked out but most do go away on their own.

I have polycystic ovaries, which means I have several cysts in my ovaries pretty much all the time, the cysts usually burst on their own, and can be controlled with hormones. Go to a different obgyn if they are saying they will remove the entire ovary for 1 cyst, that sounds super wrong. Yes they are super duper painful, but I’ve dealt with them since 2007 without anyone ever saying they would remove my ovary.

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I get baseball sized cysts and they have been removed a couple times. They shouldn’t remove the ovary unless it is unhealthy to keep it.

Was in pain for 6 months, just didn’t want to go to the doctor, finally went to doctor and was told it was cyst and then told to wait another 6 months or longer for the pain to stop before I came back 🤷

Uhm, no. I had one and was in EXCRUCIATING pain. Tried to tough it out overnight but couldnt last. Went into the ER and several hours of them not believing me they found the cyst had ruptured and I was hemorrhaging internally. Emergency surgery to remove a litter sized blood clot and more blood from my abdomen. Got to keep the ovaries though! Listen to your body, dont let Drs bully you into not seeking help, be safe not sorry :heart: good luck!

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Definitely get a second opinion. I had a softball sized cyst that engulfed one ovary and that’s the only reason I had to have that ovary removed. I normally get cysts on my only ovary now but they always rupture/burst during my period. Theres not a lot of education about PCOS so I would definitely find a doctor who understands how to properly treat it.

I get them all the time. They burst then i’m fine.

I had a large one when I was pregnant with my twins. Because it continued to grow it actually caused my tube to twist on itself. Ovarian torsion I think it was called. Anyways the only way they determined it was twisted was because of the immense pain I was experiencing. Also being 7wks pregnant with twins probably added to the vomiting but idk. I had emergency surgery per my dr decision. They saved the ovary and twins had no complications from it. I definitely think you need to see someone who has more experience with something more than a cyst.

I’ve had endometriosis, cysts, and a ectopic. For me, when I had cysts they hurt but didn’t demobilize me until the were about to or in the process of rupturing. And endometriosis was a constant pain. I wouldn’t suggest having ur ovaries removed before trying other options. A week before my cycle and first three or four days of cycle was hell but I found taking transexamic acid (prescription tablets) GREATLY reduced pain. I’ve had two surgeries to remove the scar tissue which spreads everywhere and then got pregnant and it helped the endometriosis for well over a year. I personally would go back to the ER and demand treatment. My dr did not tell me to wait on medication. We scheduled surgery to removed tissue. He said they can’t tell how much scar tissue you have until they do a laparoscopy. Which is a very simple surgery and quick recovery. From what I’ve understood, most women have very small cysts every month that rupture but doesn’t feel as painful as women who only get a couple of the very very bigs ones. I just can’t stress finding out all ur options and getting other opinions on whether to remove ur ovaries. Good luck!!! I hope they treat you soon :heart:

I had 12 at once when I was 19 years old. I was put on an high estrogen birth control and went through hell for almost a year as they ruptured during my periods. That was over 20 years ago so I assume they have better options these days :grimacing:

I get them, they’re usually small and go away on their own. I would seek out a gynecologist and not an ER doctor

I had one on my right ovary doctors put me on the birth control. That help.

I had some before my kids, they hurt so bad. I couldn’t hardly do anything. Then it burst on Christmas eve, had to wait the day after to see Dr. Did ultra sound my ovaries were ok. The meds didn’t help me… Go to another Dr if needs be.

Yes. Occasionally i get them. They dont get to big but they burst most of the time for me. And yes if they dont burst or reduce in size you could have them potentially rip a flopian tube. My older sister had ones the size of grape fruits and she didnt have to have her ovaries removed just the cysts. But she did loose part of a flopian tube because one tore do to the size. And yes they can and are super painful. Birth control also helps to reduce the risk of having them.

Go to another doc. I had one years ago when I had my IUD. Once the iud was out the cyst disappeared and I’ve not had another since.

Get a 2nd opinion I had one went to the monster trucks for 1st time went to go to bathroom doubled over in pain and passed out went to er by ambulance they said I had a cyst that burst

I had one and didn’t know. I had no pain whatsoever until it ruptured. You dont have to get your ovaries removed. It will go away.

I have pcos. I learned about it after an MRI for kidney infection, doc saw and let me know. Normally they only hurt me when they rupture, but i have a ridiculously high pain tolerance. The longest its lasted is about 5 hours.

If you’re in pain, make an appointment with your primary care. Tell them its interfering with your ability to function and ask what your options are. That’s really all you can do.

They shouldn’t have to remove the entire ovary unless there is something else going on. The cysts can be removed. My sister had one for such a long time cause no one believed her about what was going on cause of her age and then one day it burst and she was in so much pain from it but she was able to get through that and it got better.

I had a room mate in college who’s cyst twisted and she had to be on pain killers till it untwisted. And then they wouldn’t do anything because it wasn’t causi g her pain anymore.

Get a second opinion. I had a small one that knocked me down for a couple days… Went to er they gave me pain meds… Followed up with my obgyn and it was bigger than the er said and it was removed with in 10 days. Mine was the size of 2 softballs by time of operation… They only took the one ovary that the cyst was connected to.

This is my post! My cyst is 4.9 cm on my right ovary…the ob that I was referred to gave me meloxicam and the birth control pill for hormones…still in pain and have dark brown discharge like blood

I had one, so painful. The pain lasted a week and then went away. It was the worst! I hope you feel better. I’m pregnant so they told me it’s common in the beginning of pregnancy.

Growing up my periods were terrible but I was “too young for endometriosis” to be considered. When I was 19 I thought I was LITERALLY going to die during one of my periods. Turns out I had a cyst on an ovary implode. My first period I was 13. 6 years I went through that pain every single month. After that my periods didnt hurt as bad.
I dont think they would remove your ovary just the cyst, could be wrong though.
I do know if any of my girls say their pain is unbearable I will fight for every option to be looked at.

Mine normally popped during sex, you’d feel really bad but fine after.

Be delivered in Jesus name Amene

Mine hurt all the time. Even worse in or after sex. My doctor said they’d have to take an ovary out because it was so big but refused to because I was still in my 20s and might want more children.

Try a heating pad to help. I have PCOS, so the pain from cyst it something that I am use to dealing with. If they gave you pain meds, make sure to take them a few minutes before you need to. That way there is no delay in relief

I’ve had PCOS for 20+ year. Had cysts rupture but never had my ovaries removed. I’d get a second opinion on that. Even when I had a hysterectomy he didn’t remove them. He just popped all the cysts at the time and left them. But all the above advise is good.


I would get a second opinion. I had a very large one and it caused a torsion, it cut the blood supply off to my ovary and it basically died. I had to have emergency surgery.

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Heating pad. Stay on top of pain meds and maybe add in between dose of ibuprofen. Soaking in a hot bath, and maybe ask doctor about Zofran, nausea meds. I haven’t needed my ovaries removed, but have had numerous cysts removed or rupture before.

Take vitamin E everyday

I’ve had 2 large ovarian cysts 11+cms in size removed by laparoscopic surgerys. To give you perspective your ovaries are about 2.5cms. It was excrutiating when those cysts twisted on themselves. You need to find out how large your cysts are. If large and they rupture that could cause peritonitis which can make you deathly ill. I did not have my ovaries removed. They sliced open the cysts and drained. Speaking of that it also depends on what the cysts are made of. Are they fluid filled or made of tissue. I advise seeking a second opinion if current Dr. does not have answers for you.

The pain is terrible.

Go to the Dr, best thing to do

Go back and get help. When you do be sure to tell the. You are there for help

Get a second opinion

I had one many years ago, they gave me strong antibiotics ,it was a fluid filled cyst, a few days after going to the hospital I had a sharp pain almost fainted, then almost immediately I felt well, it had busted,thank goodness

My daughter had one when she was 16 years old, years ago & it got removed, scraped. She had surgery done. But didn’t have her ovaries removed. Maybe, get a second opinion with another doctor. Plus, another cyst has formed again. The size of a grapefruit. She is pregnant right now & when she gets her cesarean they will remove her cyst the same time.

I have never heard tell of having your ovaries removed cause of cyst I have had them all my life

They wouldn’t do anything for mine