After pregnancy question

I had my 5th child 5 weeks ago and she was my first c section. Everything is back to normal besides I seem to be leaking…I’ve woke up twice and seemed to have wet the bed, I never even felt it. Yesterday I got out the shower and sat on my couch and it felt like mother nature had come, she did not and again it was that same watery leakage right through my panties…my question is… is this normal and if so when does it stop? It’s quite embarrassing waking up next to my so like this and I will be returning to work next week and I am praying this doesn’t happen when I’m there


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I’ve had 2 c sections and this has never happened to me. Call your dr ASAP


Never happened with either of my c sections. If they placed a catheter for your surgery you need to be checked for a urinary tract infection.

I wonder if this is lochia? After my first csection I tried to ask the nurses why the pp bleeding was so watery. They acted like I was an idiot as if I didn’t know I wouldn’t bleed after a csection. I had to ask my sister in law after I got out of the hospital why the pp bleeding was so different than vaginal. She told me it was the lochia that doesn’t get squeezed out when you vaginally have baby. My first period after my emergency csection still had some in it. But I never just leaked it though. It was including the blood.

I’ve had 2 and never had this :flushed:

Not normal after c section. Definitely call your OB and get checked. Could be a fistula.

I have had 2 c-sections and never had this.

I’ve had 4 c sections it’ll be 5 in February definitely go get checked out

I was having leakage like this and turns out I had bacterial vaginosis and after getting antibiotics it stopped

I’ve had 2 csections with my singleton and my twins and never had that.

After I had my second, I would literally just move an inch and I would pee a bunch on myself. Like fill up a huge thick pad quick. It has gotten a little better

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I had 2 c sections and an infection removal surgery after my last c section and never experienced this call your doctor right away

2 c sections nothing like this. Call your doctor

I had a csection 6 yrs ago and its happen twice to me while sleeping. Like I wet the bed but I didn’t. My OB said its normal even 6 yrs later. :flushed:

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It’s lochia. Your body Is draining all the extra fluid from pregnancy. When you urinate. Push your belly a bit and more fluid will come out . Also wear a bladder leak pad for a while.


They May have nicked your bladder. See your Dr Immediately.


Please see a doctor immediately. It is not worth taking a chance on guessing the cause.


Oh no :flushed:
I had 2 c sections

Make appointment for doctor, enjoy your new baby.

I peed on myself constantly after I had my third, but I delivered her vaginally. I could be standing, driving, sleeping whatever and it would just start coming. I wouldn’t even feel like I needed to pee. It scared me to death because I’d always think it was blood when I felt it. I got really worried and was planning to seek advice at my post partum visit, but thankfully it stopped before then and it didn’t happen after I had my 4th.


Wait you’re returning to work 6 WEEKS after a c section?!!


Go see your doc. In the meantime use Poise pads.

I’ve had 4 c-sections and this has never happened to me. I would talk to the doctor.


I’ve just had my 5th c section and never once have experienced that. Please go get seen :heart:

If its not happening all the time its probably not a bladder nick and could just be a weakness due to the op which may settle in time
Id still make an appointment with the dr though to rule out infection .

I had this with my recent c section. I’m now 11 weeks out and the situation is much better. They can refer you to urology to retrain your bladder. Unfortunately sometimes the muscle weakness is such that it causes this xx


I’ve had 4 c sections. It still happens. Over time you’ll be able to control it.


Focus on strengthening your pelvic floor muscles again. C section or vaginal birth… those muscles suffer with pregnancy. You tube has many videos you can easily do at home. Good luck!


I have had two c-sections and never had this problem. You should call your dr.


Some of your muscle need to be built back up after c-section, if your really worried make a dr appt otherwise I’d say get some good pads and see what happens. I’ve had 3 c-sections so I do kinda know what your saying, there was one night I could have sworn I full in peed the bed I hurried up to the bathroom went to take pants and chonies off and was completely dry :woman_shrugging:t3: even took a towel to the bed just in case I missed something but thankfully not. But leakage is normal I just don’t know how long for.

Call your doctor; you may have a bladder injury and the sooner it is fixed, the better you will do.

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I have had two c-sections and have not experience this happening.

I’ve had to few c sections and this never happened to me. I would talk to yo or doctor and make sure you don’t have a bladder injury.

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Had c- section never happen to me I would check with doctor soon

I had this after my first section, it was a fluid that leaked from the scar, I had an infection and went on antibiotics. Start cleaning your wound with kettle cooled, warm salty water and a cotton pad, not cotton wool balls… 3 times a day, it’s a little sore to start with but really helped and get as much air to your wound as possible, not easy with little ones, but it helps it heal. You do need to get booked in with your dr to get antibiotics as well, all the best xx

I’ve had 3 csections and never had this happen. Call your ob so they can diagnose you properly

Every woman’s body is different. With that said, I suggest contacting your physician, just to check in. I’ve had 3 c-sections and never experienced that. Granted, I pee a little every time I sneeze and have for 18 years now… but it was never anything like that. I would also suggest wearing a pad until either it stops on its own or the doctor diagnosis and treats you.

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I have had 5 vaginal births, and have had to wear a minimum of a pantyliner ever since #3. I had to have an episiotomy with my first, and they told me that bladder control, especially after 30, would probably be an issue. I keep a stockpile of all feminine items at work, in my purse, and at home. I wear a liner most of the time, but if I catch a cold, and during allergy season, I wear a pad in case I sneeze good. I would talk to your doctor if it doesn’t get better within 3 months after birth.

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Work the muscles, same as vaginal birth.

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Didn’t have this happen.

2 cesareans never experienced that

After my C section I could not feel my bladder & could not pee. It’s possible the c section is causing you not to feel when you have to go. Definitely talk to your doctor & see a urologist. In the meantime I would go to the bathroom often & wear a liner. It took months for me to feel my bladder again, but my case was very extreme. Prayers to you momma. :heart: it will get better.

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Ask your doctor to refer you to a Physical Therapist. I had the same problem after giving birth to my second. PT did wonders for my pelvic floor.

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Might need to see a physical therapy for pelvic floor

Talk to your doctor about seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist.

Could be the fact that you’ve had 5 babies tap dancing in your bladder. It’s normal to lose control of it unfortunately and bladder leakage is a very common thing for women that have had more than 2 or 3 kids.

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I’ve had 5 C-sections and have never heard of this
Maybe the catheter caused some damage?
I would talk to your doctor ASAP

I had two c-sections, never had this problem. Maybe you should talk to your doctor. Why ask medical questions on the internet???