Advice on restless leg syndrome?

I am 17 weeks along with my second child. I have been having restless leg to the point where I’m tossing and turning at night more than I’m sleeping and it’s leaving me completely exhausted coming morning time. This happened with my first but not until I was about 30 ish weeks, so I didn’t have to deal with it as long. Any moms have any tips on what I can do to help my restless leg?


I never used to have any faith in essential oils really, and I still don’t, lol, but this stuff WORKS. I used it while pregnant, before pregnancy and I still use it. I love it!

I had it with my second daughter, eat bananas during the day, use pillows under your legs. I’m sorry but it can get better :heart:

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Eat loads of bananas!

There’s this cream from 8 Sheep Organics and it works wonders for pregnancy discomforts like that. Restless leg, sciatic pain, muscle aches, trouble sleeping, you name it. The woman who owns the company hand makes every jar so since I’m sensitive to lavender and can’t have anything with it so she was nice and substituted chamomile essential oil for me. Highly recommend. It’s the only thing helping me sleep and I also rub it on my husband who has a severe shoulder injury.

weighted blanket on your legs

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Warm epsom salt baths, exercise through the day, Benadryl.

Pickle juice, tiger balm rubbed on the legs before bed, tonic water.

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Have your iron checked. If that is fine try adding B6 and magnesium.

My OB recommended drinking a Gatorade before bed and it worked for me!

I just read an article that your body absorbs water better when you are horizontal. They recommended drinking two glasses of water before laying down for bed. Also my 7 year old has restless leg syndrome. Her Dr said no milk after noon and only 2 glasses a day and no chocolate after noon either. Amazon also has leg sleeves to help with this, my SO has them.

Antihistamines like Benadryl can make it worse did for me anyway as well as Phenergan.


I know first hand celery juice helps…

Any kind of sleep medicine or benedryl will make it worse, I’m on baby number four and struggling early with it too. I had to stop using my sleep aid because it made my arms and legs restless too. Pillow between your knees at night helps, staying hydrated, don’t drink a lot of caffeine during the day as caffeine makes it worse, eat bananas, epsom salt baths in warm water help, and massage

Mine was an iron deficiency. Had to be tested through the primary doctor. They discovered I had periodic limb movement disorder after a sleep test I took at roughly 13 weeks pregnant. I have to take an iron supplement.

Potassium!!! Are you taking Benadryl or anything to help sleep???

They say drink water Durning the night

Heating blankets on my feet helped me. Also I ate a lot of bananas, but they didn’t seem to take it away. Warm soaks for my feet before bed and heating blankets were the only way I could get any sleep my last pregnancy

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Pickle juice swear to God it works

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For me keeping my feet cold was key. I bought a cooling mist from boots kept it beside my bed. That and being over tired always made it worst. Good luck! X

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Hydrate and heat pads. I have fibro which causes RLS.

Taking a magnesium supplement helped me. Also the more active during the day I was helped. I feel your pain! Best of luck

Calm Calcium Magnesium!!! It’s a powder that you mix into a cup of hot water and drink like tea. I drank it almost every night. You can buy it on Amazon. It saved my legs during my pregnancy! Of course, just check with your Dr. first :blush:

Keeping my feet cold is key for me. Bought a bottle of cooling mist from boots kept it beside my bed. That and not getting over tired! Good luck x

Stretch! Especially before bed. Also rolling out your legs, worked for me. Search stretches for restless legs

Sounds really wierd but my mum has done it for years and swears by it…a cake of soap in the bottom of your bed.

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Could be low iron or magnesium, some things that helped me were putting a bar of scented soap under the mattress cover by your feet and to put a pillow between your knees if your on your side,or under them if your on your back

Get a minky blanket :sweat_smile:

Good luck. Lol I dealt with it so bad my whole pregnancy I barely slept ever. It even started getting bad during the day

I had it some bad with my 3rd. I would eat a banana and have a glass of warm milk b4 bed and it helped. Also, them body pillows are amazing!

Tonic water works wonders for Reckless legs AKA restless legs LOL

Heating pad helps. Also theres over the counter medication that helps.

You need potassium. I see a lot of people saying eat bananas, but spinach has more potassium than bananas. I always made spinach salads when I was pregnant.

I had this for years its horrible it was a vitamin deficiency for me I believe it was D

Seek advice from your physician, not the internet

Bananas and try elevate legs often.make sure your potassium level is ok.exercise legs before does help.

Talk to your doctor about gabapentin for RLS. I’m not sure how it affects pregnancy, but I’ve seen that med used for it.

Bed buddy. Tube with rice in it with handles. You microwave for 1-2 minutes and use on soles of feet or on calves. As a child I would run a 100 miles at night rubbing my calves across the sheets.

Check with doctor but Magniesum (sp) helps

Calcium supplements- Tums 2-3 two times per day

I have it bad too. I HIGHLY recommend a weighted blanket. It was honestly a miracle for me. I used to wake up 5-10 times a night. The first time I used it I was out cold the entire time.

Potassium and magnesium

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Homeopathic restless leg in pharmacy area safe for pregnancy used it when i was pregnant 10 yrs ago.

Icy hot works for me

I have leg cramps, I drink 2 oz of dill pickle juice

Potassium and magnesium is what l have been told but seek advice from your physician

Rub vicks on your legs

Cured mine by looking up what I was low on to cause it. I’m sorry that I don’t remember which mineral(s) or vitamin(s) worked.

My Dr put me on vitamin D and B12 it really helped

Well i had my second child i was 30yr old and from week 15+ i had it to… Best thing to do is lay on ur right side with body pillow behind back n thru legs make sure ankles not touching. And if u have a big enough tub u can also soak for 15 mins before bed and will help tremendously. I never had it with my first boy. But my girl gave me so much problems. Heart burn out the world(no hair on head) and ressless legs n knumb tingles in feet bc she was sitting on my nerves in the back…

Hope tips help n congrats on gods blessings