Advice on potty training?

Any advice on potty training?! We are starting with our 2.5 year old today and kinda following the 3 day potty training and first day being completely naked. Anyone have any issue with their kiddo not peeing? Like he’s been awake for a few hours and just hasn’t peed. We have been watching him like a hawk.


Yep my daughter seemed to try and hold it for the first few days of potty training. We remained consistent and after the first couple times going I could tell she got much more comfortable, no more holding it.

Follow the 3 day to a tee. My grandson was trained that way, and never had an accident. He will go when he is ready

Feed them salty snacks it makes them thirsty!

It’s like training a puppy I would give them a treat like about 3 m&m if they went potty also I would let them flush the toilet and tell them to say bye bye to pee pee they got so excited about it

:sparkles:Put some dish soap in the toilet. So when he pees, he makes bubbles.:crossed_fingers:

Put a diaper on and sit on the potty to see if he goes. Could be holding it because he doesn’t have the diaper (which is a really good sign for potty training!) once he understands that the potty is the place to go, you can phase diaper out.

Put your child on the toilet backwards. That worked like a charm for my son and no fear of falling in. Felt like a big boy, unlike those kids potty seats.

All mine were potty trained at two on one weekend.

Rule number one. Get potty chair. Not the seat that goes over the toilet, but the one that can be moved anywhere. Put it in front of the tv when their favorite show is on and make them sit on it. They will relax and go pee.

Number two. Limit liquid intake.
No drinks one hour before bed so their bladder has time to empty.

DO NOT USE PULL UPS . They’re just diapers that teach kids to pull up and down. You can do that with regular underwear. Once you put underwear on them. DO NOT GO BACK TO DIAPERS. Yes there will be accidents.
Award going on the potty with stickers or a treat.

Take potty with you in car unless you are certain you can stop at every gas station you see to take them potty. You can pull over on side of road and let a little boy stand up in car door frame and pee in the grass. It won’t kill him or you . I would put potty chair out side on grass by car and let my kids pee or poop. Then bag up poop and throw it out at gas station like you would a dirty diaper.

And being fully potty trained means they can wipe themselves. So teach them the proper way to wipe.
Your four ye old isn’t potty trained if you still wipe his butt. A teacher in five year old kindergarten will not do it.

Take them with you when you go; if it is a boy, let Dad take him.
Keep his clothes on him! They long to mimic us - right?
Right after they eat take them, as their digestive system gets going…