Advice on pregnancy after a tubal ligation?

Has anyone ever experienced becoming pregnant after having their tubes tied? I’m 37 years old & had my tubes tied 17 years ago when my youngest child was born, but I am almost two weeks late for my period & have now taken four tests which all said positively. I’ve had all of the pregnancy symptoms & haven’t had any problems; I’m just in absolute shock! I have an appointment tomorrow, but I’m having a hard time sleeping the last few nights. I’ve read a lot about it, but I am just wondering if anyone has had any personal experiences with pregnancy after tubal ligation, or if you know anyone who has?


Yep had mine tied in 1999 and in 2014 I got pregnant with TWINS!!! Good luck !


I’m following because I just had my tubes done


Yes, it does happen… sometimes, it is a God thing…


Congratulations… someone knows what we need more then we do… let us know how the appointment goes

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Kaitlyn Brendible​:eyes::eyes::eyes:

I had a coworker who got pregnant 11 years after a tubal. Also my OB/gyn has a sibling conceived after a tubal. It is something that can occur after 10+ years.


I had 2 more children after having my tubes tied.

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Well my oops grandbaby turns 12 this year. You know oops it didnt work

Holy wow…never knew this could happen!

Is actually more common than you think after I had my tubes tied my doctor’s office the nurse told me that she had her tubes tied and 12 years later she had a baby I’ve heard about quite a few people

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Had my tubal 21 years ago, but I also had them burned. So, I always say: this shop is closed and burned down!

Good luck and keep us posted?!?


I just seen this in another group a nurse comment was like “we usually seen after the 5-10 years after mark” crazy :frowning_face_with_open_mouth: guess that’s why they go for full removal now some places not just tied.


My OB now completely removes tubes bc of this, so they make sure you’re sure before they do it :heart: good luck at your appointment!


I had 1 son in 1983 and 5 yrs later had my tied I was 29 I’m 60 now & never had a problem & thank God never been pregnant again

Had my tubes cut…not tied…got pregnant 3 times afterwards…


My mother got her tubes tied. A few years later she had my brother. So she got her tubes tied again. She had me 2 years later. After me she got them burned.


My mum has two healthy pregnancy while her tubes was tied

This happened to a friend of mine and it was a tubal pregnancy. Hoping all goes well though! Praying for you!

Yes ma’am, this is so common unfortunately. I also had my tubes tied burned whatever then I got pregnant a while later without knowing and I was pregnant for over a year with a dead fetus causing havoc on my body and ended up having a DNC. I also had my uterus boiled for 45 mins after that! Good luck, our bodies are truly amazing and resilient. You can’t stop nature.


Lols… Congrats?? :woman_shrugging:t3:

Not me personally but have a friend whose sister it happened to

You regain like 2% chance (something like that anyway) to become pregnant every year after having a tubal. So yes, most definitely possible, especially if it’s been 17 years. The human body is insane and will do everything it can to heal, or work around, body parts that are “damaged”. I’d recommend going on a long term birth control after, or a partial hysterectomy if your doctor would sign off on it.


And this is why I got a hysterectomy (uterus and cervix removed). I have 6 and am 36 I’m done. Plus, I was bleeding every other week, if not all month

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Yes, I had my tubes tied in had a baby. Went to another OB, got them tied and was on naxplanon boom just had twins last year. The OB finally removed my tubes.


It can definitely happen :woman_facepalming: jade a friend it happened to.

My mother got her tubes tied then got pregnant with me cause they came untied. She got them cut and burned after me

I’ve never had it happen but I’ve heard of it before, unfortunately nost were ectopic pregnancies that were not viable…I have heard of 1 person who actually had a baby after hers :flushed: this scares the hell outta me! My baby is 15…I had my tubes tied after he was born…I can’t imagine having to go through going through any of that

I don’t know anyone personally this has happened to, I’ve read that it can happen, I wasn’t aware that it was this common and now I’m terrified :sweat_smile:
But in seriousness Good luck girl!

Well congrats! You’re pregnant. Time to make an apt with the obgyn and make any decisions necessary.

yes I had one after my 10 year old was born and now have a 4 year old daughter

I had the tubal ligation done after my daughter was born. Surgery was in January of 2015. Sadly I had a miscarriage in 2017.

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I’m getting that after I have my baby and there’s a chance that after they remove your tubes they can grow back. The body does crazy things!

Damn what were your symptoms

My doctor told me having them tied doesn’t always prevent pregnancy so she removed my tubes

I had a tubal done 2 years ago, fell pregnant in September of 2020 and had a miscarriage in October of 2020. It also was not a tubal pregnancy

Had mine cut, tied and burned afyer my youngest; he will be 15 this year. I’d cry, if this happened!!

Sometimes your destiny says otherwise


I was told by ob/gyn that even after 11 years you still can get pregnant after the tubal. They also recommend staying on birth control as well to prevent pregnancy.

Yes it happens to a lady I know, not once but twice

I have never ever heard about you body growing organs again, but if you have them cut for sure you would never be pregnant again

Yes this happened to me, he is now 5. I got an iud because we never figured out what happened.

My Dad’s mom had her tubes tied and his dad had been snipped twice. Then they got together and bam my dad was born. Some baby’s just needed to be here. But after my dad was born she got her uterus removed.

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I had an ectopic pregnancy 5 years after having my tubes ties. I lost the ovary,tube and a corner of my uterus because of it. Remove the tubes!

My best friend had the same thing happen to her. She had a beautiful baby girl!!

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Yes it happens! Keep us posted !

I got pregnant 4 yrs after getting mine done. Lost the baby 8 weeks in.

I’ve known a couple of women that’s had their tubes tied and then they had a tubal pregnancy which is very dangerous

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Tubes cut and burnt, 2 years later…pregnant!

Better get checked out, as it can be a tubal pregnancy. Just to be on the safe side

Tubes tied yes they can grow back together. Tubes removed less likely.

One of my trainers at work had a surprise pregnancy after having her tubes tied.

Yes. I got pregnant two years after my tubal ligation with my 5th child. CALL YOUR DR NOW! They’ll set up an ultrasound to make sure baby is where they need to be. It could be a tubal pregnancy which is super bad. My baby was where he needed to be and besides my other health problems had no issues… he was born with an emergency c-section cause he got stuck and the dr re did my tubes while he was in there… BEST DR EVER!!! Just call your Dr it’ll be fine

I found out I was pregnant 2years to the day after having 2cms removed from each tube xx

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I have a friend who got pregnant a couple years after getting her tubes tied. It happens :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3:

y’all making me scared now…

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Done 11 years ago never pregnant since

I have heard of this happening when a woman loses a lot of weight too

Please please I hope this doesn’t happen to me I got mine done in 2003 I’m dang near 50 please no
But Congratulations

has anyone gotten pregant after a tubal where they just use clamps?

Are you just asking for a friend?:joy::joy::joy: