Advice on recovering from a c-section?

I’m an FTM and had an unplanned c section on the 5th. It is hard for me to get out of bed atm. What are some tips? I walk when I can, and I know it does help. TIA


Hold a pillow to your stomach. When you get up. Helped me


Spanx! And I never took the pain meds. I was back to normal in 4 days.


Pull your knees closer up and roll to your side. Make sure you’re up and moving around lots

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Roll, pillows against your stomach when you cough or sneeze, and rest. Walk every hour for at least 5 min

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Tylenol and ibuprofen every 6 hours if you don’t have any pain killers. Heat pack, walking when you can it just moving around. Just take it easy.

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Bassinet helped me at night, didn’t have to walk far also, have feeding supplies on night stand

Time. I was ok week one, more sore week two, came good week three and week four I got medical sign off. Some people came off drugs straight away but I needed them. Week two when more sore was when I was reducing them. It probably helped me realize when I was trying to do too much.

Post partum belt/band will help a lot…dont use stomach muscles…pull with ur arms

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I slept on the couch with pillows behind my back so I could get up easier for a month until I could get out of bed. Baby slept beside me in a swing. Worked well for me, good luck!

Rest when you need to!!! Log roll when you get up, don’t injure yourself, and ask for help when you need it

Have your doctor get you a binder!

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Patience for one, we all heal at different rates. But definitely a belly belt, or something along those lines. And take your time with the transition from laying, to sitting, to standing.


Keep up on meds helps a ton

The old girdle underwear was what I was told 12 years ago. I’m sure there is updated things now!! Anything tight to keep your stomach from unnecessary jiggling!


Walk walk walk. Move move move. The more you do both the faster you’ll heal. Inwas up and walking 6 hours after mine. Had to get to the nicu and the only way there was walk or if someone pushed you in a chair I didn’t have anyone to push me and it hurt more to push myself than just walk. I also stopped my pain meds completely the next morning, I didn’t like or trust what they were giving me. I’d walk to and from the nicu constantly, was discharged 48 hours later and went to a Ronald Mcdonald House near by the hospital and I’d walk the 1.5 mile there and back every morning and night because I couldn’t afford the shuttle.

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Use something to pull yourself up with your upper body, try not to use your stomach muscles.

I slept on a recliner for first few weeks after each c section. Also, the more you get up and move around will help tremendously. Congratulations on your new baby

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I never took off that elastic belt thing they gave me unless I was showering. (Great for helping get ur figure back too, I wore mine for the first 2 months) But once every evening i’d wipe my incision down with alcohol and let it breath for about an hour, as I was just resting in bed not up. I just took it very easy and used my stomach muscles as little as possible till I felt comfortable. I was so scared to move…:rofl::joy: lol
But it just takes time, don’t push toooo hard and go at ur own pace!
Good luck momma!:blush:

Don’t get up to quickly. Take some pain relievers like Aleve, Advil etc. Don’t do too much. Just relax with baby.
I had an unplanned c section and went through this. My Dr actually yelled at me bc I was doing too much. You’ll be fine just rest relax and snuggle. It takes time.

Walk as much as possible to avoid stiffening up, and stay ahead of the pain with Tylenol/Ibuprofen.

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I found the more I move around the more it helped. Do little but every so often. Rest when needed. I have had 2 unplanned but the second was alot easier as I knew what to expect. U need to follow your body tho. Everyone is different and depends on your healing time

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I had my 3rd csection on the 4th. Getting up and walking as much as you can really helps. I’m having a harder time this go around cause he had to cut into my muscle more than with the other 2. But keep up with pain meds and just do as much as you feel comfortable with. And ask for help.

Setting up the pack n play as a “do all” station near me was great! Rest. Walk but don’t lift. Do be afraid to have others bring you baby. I did that a lot too

The more you move the better. Had three! Rest when you can because it’s major surgery. Good luck!

Pillow on stomach when u walk

I had 3. Take it easy. Dont do too much. No stairs. I had a friend who did too much and she tore her internal stitches and had to go back into surgery. If you’re feeling like you can walk its probably because the pain meds are masking your pain.

Following** I had a c-section 3 years ago and I’m about to go thru another one in a couple weeks and I dont even remember what the first time was like after it happened :sweat_smile:

I slept on an incline for about 2 and a half weeks, it made it much easier to rest and get up. Take it slow and don’t try to do too much. My best friend stayed with me the first few days and helped with meals and cleaning up, if you have help utilize it! Don’t worry about the messy house cause now that you have a little one it will never stay clean anyway lol just take it easy and trust your body. Congrats on your baby :heartpulse:

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Walk a lot it helps!

Just take it easy even if you feel like you can get up an go, do it slowly because you will over do it and be hurting worse. Also if you feel a sharp pain in your side call your doctor. I thought the pain was normal recovery pains and it got so bad I couldn’t even sleep I was crying with agonizing pain. Turned out there was an infection in my uterus ended up back in the hospital for over a week and couldn’t take care of my baby. He had to stay at my moms the whole week

Rest rest and more rest. Seriously. Dont bother with dishes, laundry, cleaning etc. Have someone else do it. Walk in small amounts as often as you can. Take the pain meds.


Walk. Even when it hurts. I remember it hurt so bad but the more I walked the less it hurt and I recovered fairly quickly.

Go for short walks but don’t push yourself too hard. Eat lots of protein before, REST & take your meds.

What worked for me was getting a compression faja… I couldn’t walk without it…that after pain is no joke…

Walk walk walk ! Use a post c-section belly band it helps a ton . take motrin instead of Percocet or whatever they give

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First congrats on your new baby. I had an emergency c-section with my daughter. Take your time. Dont rush. I slept sitting up on the couch for a week after mine. Once they took out my staples it still took around 2 weeks before I started feeling like myself. Take it easy and rest, but move as much as you can without hurting yourself… God bless you and your family.

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Right after surgery, i didnt rest, all i did was stay on my feet and walk even tho they told me to rest but within a month i felt so much better, resting made the pain worse for me.

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Secret is to get up as soon as you can, and move. As a nurse, that’s the secret


Pillow is your best friend now! A recliner might be better for you to get up and down for a few days.

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Be gentle and slow. Listen to your body.

I was up and going the next day


Walk walk walk, don’t sit or lay down too much… walking back and fourth helped me tremendously!!

The more you move the better you will heal! It hurts like a bitch but it will in the long run make you feel better! :heart:

I have had 2 csections the first was emergency the 2nd was planned it hard but you have to push yourself the longer you lay in bed the harder it is. You have to get up and move around as much as possible walking is the best way to get through it. Sorry your having a rough time :heart:

If you have a recliner sleep in that for awhile it hurts getting up. Or sleep sitting up. Get up as much as you can helps recover a little faster

Each c section is different. My first was agonizing. Stay on your pain med routine and try to walk. Rest. Listen to your body. I was on pain meds for a month. My second c section was the complete opposite, I stopped taking pain meds a day after I got home. Everyone around me saw a difference after my second.

Wear a belly binder as much as you can. Really helps contain the “guts spilling out” feeling. Empty your bladder frequently and keep up on pain meds. I would nap and miss my dose and just feel miserable for a while. Also if I let my bladder get full, it would push on my incision and I would have a hard time getting there to finally get some relief. If you need to lift, lift sitting down. I slept on the couch for about 2 weeks because it was just easier to get up from than my bed, but a recliner would be even better. Keep baby and everything you need within arms reach for the most part, stay hydrated, and don’t vacuum for at least 2 weeks. Vacuuming uses muscles you never thought you had, and it’ll hurt like a mother.

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  • rest
  • don’t lift over 10 lbs
  • hold a pillow to your stomach to cough, sneeze or for comfort
  • no tight clothes
  • lots of water
  • walk despite the pain
  • take the meds
  • use your arms more than your stomach muscles
  • have a small basket to carry with you when you’re feeding or at night to eliminate getting up: diapers, wipes, feeding supplies, water, chapstick, snack, pacifier if baby uses it, small things you use often
  • ask for help if you have it

I had 2 c-sections, 1 in Nov 2016 & 1 in Dec 2017. My 2nd one was soo much easier partially bc I followed the above. Good luck & congrats!

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Take it easy. Rest. Use the pills they give you.
But when you take the pills and it starts not hurting does not mean clean the house top to bottom and go shopping and all that jazz (I did).
I was in such pain the next day I could barely walk.
Take it easy, but not too easy.
Walk, but again, don’t over do if

  1. A compress. I honestly just used the belly band i used during my pregnancy. It helped alot
  2. Walk. Move. It’s gonna hurt. You’re gonna be sore. But the more you move the better you’ll feel.
  3. Don’t over do it. Follow the lifting restrictions. Save bending for later/crouching for whatever reason for later.

Gotta get up and just do it, no choice, it helps and is better for you… Don’t over do it, but definitely don’t just sit on your ass. Need to mend your body

Take care of the baby by yourself. Don’t let others do it. It’ll get you up and moving, keep your mind off the discomfort, and allow you time to bond, form a routine, and prepare for when all the help leaves.

Protein momma! Lost of protein. Try to sleep sitting at an angle. Rest and walking. Dont over do yourself!

I had a hysterectomy with the same cut as a C-section. Another trans man here :slight_smile: my advice is don’t be afraid to rest when you need it but when you have the energy, make sure to move around

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Time is the only thing that really helps. After my c-section I needed help for over a week before I could do it on my own and even then was sore for what seemed like forever after that. Make sure to keep the incision clean so as not to prolong the healing process. Hang in there :heart: