Advice on traveling with kids?

Need advice about travel with kids! We have a family trip planned for my brother’s 30th bday, this was planned over a year ago and it’s gonna be in Turks & Caicos mid-June. I am now 36 weeks pregnant so by the time of the trip, I will have an almost 4 month old and a 3.5 year old. I would be traveling with my husband and my parents from the West Coast. It sounds reallllly hard to do when I think about it, but I know people probably do this all the time. I need advice from those who’ve traveled with kids/infants. Is this doable?

I traveled from new York to California, by car in 2005 , with four kids, youngest being just shy of 2 , next 7, 9 and 11. It went fine we just took a lot of activities , paced our selves , breaks when need , it was a lot of fun

I can tell you at least to try and feed baby during takeoff as it will help with ears popping, 3 yr old have chewing or eating something and try and delay any naps so they sleep on the plane. You would be surprised how nice other passengers are, do not stress as the children can feel it. Have a beautiful time.

It will depend a lot on your fellow travelers. Do they have realistic expectations of child behavior. Are they the type that will step up and support ,or are you on your own. If they see a family vacation as time for everyone to pitch in and everyone to get a chance to relax, you are all going to have a great time.

I had a neighbour many years ago who travelled from Toronto to Australia with her husband and 5 kids under the age of 6 (she had one set of twins). They all survived to tell the tale…don’t know how, but it can be done!! Good luck and enjoy your trip.